the plan for october: pretty in pink.

I was fifteen when they found the lump. My mother was forty, and went in for a mammogram which produced a furrowed brow and less-than-reassuring words from her doctor. She was sent off for a biopsy. And then we nervously waited, each hour feeling longer than a day. Waited and waited.

Several days later we got the news--it wasn't breast cancer. I've never been so relieved, because I'm not entirely certain who I would be if something happened to my mother. She's the peanut butter that keeps our family sandwich together. And I like that sandwich.

But, sadly, not every family's story is the same. For some, a biopsy is just the start of a long, exhausting battle. So, I'm taking the month of October to honor those who have battled breast cancer.

This month, I'll be hosting Pretty in Pink Fridays. Here's how it works: Throughout the week, email me (wwrinserepeat@gmail.com) a picture of you wearing pink--intentionally or unintentionally--anything pink! Pink hairbow, pink fingernails, pink cardi, pink jewelry. Anything goes! On Friday, I'll showcase all the girls (or guys?) who took time to support the cause by wearing pink + sending a photo...and then I'll donate $1.00 to Susan G. Komen for the Cure for every photo in the round-up!

And...at some point this month, I'll be doing a giveaway featuring a few really sweet pink items.

Sound like a deal? Alright. Let's rock, October!


  1. Oh Bethany!!!!

    This is a beautiful idea! Thank you so much for doing this. My beautiful Grandmother was affected by breast cancer. I will definitely be sending you a pretty in pink picture. =)

    You're wonderful!


  2. what a great idea!

  3. you are officially the sweetest girl i know. what a lovely idea and cause -- thank-you also for sharing such a personal story.

    i'll have to get my photo in to you! xo

  4. What a fabulous idea! I will definitely be participating :)

  5. As you know, this is a cause that is near and dear to my heart. I'm thankful every day to have my beautiful best friend in my life, 2 1/2 years after she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

    I am going to get out the pink, and rock it! Watch for my photo in your inbox soon.

  6. I don't follow people's personal blogs but I stumbled upon yours and I have been following ever since! I love this idea and I will most definitely be sending you a photo :)

  7. What a beautiful and meaningful idea. I'll be sure to send in a picture. You truly are an amazing person. And I pray for everyone that has been infected by this horrible disease.

  8. You are an amazing woman, now I'm off to track down some pink.

  9. Such a sweet wonderful idea- I love it. I've lost a loved one to cancer...and every time someone does some sort of fundraiser for cancer research, it warms my heart.

  10. you are amazing. I am going to wear lots and lots of pink this month and for sure will be sending you a photo. fabulous idea, beautiful girl.

  11. sounds perfect. what a kind idea :)

  12. Another great idea! I'll have to keep this in mind when I do my nails this week. =P

  13. Hey Bethany!

    Such a wonderful idea. I wish I would have been able to meet up this weekend at always bloggy, but my body had other ideas.

    I think my way of being able to help out, would be to match whatever you donate.


    If you want, feel free to email me amanda_thomas@nyl.com


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