(I'm recycling this photo...something I swore I'd never do. But, why reinvent the wheel?!)

Over the past few months I've gotten lots of very specific questions about my bridesmaid boxes and this week I've seen a big ol' flow of traffic (hello, new friends!!) popping over from Pinterest. So, I thought I'd share the FAQ of those sweet little boxes. 

Sidenote: I'm one of those girls who likes to know the person behind a project! So, hello, I'm Bethany...and if you want to know a little about me, start here. If you want to know about my wedding...begin here! Also, the internet is crazy, and I heart it. I never thought those lil' boxes would be on my fav wedding blog + a few others, pinned thousands of times, and inspire a handful of other brides to ask their maids in a similar fashion! Whoa. High-five, internet!

Onward to the FAQ!

Where can I get a traceable template for the interior lid?
You can get that right here, just click on "template" in the body of the text. I freehanded mine, I wouldn't recommend it! But when the lovely Wedding Chicks featured my project they were kind enough to create a little downloadable template for you!

What kind of letters were used for the text?
They're just your basic 1.5" adhesive letters from the craftstore! Specifically, I opted for the Thickers brand in "Rainboots". Cause really, does a font name get any cuter than "Rainboots"? No, my friends, no it does not.

What font did you use for the information cards you included?
The font for the body of the text is Traveling Typewriter, and you can download it here. The header font is Learning Curve, available here. Both fonts are free...and fabulous for your font arsenal!

What paint colors, specifically, were used on the box?
I mixed my own blue, using DeltaCreative in Light Ivory and DecoArt Patio Paint in Blue Bahama (available at Michaels). My advice: Get 8 oz. of ivory and 2 oz. of teal, purple, green, aqua or whatever you like and make your own custom color! Test on a popsicle stick...just to see if you like the color on a wood tone before you commit to painting multiple boxes with it. Also, if you're working on this project across the course of a couple days, keep your color consistent by writing down your little paint recipe (ie: 4 drops of green and 10 drops of ivory). Super easy way to stay sane. :)

Where did you find your hankies?
Years ago I was gifted 80+ vintage hankies from a family friend. (I wish I had a better answer!!) But, if you're in the market, I've seen plenty at flea markets, thrift and antique stores (give 'em a wash!), Etsy often has a few and if all else fails you can buy really inexpensive reproductions of vintage hankies on Ebay.

Is there anything else I can include?
Yes, so many other things! Photos of yourself + your girls, sweet treats like macaroons or chocolates, inexpensive jewelry for them to wear on the big day, a special little tube of lipstick, a yummy smelling sachet. Pretty much anything charming and girlie will tickle their fancy.

Really...be honest...how long does this take?
It's not a ten minute project, but it's certainly not a week long project! If you have 5 or less bridesmaids and can gather all your supplies in advance, you can knock it out in one rainy Saturday. I believe in you! Just like every DIY wedding project, if you want to do it...you'll make the time.


If you have questions I didn't answer...do drop a comment and I'll respond! Thanks for stopping by! :)


always bloggy: how we entertained ourselves.

After Shannon and I got the girls all doped up on s'mores, got the rustic creative whims out of our system and we all knew each other a tad, Saturday made for a fabulous sight-seeing day.

Now here's where I level with you: If you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you'll notice I'm usually a one photo per post kinda girl. I like things to be just so, and my patience runs out if I'm editing 10-20 photos. (This is why I'll never be a real photographer.) I just don't have the patience to dreamifiy/edit all our touristy shots. Also, most of the shots are ridiculous, and I'm embracing it.

This train is headed straight towards Gritty, Untouched Reality. All aboard!

Our first stop in Philly was the US Post Office...official Numero Uno. We didn't pop in, but we ogled the gorgeous shutters and exterior...and I spent a little time wishing my Post Office looked like this one. It's beyond cute.

And then there was silly photo-taking. Had there been an Always Bloggy Opening Ceremony, I would have demanded Shannon burst through a history doorway...much like this...singing and jazz-handsing her way through a lengthy welcome song. Unfortunately that didn't happen. But she did pose for this photo.

(From left to right: Kate, KP, Shannon, Nellie, Lainey, Ashley and me. Not pictured: Lauren.)

