on your side.

Flowers from Gabe..I always rearrange them in 3-4 smaller mason jar arrangements. :)

Gabe and I have been talking a lot lately about being "on your side".  Sometimes it's tough to feel each other's support with miles and hours between us. It can be tricky to feel important when lost in a sea of regular life...especially as it's been five months since we've seen each other's faces. 

But, Gabe has a sixth sense for knowing when I'm feeling distant, stressed or less-connected. Lately, my favorite part about having a husband-to-be is that he is someone who I am always "for", and he is always "for me"...even when it's inconvenient. Even when he's worked a 13 hour day and can barely keep his eyes open. Even when I'm being a total pill, he makes the effort to ensure that I feel treasured and loved.

We're a team, and I've really started to feel that lately. When one of us feels like trying less, doesn't have the energy to deal with the details or deal with another day of long-distance love, the other picks it up without missing a beat. Perhaps that's the best part of being opposites. We both have different stressors and strengths, which means we each have a chance to shine in situations the other doesn't excel in.

Indeed, indeed...opposites attract...and sometimes that makes a fantastic team. :)


  1. Those are beautiful, beautiful flowers! And you two are so lucky to have found each other!

  2. I love this post! I am a newlywed and I, too, often find that team spirit is what keeps us working together through tough times.

  3. Great post. My husband and I have been together for 10 years and married for 4. Most of the 6 non-married years were long distance, so I really relate to what you are saying. It sounds like the two of you have such an honest and open relationship, which is key.

    (PS. I'm a new reader. Friends with Shannon and popped over here after your meet-up.)

  4. It's interesting to read this. Lately I've been thinking about how wonderful it is to be married to my best friend. I know that I can tell my husband anything about anyone or anything and while he may disagree he'd never use it against me or share it with someone. This is my second marriage and I know what it's like to be married to someone who isn't my best friend. I feel so blessed now and I've vowed to my new husband and myself to never take this relationship for granted.

  5. Love this. I was there two weeks ago. Thank god we finally were able to move in together. I think at this point, I would have accepted the same city or even county.

  6. I said "aww..." out loud over this post. Beautiful.

  7. What a pretty post. And so very true :)


  8. That is one of my favorite things about being married to my husband. He's always rooting for me & I'm always rooting for him. You've got to do that- why not? :) Plus, it's always extra nice knowing you've got someone to spill every secret to as well!

  9. This is how you know you have found the right person-- you are each other's partner in life. Beyond being husband/wife or lover, you need to be each other's best friend and partner.

    You found yourself a good one, and I think he made out pretty good too ;)


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