always bloggy: swag.

Shannon and I wanted to greet our Always Bloggy girls with a nice lil' bag of Philly swag**...plenty of snacks and a few little keepsakes. Because Shan and John had already snagged these rustic wire baskets while trash-picking to hold our swag bags with snazz, we decided to keep the cute-factor simple by using our nametags as bag decor, then dressing them up with a little glitzy ribbon around the handle.

For those who emailed or asked about the nametags, per Shannon's suggestion I simply used my little award ribbon tutorial, added some gold ribbon and a pin! I was relieved I only had to make 10 of these...they're a little time consuming, but I was blown away by how much the girls loved them. Worth the effort!

On my final day in Philly I realized I'd not snapped a photo of my swag-bag's contents. But, I had this fabulous idea: I could carefully pack my bag in my suitcase, then photograph its contents when I got home. It would greet me at my final destination perfectly intact, I was certain! Ah, how optimistic I can be. All my treats were crushed, and the delicious contents were pouring out of their packages.

So of course, in my devastation...I ate it all. Every crumbled bit.

But, regardless here's a snapshot of the contents. I saved the empty packages...like a good blogger who can't pack a bag or resist treats after returning home at midnight. Just imagine they're full of tasty Philly delicacies, like Hers Chips and Tastycakes.

So, lets all forget that photo or consider it my humbling penance for not photographing when I had the chance. Regardless, Shan and I were pretty pleased with how our bags came out. 

And we owe a huge thank you to two companies that kindly donated gifts and treats to our meet-up:

Woozie: Shannon spied these wine glass koozies and knew we needed them for our meet-up. Woozie was ultra generous, donating a monogrammed Woozie for each of our girls. We had so much fun around the campfire breaking in our Woozie's, which not only kept our booze temp juuuust right, but kept all our glasses in the right hands! I can rattle off about seven people I know who need these as Christmas gifts...

(Photo by Shannon. She shared, as my pretzels didn't survive my flight for photographing.)

Pennsylvania General Store: Penn Gen was so kind as to donate a package of five chocolate dipped pretzels for each of our girls. And oh my heavens, ladies. I consider myself a chocolate and sweet treats connoisseur...and you have not had chocolate pretzels until you've eaten these. You can purchase gift baskets right from their online shop...just sayin'. I'll send you my address, friends. ;)

On a sidenote, I've realized I'm the worst on-the-road, on-the-fly amateur photographer. In regular life, I can futz with details, swap out ribbon colors and so forth. Wait for the sun to get just right. But when I'm traveling, I never bring the right lens, I'm tired of carrying my camera, I don't have the right this or that. Or I feel embarrassed that others are watching me fiddle with settings, or that I'm slowing people up.

Is anyone else like me? A little creatively intimidated on the road?

**For the weeks leading up to our Always Bloggy Meet Up, neither Shannon nor I could mention the word "swag" without me saying in my Michael-Scottiest The Office voice, "SWAG. Stuff We All Geeeet..." (A quick video snippet. Not the whole quote. But you get it.)


  1. These are adorable! The ribbons are such a great idea!

  2. Looks AMAZING-- you did a fabulous job. And I too always feel like I'm slowing everyone up when taking photos...but when I talk myself into following through, I'm NEVER disappointed when looking back on the day through photographs. If I keep my camera in my bag, however, to dodge those feelings of "ohmiGAWD everyone is so mad at me for taking 30 seconds to snap this," I'm most often more angry with myself at the end of the day when I have 3 photos on my camera.

  3. First off, everything looks so great!! I could totally go for some of those pretzels! Yum!!

    Second, I totally get creatively intimidated on the road. It feels so good to hear someone has good as you feels the same way! I feel like everyone is watching me, I'm slowing them down, they're getting annoyed, and are secretly judging me. Haha! It's so ridiculous, but I know exactly how you feel! I totally prefer snapping pictures on my own without an audience!

  4. I hand carried my name tag home and it's hanging on my bulletin board. It's beautiful, much appreciated and represents some great memories.

  5. So, so amazing. Still can't believe I missed it.

  6. What font was used for the name tags?


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