Next we hit up Elfreth's Alley, the oldest street in Philly. The street is dreamylicious and we pondered pitching in to buy one of the pads that was for sale. It would be perfect for the couple** who doesn't mind gaggles of tourists traipsing across the front stoop, wondering loudly why there are so many darn brass pineapples on every door. If you're wondering...pineapples are apparently a sign of welcome. Or wealth. But really...aren't they the same thing? ;)

We stopped for a group photo opp, and feeling especially camera-hammy, I decided to assume the "1999 Volleyball Team Photo Pose". No one loved this more than a pack of Japanese tourists, seen on the right. Shortly after this photo was snapped, they all turned around, started laughing + pointing and then began taking photos of us. We were confused and simultaneously humored by their delight. Shannon made sure to holler, "TAG ME ON FACEBOOK!" as they walked away.

Something tells me she's going to have to tag herself.

**Hint: Gabe, again, Christmas is coming. It's a pad on Elfreth's or a unicorn. Your choice.

Then we hiked our lil' fannies over to the Betsy Ross House, which is the tiniest, sweetest little place I ever did see. Usually I'm a very respectful tourist...but I'm really not sure what happened in Philly. I bought a pan flute in the BR gift shop, and from there on out, I couldn't keep my crap together. I kept giggling at inappropriate times...like when we discovered that BR was thrice a widow, and Kate pitched CSI: Colonial to dig into the mystery. I lost it. I also couldn't keep my hot little hands off that pan flute. I just needed to play a colonial tune. At. All. Times.

I am a tad uncomfortable with historical actors. Faux Betsy Ross was very sweet. But, I always feel foolish if I play along. We all know you're not Betsy Ross. But I respect your creative whims and your wicked old English. Style points.

And then this happened. Right in the middle of a shopping district. It was weird and disturbing.

Next KP sunned herself, and we all peeked through the glass building surrounding the Liberty Bell just long enough to fulfill that item on the checklist. The line to get into the building was obnoxiously lengthy...and as Shannon said, "It's a bell. There's a crack. Done." A through-glass-glimpse was totally enough for me. I'd recommend the same, unless you're a complete history geek.

And then we started accosting helpless statues and sculptures. I've left the saucier photos out, simply so you'll still think me an acceptable member of our society. Also, my mother and grandmother read this blog.

Next it was off to Love Park...and I must be honest: I was a little underwhelmed there. For all the hype that sculpture got in various Art History courses, I thought it would be larger. But it was still charming, and we patiently waited for our chance at the photo-opp spot. Please note that I resisted throwing myself across the ground for this photo, but not because I'd grown too mature. Mainly because we just came from this:

The smelliest parking garage in all of Philly. If I can impart any Philly-travel advice to you, it is this: DO NOT PARK BELOW LOVE PARK. I am certain that all sorts of unsavory, uncouth deeds occur in this garage and its stairwells, as evidenced by the literal cesspool of filth that had built up in the entrance/exit doorways. KP was brave enough to head into the trenches and check for an unlocked door back into the garage. I love her for that.

After this we headed out for a Philly Cheesesteak...and I'd tired of my camera so I left it in the car. But that was a fun experience and I'd be game to high-five another PC sometime soon.

By that point, we were all touristed out and headed back to our hotels or homes for a little afternoon downtime.  KP and Nellie weren't tired, so they followed us back to Shannon's house where we all sat around on our computers, looking at blogs. Talking about blogs. Staring silently at our screens from time to time...without feeling the least bit weird.

Now that's a blogger's meet up.

Later in the evening, we met up for a late dinner and drinks at Limoncello Ristorante...which was delicious. Most of us enjoyed a bottle of wine, save sweet Lainey who is still a youngster and gorg Ashley who is preggo (!!)...but they were champs while the rest of us tossed back a few glasses of vino.

Mmkay. If I'm to be honest...it was more than just wine. Limoncello brings a round of, you guessed it...Limoncello to every table at the end of the meal. And then I needed a dessert mixed drink.

At some point during the weekend, I revealed to the girls that I'd never had the true bar experience---just letting yourself get a little wild. This always surprises people, given that I'm from a smaller Wisconsin town where drinking is prevalent. But it's true! I rarely, rarely drink, and have never "gone out drinking". 

The girls hopped on fixing that right away.

(KP, Shannon and me.)

On the walk from Limoncello to our bar destination, the four of us got a little ridiculous. Yes! Let's crawl on top of a dumpster and take a photo. That's a fabulous idea.

