we interrupt your day for...b-day jazz hands.

In just a few hours, my love turns 35. (If you just did the math---we're 10 years apart. Scandal!) I sent a birthday package a few weeks in advance and we're set for a Bridesmaids movie Skype date + gift opening tomorrow evening. In the meantime, I'm dreaming of a future where birthdays can be spent face to face.

So, sweetheart...happy birthday. Last year I bought your birthday card from the "Blank" section--we'd just met. This year, I found your card filed under "Husband". I guess we move fast...and that's so exciting. I cannot wait to marry you. I won't say "pretend I made you a birthday dinner", cause we both know that's too far removed from reality. But, pretend I shaved my legs, put on that Anthropologie dress you bought me (which I've never worn), took you to Ruth's Chris Steak House and bought you the beefiest steak on the menu.

And then, pretend I read this little list to you in person.

35 Reasons Why I Love You

because you're the perfect right-brained compliment to my left brained craziness.
because you treat my best friend like a queen.
because when you drink too much, you speak nonstop--often in technie jargon. and its hilarious.
because you encourage me to chase rainbows. quite literally.
because you have such a soft spot for your nieces and nephews.
because you use the funniest baby voice when you talk to doggies.
because you are deathly afraid of bees...given your tough navy persona, this makes me giggle.
because you wear the black-rimmed nerd glasses just for me. and you hate them.
because when i say, "okay..." you know i mean, "not okay...".
because you always make me feel safe.
because you have the same unhealthy relationship with mac and cheese as i do.
because you never make me feel silly for taking photos of flowers, coffee cups, cake and benches.
because you love me through periods of depression, anxiety and inferiority, never once exasperated with me.
because you turned "my dreams" into "our dreams".
because every day you tell me "i love you" and "you're beautiful".
because you never get frustrated when i explain computer + tv problems like, "you know, that stuff that does that thing? it's doing this thing...."
because you always carry the camera bag when we travel. even on a 20 hour travel day.
because we agree on baby names.
because when we play the "Peugeot" car game in Europe, you never punch me as hard as I punch you.
because you converted to dr. pepper.
because we can agree to disagree on some "hot button" issues...and neither of us worry about it.
because you're such an early riser...you put me to shame.
because you always let me have the chaise portion of the sectional sofa. now that's love.
because you remember my very favorite breakfast cereal, and keep stocked at our house in california.
because you talk about "the kids" whenever we're at the house, chatting about what to do with the yard. i'm pretty sure that's referring to our "someday" kids. :)
because you always try to upgrade my flights using your oodles of miles.
because we both love nerdy documentaries. (just please...no more about the water crisis.)
because i'm the least classy gal alive, but you're never embarrassed to take me to swanky places.
because you've got so many stories.
because you let me nap whenever we're on a road trip, happy to drive while i sleep.
because i'm pretty sure you have a photographic memory ONLY for "how i met your mother" episodes.
because you are a fabulous cook. i'm not...and you're A-okay with that.
because last time we fought, you went upstairs to vaccuum and "blow off steam". how cute.
because you're not afraid of PDA.
because just when i think i couldn't love you more...i do.

Happy birthday, my heart. I love you more than words can say. :)


  1. So sweet. You guys are too cute and seem like such a great couple together!

  2. YOU are the most adorable person on earth. it's official.

  3. Love your list Bethany! Happy Birthday Gabe!

  4. Stop being so darn cute :) I just love that list. Mushy gushy, and perfect!

  5. I love the banner! (and your blog)!

  6. that picture is the cuteset thing EVER! you are so sweet.

  7. You two seem like a wonderful pair and this was just adorable to read. Hope Gabe has a great birthday!

  8. That is just the sweetest ever! I love that you dressed up and got balloons and everything to take this photo for him.

    Happy Birthday, Gabe! You are most definitely a catch, and I'm so happy that you and Bethany have found each other.

  9. B. Honestly, I never read posts like this; they make me a little depressed at my single-lady status. BUT. I had a feeling I'd love it, so I read it, and I was right.
    I love being right.
    Er, I mean I loved this post! ;)

  10. So beautiful! Your list makes me laugh and cry at the same time! :)
    Happy birthday!

  11. You are adorable. Gabe is a lucky lucky man. Happy belated birthday to your sweetheart!

  12. What a sweet post. I love reading about what people love about their significant others. Because he let's you have the chaise part of the couch, this is the best. Happy Birthday Gabe.

  13. I know I just said this about your faux cake post but seriously??? I ADORE that you did a birthday photoshoot for Gabe. And the color scheme is right on as well ;) Love the dress, the nail color, the streamers, the gold hat, it's all perfect. And that list? Pure gold. Happy birthday Gabe!


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