s'more bar: all the deets.

Shannon and I decided early that bonfire, s'mores bar and endless wine could squelch any potentially awkward moments that might occur among a group of strangers. If worse came to worse we had at least three fallback topics of conversation:

1. Fire. The ability to avoid eye contact and fill in convo gaps with important updates like, "We better stoke this thing." and group discussions of "Should we throw another log on?" Obviously...very important conversation.
2. Wine and s'mores. Endless conversation. What's good, what's bad. Levels of tipsiness. Tipsy stories. S'mores stories. Tipsy s'mores stories. (Does anyone have those? I do...now.)
3. Weather. I mean, really...we were hoping it wouldn't get to that. But at least gums would be flappin'.

Well, good news! We didn't much discuss any of the above...except when absolutely necessary, like when my wine glass was empty. Which happened precisely four times.

Anyway,  I sacrificed a cute pair of heels so I could pack in ribbons, a garland, glitzy signs and other needed craft supplies...and I didn't regret it. Shannon and John had done some trash pickin', as well as hunting for blankets and picking their own house for containers and fabric. We made sure to pat ourselves on the back no less than seventeen times once we pooled everything together and drank in the rustic gorgeousness of it all.

In other words: No one was more impressed than us that we'd actually pulled it off.

We'd done our s'mores bars homework...and our research showed that a s'mores bar could get out of hand with toppings like strawberries, caramel and such . We decided to keep it pretty simple with the basic chocolate and cracker formula, adding a few marshmallow options:

Graham Crackers
Regular Honey Grahams
Chocolate Grahams

Traditional Jet-Puffed
Jumbo Jet-Puffed
Pina Colada
German Chocolate

Hershey's Milk Chocolate
Raspberry Dark Chocolate
After8 Mint Chocolate
Reeses Peanut Butter Cups

Even with all that, the traditional s'more seemed to be the most popular option among the girls. And who can blame them? If it ain't broke....you know the rest. And this meant there was plenty of chocolate to munch on throughout the evening and into the weekend.

One of our last minute crafts consisted of a lil' car crafting session, as Shannon steered us toward the airport to pick up one of the girls, and I battled car sickness, attempting not to toss my cookies while making teeny tiny goodie labels for the s'mores bar. Shan had a few sheets of sticker letters, which combined with some glitter paper all the way from Wisconsin worked perfectly to mark each of the snacks.

Also, I talked myself using my own dough to purchase two packages of globe lights from Target for $9.00 a piece. Somehow in my mind I was going to fly them back to Wisconsin...and then to California for our wedding. What?! How did that make sense? Whatevs. It wound up adding the perfect touch, and I left them for Shannon to use at future bonfires.

Throw in a couple of hay bales, a mashed potato bar courtesy of Shannon's hubby...and all told, it was a very fabulous first night at the meet up.


  1. Love it! Hopefully, there will be another meet up and I can be apart. Have a great weekend!

  2. this is so much fun!! absolutely adore it. would love to recreate it.

  3. I think I need to know more about this Mashed Potatoes bar....

  4. Oh how I wish I could have been there!

  5. I was hoping I could avoid your blog for a little while so I wouldn't feel like the biggest fool for missing Always Bloggy. But I just can't stay away for your and Shannon's blogs. Eeep... everything looks so cute!!!! I am just blown away by all the options and the prettiness of it all. Seriously, Always Bloggy part deux... I am there no doubt about it.

  6. Adorable! Such a good idea. I want to have a s'mores party now. Too bad I don't have amazing outdoor space like Shannon to host such an event. Ahhh, someday.
    I COULD host an event with a mashed potato bar though. How did that work. I agree with Jennifer and need more details on that aspect if you have some to share.
    Bon appetit!

  7. argh, *still* jelly i missed friday night! i suppose the dinner on saturday night made up for it, but i love a good fire, some chocolate, and a leopard print snuggie. don't you?

  8. This PMSing chick need a s'mores stat!

    This post really made my laugh out loud. Sounds so fun!

  9. So I was sad before about missing Always Bloggy in Philly, but now I'm inconsolable! A s'mores bar? And one as pretty as that? Sigh...

  10. Darnit! Why didnt we take pictures of mashed potatoes? Or make it cuter? haha I guess we had enough on our plate? Maybe I'll make John recreate it so I can make it cute and do a blog post on it. It's clearly what the people want.

    And btw, thank you SO much for those lights. I cannot wait to use them again, they totally *made* the table.

  11. Adorable & so impressive! I'm totally gonna use this idea soon. And it all looks SO CUTE!

  12. omg this is the cutest idea ever. I love how "girly" it is :) wine + smores +fire sounds amazing.

  13. Oh my gosh I love it!! Most brilliant plan ever...I'm totally hungry right now.

  14. Oh my I can't believe you make a s'more bar. That is such an awesome idea. You are seriously so creative. I wish I could have been there :)

  15. oh. my. goodness! YUM YUM YUM!!!! :) What a great idea! :)

  16. what?! nutella on smores? how did i never think of that.

    also, "gums flappin". hate that phrase.

    can i come to the next bloggy meet up? :)


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