Inside Iron Hill Brewery, we had premium seats to the street show. And by that I mean we witnessed no less than three street fights, the kind where girls attempt to "hold back" their beau. Oh, and we saw the entire Jersey Shore entourage walk past our window. Okay, not really. But one girl was wearing something so miniscule, I thought perhaps an air-bound tissue happened to be clinging to her body. Not so. It was a dress.

Being the baby of the group and a total bar novice, the girls assumed "older sis" roles by ordering drinks for me and keeping watch over my crazy antics. We jammed to some old school tunes and my mouth didn't stop moving the entire night. I'm pretty sure I shared some incriminating, sordid secrets. They've been kind enough to keep them....so far. ;) Then we returned to Shannon's house, where four of us found ourselves cuddled up in her guest bed, drinking champagne from plastic tumblers.

Unclassy night of drinking with the girls: Check off life list.

On Sunday morning, half of us were feeling a little...slow. But Nellie and KP made up for our sluggishness by jetting over to the grocery store and whipping up some seriously tasty breakfast that got our lazy rears moving. (Have I mentioned I love these girls?)

After that we headed over to Terrain.

(Photo stolen from Shannon. Lauren and me.) 

There are not enough words to describe Terrain. Imagine Anthropologie...but no clothing. Wait-no clothing to purchase. You're wearing clothing. This is getting weird. Just luscious home goods, jewelry and outdoor decor. And half of it you can make yourself for $5. Being there with a group of girls who were just stellar made me never wanted to leave. 

Sidenote: If I lived in Philly, I'd make Lauren hang out with me all the time. Even if she didn't want to. I loved meeting her.

(Photo also stolen from Shannon! Lainey, Ashley, me, Lauren and KP.)

Shannon instructed us to all grab thick woolen blankets and "snuggle up" 'round the fire. It was 80 degrees. I'm a pretty temp sensitive girl. I've rarely sweat that much in my life. But anything for a good photo opp, right? Shannon says jump and I say, "How high?".

And then it was done. Most of the girls peeled off to catch flights, drive back to Philly or their hometown. I was so sad to see the girls go, and found it hard to believe that the weekend we'd dreamed and planned for months was over. Nellie and I didn't have flights until Monday...so we lingered about Shannon's house and I even packed in a visit to Lizzie Beth, who just welcomed little Baby Hunter days before my arrival! But eventually my Monday flight time rolled around, and Shannon had to take me back to the airport. Both she and I are awkward airport-goodbyers...so we discussed in advance all the uncomfortable things we could say to each other, the tears we could cry and so forth. But we kept it together...and I watched her and adorable baby Gabe drive away without a tear.

Saying goodbye to all the girls was so strange, because I truly knew I'd miss them. But I also knew that I would make the effort to see them again next fall...if not sooner. 

For once in my blog history, I will not wax poetic. Mostly because if I start waxing, I'll probably cry. But, I will simply say that I felt like I uncovered some friendship soulmates...something I've only found a few times in life. And you don't throw that away.

Always Bloggy 2012 cannot come soon enough. :)


always bloggy: swag.

Shannon and I wanted to greet our Always Bloggy girls with a nice lil' bag of Philly swag**...plenty of snacks and a few little keepsakes. Because Shan and John had already snagged these rustic wire baskets while trash-picking to hold our swag bags with snazz, we decided to keep the cute-factor simple by using our nametags as bag decor, then dressing them up with a little glitzy ribbon around the handle.

For those who emailed or asked about the nametags, per Shannon's suggestion I simply used my little award ribbon tutorial, added some gold ribbon and a pin! I was relieved I only had to make 10 of these...they're a little time consuming, but I was blown away by how much the girls loved them. Worth the effort!

On my final day in Philly I realized I'd not snapped a photo of my swag-bag's contents. But, I had this fabulous idea: I could carefully pack my bag in my suitcase, then photograph its contents when I got home. It would greet me at my final destination perfectly intact, I was certain! Ah, how optimistic I can be. All my treats were crushed, and the delicious contents were pouring out of their packages.

So of course, in my devastation...I ate it all. Every crumbled bit.

But, regardless here's a snapshot of the contents. I saved the empty packages...like a good blogger who can't pack a bag or resist treats after returning home at midnight. Just imagine they're full of tasty Philly delicacies, like Hers Chips and Tastycakes.

