(I'm recycling this photo...something I swore I'd never do. But, why reinvent the wheel?!)

Over the past few months I've gotten lots of very specific questions about my bridesmaid boxes and this week I've seen a big ol' flow of traffic (hello, new friends!!) popping over from Pinterest. So, I thought I'd share the FAQ of those sweet little boxes. 

Sidenote: I'm one of those girls who likes to know the person behind a project! So, hello, I'm Bethany...and if you want to know a little about me, start here. If you want to know about my wedding...begin here! Also, the internet is crazy, and I heart it. I never thought those lil' boxes would be on my fav wedding blog + a few others, pinned thousands of times, and inspire a handful of other brides to ask their maids in a similar fashion! Whoa. High-five, internet!

Onward to the FAQ!

Where can I get a traceable template for the interior lid?
You can get that right here, just click on "template" in the body of the text. I freehanded mine, I wouldn't recommend it! But when the lovely Wedding Chicks featured my project they were kind enough to create a little downloadable template for you!

What kind of letters were used for the text?
They're just your basic 1.5" adhesive letters from the craftstore! Specifically, I opted for the Thickers brand in "Rainboots". Cause really, does a font name get any cuter than "Rainboots"? No, my friends, no it does not.

What font did you use for the information cards you included?
The font for the body of the text is Traveling Typewriter, and you can download it here. The header font is Learning Curve, available here. Both fonts are free...and fabulous for your font arsenal!

What paint colors, specifically, were used on the box?
I mixed my own blue, using DeltaCreative in Light Ivory and DecoArt Patio Paint in Blue Bahama (available at Michaels). My advice: Get 8 oz. of ivory and 2 oz. of teal, purple, green, aqua or whatever you like and make your own custom color! Test on a popsicle stick...just to see if you like the color on a wood tone before you commit to painting multiple boxes with it. Also, if you're working on this project across the course of a couple days, keep your color consistent by writing down your little paint recipe (ie: 4 drops of green and 10 drops of ivory). Super easy way to stay sane. :)

Where did you find your hankies?
Years ago I was gifted 80+ vintage hankies from a family friend. (I wish I had a better answer!!) But, if you're in the market, I've seen plenty at flea markets, thrift and antique stores (give 'em a wash!), Etsy often has a few and if all else fails you can buy really inexpensive reproductions of vintage hankies on Ebay.

Is there anything else I can include?
Yes, so many other things! Photos of yourself + your girls, sweet treats like macaroons or chocolates, inexpensive jewelry for them to wear on the big day, a special little tube of lipstick, a yummy smelling sachet. Pretty much anything charming and girlie will tickle their fancy.

Really...be honest...how long does this take?
It's not a ten minute project, but it's certainly not a week long project! If you have 5 or less bridesmaids and can gather all your supplies in advance, you can knock it out in one rainy Saturday. I believe in you! Just like every DIY wedding project, if you want to do it...you'll make the time.


If you have questions I didn't answer...do drop a comment and I'll respond! Thanks for stopping by! :)


  1. these are SO cute. congrats on the flash internet fame :)

  2. As I've said before, you're adorable and your boxes were totally how I found you! I'm addicted to your blog. Good work :p You're an inspiration to a beginning blogger like myself :)

  3. I'm not surprised you're such a hit online, Bethany. Not only are you cute and a fabulous writer, but you're awfully crafty too! Those bridesmaids are lucky to be part of your wedding. It's sure to be AH-mazing!

  4. I'm seriously in love with your blog, with your love story and with your craftiness. I spent a good hour on your blog the other night catching up on your "story" and reading all about you and your fiancé!

    You're an amazing writer!

  5. They are just adorbz. Fantastic idea - well done!

  6. Lovely, these boxes are THE best wedding make around at the moment. I love your blog, as you know, keep up the amazing work. Sarah x

  7. you are so sweet and i feel so honored to be working with you :)

    have a great weekend!!!

  8. I'm just like Brianna, I found your blog because of your feature on Wedding Chicks! ...And I'm addicted. Love it! Keep up the awesome wokr :)

  9. Oh my goodness! That font website alone is amazing, not to mention all the details about your bridesmaid boxes! I am in heaven! I had almost forgotten that seeing your boxes on Pinterest was what initially got me to your blog and I have been reading along ever since!! You are great!! Thanks for sharing your refreshing style with everyone!!

  10. You're so sweet to put so much effort into sharing your work with others. Congrats with the fame cause you totally deserve you creative, crafty gal!

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  12. thank you for this FAQ blog! your idea is genius and has inspired me to do something quite like this when the time comes around =) And like you said those ladies whom you want to be your bridesmaids are quite special and deserve to be asked in a special way =) *cheers*

  13. I was totally inspired by this idea! Just sent mine out and my girls are in love with the idea!! i did a similar thing with the dresses, too. i wanted them to pick their own, and our idea of the paint swatches was a huge help! i am posting about my project right now--look out for it! i gave you a shout-out for your inspiration!

  14. Bethany! Check out our version of your FANTASTIC idea!!


  15. wow. sweetest way to ask, ever! If I could travel back in time, I would definitely bust some of these out:-) xoxo

  16. WOW! These are amazingly adorable. Such an inspiration!

  17. Thank you for the great inspiration i just gave my 8 bridesmaids their boxes each one of them cried.. Thank you for the idea!!

  18. So excited to have you guest posting for me today! x

  19. I just found your blog and I'm so glad I did! I've seen these boxes around Pinterest and I absolutely love them. Such a sweet idea, and I'm sure your bridesmaids appreciated it!

    I'm going through your Philly posts right now, and I love it! I really want to do something like that around California sometime, since it never seems like anything is going on here.

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend my dear!


  20. wow, you are a genious! GREAT IDEA!! loving your blog! new follower!

  21. That really is the most adorable box - thanks for sharing all of your secrets! :)

    Having a business card giveaway if you want to enter love! http://www.oceandreams4sierra.com/2011/11/uprintingcom-business-cards-giveaway.html

  22. Hello! Any body home!?!
    Bethany, I hope everything is all right and the long absence is simply because you're busy with school, life, etc...

  23. This is so cute! I wish I had done something creative like this!

  24. how adorable! i wish i could have done this when i was getting married!
    new follower diesunddas33.blogspot.com

    p.s. I am from WI too! :)

  25. I absolutely love your blog! So much creativity and style! Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea :]

  26. I was wondering if you could give additional information as to how you formatted and printed your notes! I am trying to do mine in word and print them off, but I cant get the formatting correct. Thank you in advance!!!

  27. They are wonderful! What font did you use on your cards?

  28. bethany,
    i just wanted to give you a big THANK YOU !!! i fell in love with your boxes and knew that they would be the best way to ask my girls the same thing !! and they were a hit !!! i loooved the boxes and recreated my version of them !!!

    check em out i hope i did u proud !!!

    again thank u

  29. I am in the middle of making these and im having a hard time finding the A6 postcards with the cute pink wrap around thing. Do you remember where you bought them? It would be a great help! Thanks!


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