i believe in mondays: holiday edition.

Here in the states, it's Labor Day. Which means we...uh, do nothing and take a random day off of life. Hurrah! But it's still Monday, which means I've got to kick off my creative mojo.

This week, I believe...

...in faux birthday candles. I'm knee-deep in crafting Gabe's birthday care package and am a little behind schedule. Something tells me that real candles + matches sent through international mail might be flagged and slowed down. So I threw together a few cute faux sparklers using cut straws, washi tape and gold ric-a-rac.

...in whipping up $1.00 wall art. For reals. I'll share tomorrow! (Update: I lied. I got a puppy, which took precedence over wall art. Cross my heart I'll share on Wednesday!)

...in dreading the start of school. Will pay money for one more week of summer.

...in getting Gabe the perfect b-day gift. He'll be 35, which feels like a landmark b-day, so I've really gotta knock it out of the park this year.

...in outing yourself as a closet Save-to-Desktoper. My name is Bethany, and I'm a serial Save to Desktoper. Whew.

...in eating an entire slice of cake from the grocery store bakery to celebrate...being alive? Tolerable temperatures? A holiday weekend? Screw it. Who needs a reason. It was delicious.

...that everything could use a little glitter. And then a little more.

Muchas gracias for your support on this post. And just to clarify due to questions: the blog (which shall remain nameless, because I don't want to play dirty!) didn't blatantly steal my photos. But, the photo + project credit provided linked to another blog that had used my work. Certainly not cruel-hearted theft--I'm sure lack of credits or miscredits rarely are--but this type of crediting is still part of the problem. It creates a murky string of sources, rather than a crisp, direct credit to the original source.

But on a sunny note, I've also found so, so many bloggers that are careful and passionate about crediting! It all comes back to the "blogs are like homes" analogy. Most people are very kind and careful about being in each others' spaces or borrowing each others' things. And for that I'm happy!


  1. Oh 35 is definitely a milestone - a great excuse for lots of glitter I think. I really wish that we had a long weekend, I am dying for a mini break from work.
    Just read your previous post, it was exceptionally well written (as your posts always are). Its a good reminder for all of us - I always try and credit but probably not to the extent that I should. I am trying to only use my own images more often but will definitely be putting more effort into crediting properly.

  2. I really can't get over how creative you are. Making faux candles?! What an amazing idea.
    And 35 is a milestone so I'm sure you gift will be just as awesome as everything else you create and put together.
    As for the crediting. I'm like Megan. I'm trying to use more of my own photos because sometimes I can't find an original source.

  3. too cute. i bet all the other guys are always totally jealous of the packages he gets!

  4. Those candles are GENIUS, Bethany! And I have to say, the more glitter the better, really.

    Here's to that cake, and to a holiday Monday!

  5. Your words & pics ALWAYS make me smile!

  6. oh my goodness, i just love your blog.

    can't wait to hear about the $1 wall art. i'm all for crafting on a budget.

    i am definitely a horrible horrible abuser of the 'save to desktop' feature. my computer at work gets so cluttered that i have to clean it out every month or so... ridiculous!

    & here's to celebrating life with a little sweet, baked goodness! everyone could use that once in a while (especially me!) :)

  7. a girl always needs a little glitz and glam. they also make this spray can glitter stuff- thats just pure glitter in the paint section of store. genius.. pure genius.:) Happy Bday.

  8. Seriously, your creativity kills me. You're amazing!

    x Jasmine

  9. I spent an hour cleaning up my desktop this morning. Three weeks worth of files saved there does not save time nor make it easier to find later.


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