So, lets all forget that photo or consider it my humbling penance for not photographing when I had the chance. Regardless, Shan and I were pretty pleased with how our bags came out. 

And we owe a huge thank you to two companies that kindly donated gifts and treats to our meet-up:

Woozie: Shannon spied these wine glass koozies and knew we needed them for our meet-up. Woozie was ultra generous, donating a monogrammed Woozie for each of our girls. We had so much fun around the campfire breaking in our Woozie's, which not only kept our booze temp juuuust right, but kept all our glasses in the right hands! I can rattle off about seven people I know who need these as Christmas gifts...

(Photo by Shannon. She shared, as my pretzels didn't survive my flight for photographing.)

Pennsylvania General Store: Penn Gen was so kind as to donate a package of five chocolate dipped pretzels for each of our girls. And oh my heavens, ladies. I consider myself a chocolate and sweet treats connoisseur...and you have not had chocolate pretzels until you've eaten these. You can purchase gift baskets right from their online shop...just sayin'. I'll send you my address, friends. ;)

On a sidenote, I've realized I'm the worst on-the-road, on-the-fly amateur photographer. In regular life, I can futz with details, swap out ribbon colors and so forth. Wait for the sun to get just right. But when I'm traveling, I never bring the right lens, I'm tired of carrying my camera, I don't have the right this or that. Or I feel embarrassed that others are watching me fiddle with settings, or that I'm slowing people up.

Is anyone else like me? A little creatively intimidated on the road?

**For the weeks leading up to our Always Bloggy Meet Up, neither Shannon nor I could mention the word "swag" without me saying in my Michael-Scottiest The Office voice, "SWAG. Stuff We All Geeeet..." (A quick video snippet. Not the whole quote. But you get it.)


s'more bar: all the deets.

Shannon and I decided early that bonfire, s'mores bar and endless wine could squelch any potentially awkward moments that might occur among a group of strangers. If worse came to worse we had at least three fallback topics of conversation:

1. Fire. The ability to avoid eye contact and fill in convo gaps with important updates like, "We better stoke this thing." and group discussions of "Should we throw another log on?" Obviously...very important conversation.
2. Wine and s'mores. Endless conversation. What's good, what's bad. Levels of tipsiness. Tipsy stories. S'mores stories. Tipsy s'mores stories. (Does anyone have those? I do...now.)
3. Weather. I mean, really...we were hoping it wouldn't get to that. But at least gums would be flappin'.

Well, good news! We didn't much discuss any of the above...except when absolutely necessary, like when my wine glass was empty. Which happened precisely four times.

Anyway,  I sacrificed a cute pair of heels so I could pack in ribbons, a garland, glitzy signs and other needed craft supplies...and I didn't regret it. Shannon and John had done some trash pickin', as well as hunting for blankets and picking their own house for containers and fabric. We made sure to pat ourselves on the back no less than seventeen times once we pooled everything together and drank in the rustic gorgeousness of it all.

In other words: No one was more impressed than us that we'd actually pulled it off.

We'd done our s'mores bars homework...and our research showed that a s'mores bar could get out of hand with toppings like strawberries, caramel and such . We decided to keep it pretty simple with the basic chocolate and cracker formula, adding a few marshmallow options:

Graham Crackers
Regular Honey Grahams
Chocolate Grahams

Traditional Jet-Puffed
Jumbo Jet-Puffed
Pina Colada
German Chocolate

Hershey's Milk Chocolate
Raspberry Dark Chocolate
After8 Mint Chocolate
Reeses Peanut Butter Cups

Even with all that, the traditional s'more seemed to be the most popular option among the girls. And who can blame them? If it ain't broke....you know the rest. And this meant there was plenty of chocolate to munch on throughout the evening and into the weekend.

One of our last minute crafts consisted of a lil' car crafting session, as Shannon steered us toward the airport to pick up one of the girls, and I battled car sickness, attempting not to toss my cookies while making teeny tiny goodie labels for the s'mores bar. Shan had a few sheets of sticker letters, which combined with some glitter paper all the way from Wisconsin worked perfectly to mark each of the snacks.

Also, I talked myself using my own dough to purchase two packages of globe lights from Target for $9.00 a piece. Somehow in my mind I was going to fly them back to Wisconsin...and then to California for our wedding. What?! How did that make sense? Whatevs. It wound up adding the perfect touch, and I left them for Shannon to use at future bonfires.

