i believe in weddings.

I still have dreams of eloping--of skipping all the wedding choices, the stress and the expense...cutting straight to "I Do". Gabriel knows me too well and will have none of this elopement talk--all too aware that I'd spend the rest of my life bemoaning never picking out flowers or first dance tunes.

But...my mind changed this Saturday, when I was lucky enough to play wedding photographer for a dear, dear family friend. And from hairdo to "I do", I was with the bride...watching all the little moments that a wedding day brings. While my dad and sis worked to organize + capture all the posed shots, I snuck away to snap photos of shoes, dresses, bouquets and blue handkerchiefs. All the beautiful details that brides spend sleepless nights coordinating and seeing through.

It was such a heartfelt day, so beautiful and yet not overly fussy. I even snatched a few adorable reception ideas that I'd not bumped into previously. I couldn't help but think, "I want this. I want all this!" The whole day made me a wedding believer. I believe in weddings...for the first time in a long, long time.

Once we'd snapped all the big moments we kicked off our shoes, tossed back a few drinks and danced the night away...and things got wildly out of character*. A babyfaced 21-year-old boy flirted with me for at least 20 minutes, and in my overwhelmed wave of flattery...I bought him a drink. (I am cougar. Hear me roar.) Guilt-ridden over the fact that I'd just bought another man a drink, I texted my fiance to confess the purchased drink, and he agreed that it was worth every penny for the much-needed ego boost.

...and that's why Reason #236 why I'm marrying him. Because he gets it.

*Sidenote:  This Saturday night sweatpants + takeout kind of girl really surprised herself. I'll have you know that I did turn down Babyface's request to slow dance. I mean, a girl's got a reputation to upkeep. ;)


  1. Wedding planning = nightmare.

    Wedding day = magical and totally worth it!

  2. Sometimes its easier to just think "oh I'm going to elope" but you only get one wedding and you deserve a big white dress, the chance to see his face when you walk down the aisle, and spending the day of dreams with family and friends :)

    Hold in there..it will be worth it!!!

  3. Yes. It is hard but completely worth it.

  4. All the planning and fretting will be worth it on that day. I was with one of my best friends for the whole week prior to the wedding and it was disaster after disaster up until the rehearsal dinner. Then, as if by some Divine intervention, it all pulled together in the most beautiful way. So remember that through the stress, it somehow all turns out okay. And since you've got such an awesome, understanding man, it'll be even MORE worth it. :)

  5. How amazing to be such an intimate part of someone's big day/moment!

  6. love Reason #236! ♥

  7. Sounds like a perfect day was had by all!

    Love the contrast of the bark with those delicate shoes Bethany - such an inspired shot choice.

  8. You have a great guy! :) Sometimes a girl does need a little innocent flirting...


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