Throw in a couple of hay bales, a mashed potato bar courtesy of Shannon's hubby...and all told, it was a very fabulous first night at the meet up.


s'more bar sneak peak.

I've had the toughest time getting my ish together since getting back to Wisconsin. After missing two days of classes while in Philadelphia, I've fallen asleep at 9pm with my nose in a texbook two nights in a row...just trying to catch up. How fabulous.

So, Shan is totally kicking my fannie at sharing details about our meet up, and all I've got is this little sneak peek of the S'mores Bar we threw together for the first night of our blogger's meet up. But come on...it's a pretty cute sneak peek, right?

Eh? Eh? You can forgive me when it's that cute, right?

I'll be back tomorrow with the rest of the S'mores Bar fabulousness.


return from philly.

The day I left for Philly, I padded down my apartment stairs and across the lawn, towing my weighty wheeled suitcase behind. The trees rustled with brightly colored leaves, and the ground was green, splotched with vibrant fallen leaves. Fall was just beginning. Perhaps, I thought, I'd return home from meeting the blog girls, knowing their faces and calling them good friends.

Yesterday, after eight hours of traveling from Philly, I returned home...I hoisted my hefty suitcase up the porch, over each stair. Bare tree branches clattered above me in the wind and crumbly brown leaves crunched below my feet. So much changed in one weekend. Fall had come and gone. And I was returning home, with a bucket full of memories and more than a handful of new friendships, which somehow felt far from new...and more like old, tried and true.

My newfound friends lovingly named me "Unicorns", after Shannon and the others agreed that my world seems as glittery and charmed as a Lisa Frank poster. I laughed so hard at this thought, because that's just one portion of me. The girl who loves whimsy, romance and crafts is very much me...it inspires me creatively. I love me some pastels. You bet I feature the sunshine and glitter...but if you think that's my entire world, I am sorry to tell you that I don't even own a unicorn. Can you believe it?! (Note to Gabe--Christmas is coming...)

Behind the glitter and crafts, beyond this space that I keep for reflection, connection, writing and creativity, my very nearest pals will confirm that I am kooky. My apartment is rarely spotless. I'm not too ladylike to cuss. Not too picky to eat Taco Bell several times a week. Not too buttoned up to have a drink...or three. And never too grown up to make an fool of myself in hopes of a few laughs. Yet, it's not often that I completely reveal that kook inside--only among my very closest friends.

And here was the best part about this weekend: My new friends brought out the kook in me. They got it...they understood that behind every blog--whether devoted to whimsy, food, home decor, family or hilarious stories about in-laws--there was a real girl that showed up...a real person with flaws, a sense of humor and a very real life.  My hair was down. I was kooktastic. And glittery. Occasionally crass, and occasionally cheesy. Dressed up, dressed down. Often acting completely ridiculous.

It was the best, and exactly what I needed in so many ways.

I can't wait to wade through my photos and share. Since I walked in my house at midnight, I've got a full day of classes and unpacking before I can get to editing and sharing. So in the meantime, you'll have to pop over to Shannon or Kate's posts for a little wrap up!


philly update + pretty in pink.

Look who greeted me at the airport yesterday....little baby Gabe, with a fan club sign and everything! He isn't so little anymore...he walks like a real boy. It's super trippy. We've become fast friends and he's sitting on my lap as I type this. Kgemttggggnssftfii. And a Cheerio was just hurled on the keyboard. In other words, hello from Gabe. :)

Oh---Shannon was there, too. Not like there was any question, but we get along famously, and she's as hilarious and fun on the spot as she is on her blog. I'm pretty sure I've peed myself laughing at least seven times. It was embarassing, but at least it wasn't on their good couch....

What am I even saying? I don't know. I'm riding the blog-life to real-life high and having such a great time. We've got a list of obscure tasks today like, "Hunt down midget bar" and "Find sticks"....and here I am still in my PJs, drinkin' in as much Gabey cuddle time as possible.

But I've got to get a move on! But before that happens, here are the Pretty in Pink pictures for the week!

The lovely Brandi.

A snuggled up D workin' the pink.

Shannon, who got this sweet "Fight like a girl" breast cancer tattoo...she always wears pink!
Jazmin, who climbed Mount Whitney while wearing pink!

And Tabitha, who just walked in the Susan G. Komen race in Portland!
Thanks to everyone who submitted...keep 'em coming, girls! You can submit photos every week! :) I'm off to look for sticks. And color coordinated ribbon. And twinkly lights.

Happy weekend!


wingin' my way.

(Little details of our meet up weekend.)

You know what's wild? Tomorrow morning, at the crack of 4am, I leave for the airport. On a trip where I will vacation with ten girls I don't know. Yes! I'm my way to our Always Bloggy in Philadelphia Meet Up

Shannon and I have had so much fun planning all the little details--in depth conversations about the exact hue of "raspberry" and solemnly swearing not to judge each other's constant outfit changes or other odd habits. In a way, meeting up is a strange experience--mostly due to nerves about the in person me. I'm so socially awkward! But in another way, it's not strange at all! A few of the girls I've known for three years--we've read each other's blogs through job changes, engagements, marriages and babies. I remember their birthdays, their anniversaries, funny anecdotes from their lives and the times I wish we could have chatted about all of it over a couple of margaritas. 

I cannot wait to go from calling all of them "my internet friends" to simply "my friends". I do believe that's officially done with a hug and a smile. But for tonight, I'm off to celebrate my mom's birthday...and then I'll burn the midnight oil cramming 16 days of clothing (for a 4 day trip) into a 24" suitcase.

In the meantime: Wear something pink. Do it. Then snap a photo and email it to me at wwrinserepeat@gmail.com. Look for your photo on Friday when I post the Pretty in Pink Round up, and know that $1.00 is headed to help fight breast cancer...just because you wore pink. 


the plan for october: pretty in pink.

I was fifteen when they found the lump. My mother was forty, and went in for a mammogram which produced a furrowed brow and less-than-reassuring words from her doctor. She was sent off for a biopsy. And then we nervously waited, each hour feeling longer than a day. Waited and waited.

Several days later we got the news--it wasn't breast cancer. I've never been so relieved, because I'm not entirely certain who I would be if something happened to my mother. She's the peanut butter that keeps our family sandwich together. And I like that sandwich.

But, sadly, not every family's story is the same. For some, a biopsy is just the start of a long, exhausting battle. So, I'm taking the month of October to honor those who have battled breast cancer.

This month, I'll be hosting Pretty in Pink Fridays. Here's how it works: Throughout the week, email me (wwrinserepeat@gmail.com) a picture of you wearing pink--intentionally or unintentionally--anything pink! Pink hairbow, pink fingernails, pink cardi, pink jewelry. Anything goes! On Friday, I'll showcase all the girls (or guys?) who took time to support the cause by wearing pink + sending a photo...and then I'll donate $1.00 to Susan G. Komen for the Cure for every photo in the round-up!

And...at some point this month, I'll be doing a giveaway featuring a few really sweet pink items.

Sound like a deal? Alright. Let's rock, October!



Before Gabe and I met face to face, he sent me a few little gifts....and several embarrassing displays of peonies at my office, over which I feigned "secret admirer", lest I be forced to explain exactly who had sent them. Eventually my officemates unscrambled the puzzle.

One of the first gifts he sent was an early 1900's copy of Jane Austen's Persuasion, a story about missed romantic opportunities, pining and other heart-thumping sub-plots. (Subliminal message much, love?) It's one of the best gifts I've received, especially given that I'd not told Gabe that I love Jane Austen. And it's really the most beautiful book--cognac brown leather, golden-tipped pages and aqua swirled interior. It sat in a prominent spot on my shelf for the past year and I've not yet cracked it with true intent to read. Often I just hold it and wonder why they don't make beautiful books any more.

But now Persuasion sits on my nightstand. I'm attempting to dive in. While there is rewarding romance within the pages, reading Jane Austen is work. It's not an easy-breezy beach read, and often I find my mind has wondered off mid-page.

And, I'm tempted to watch the film first...build an emotional connection with the characters, then tackle the book. But, I realize that's the lazy man's approach to book reading and likely not as rewarding. Or perhaps not?

Do you usually prefer the book or the movie version of storylines? Which do you tackle first--the pages or the theater?

P.S. I finally watched the new Jane Eyre movie this weekend. So fantastic. Cry. Cry. Cry.


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