...and the winner is...

...Doris Johnson, who surprisingly grew up in Wisconsin, like me, and then moved to Calfornia...just like I will in a few months! We're life twins, or something like that. :) Anyway, shoot me an email at wwrinserepeat@gmail.com and I'll drop this baby in the mail to you on Monday...along with about twelve other packages that are overdue to get into the post.

Thank you all so very much for entering. I feel like tons of new girls dropped commens on the giveaway post and I'm having a blast taking study breaks to discover these new places in the blog world! I only wish I had a bajillion dollars so I could purchase a calendar for each of you.

In other news, I've officially conquered the art history paper that's been looming over me and can now say that 75% of all stress in my life is due to procrastination and just plain stressing about stress. Know what I mean?

But, the above photo is an accurate summary of the last 48 hours of life in my world. Lots of caffeinated beverages, scads of books and, embarassingly enough, many, many hours in the same pair of pajamas. Oh and that Cheetah print Snuggie. Don't knock it til you try it...it's forgivably comfortable.

Tonight I've got a little party for one of my classes, and then am meeting up with my incredibly good friend + bridesmaid, Andrea, for coffee. She lives all the way over in Washington...I haven't seen her since before I got engaged and I'm beyond excited to hug her!

What are you up to tonight? Christmas cookies? Finals? Shopping? Do tell!


  1. I'm crafting the crap out of my house! I decided I need every corner of my house decorated for very little money. So we'll see what paint & glitter covered messes get spewed around.

    (all done while donning my very own cheetah print snuggie.)

    Have fun seeing your buddy!

  2. You look so cozy and hard at work! :) I'm getting ready to drive from LA to San Jose, CA to visit my best friend for an early Christmas visit this weekend! We're going to have a craft marathon weekend! I can't wait! I hope you're having fun preparing for Christmas!

  3. Hooray for conquering the final!!

    I'm working tonight. Whomp whomp. However, I may or may not be in a similar position as you in the picture-- crazy hair? check (it rained today), warm blanket? check. caffeinated beverages? check. PJs? well, yoga pants, but close enough ;)


  4. I have to say you make it very easy for me to shed my lurking habits. My mid study panic usually looks like yours yet dingier, messier and far more chaotic. Luckily that'll all be behind me within the next few months. Then I can be a real person! Woot!

    Oh, and congrats to Doris, tres jealous! :)

  5. Hooray! I just sent you an email :) And also, another hooray for you finishing your paper! It feels so good to get things done and get schoolwork behind you... just like a burden being lifted off your back, or a cloud not raining over you anymore.

  6. CONGRATS on finishing your paper Bethany!! that is a GREAT feeling =) and I'm for you to be able to see one of your besties, that's always wonderful! Tonight, I'm going to a christmas party with my boyfriend and most of his family, it's for the filipino american association, so there will be lots & lots of dancing! lol

    Hope you're having a great weekend!!

  7. Congrats to Doris! I definitely am right there with you Bethany on post being late to the post office. I've had packages ready to go for over a week now and still haven't sent them out, along with our Christmas cards and save the dates. Sheesh! Hard to believe how behind Noah and I are on these things.

  8. Yay on finishing your essay! I've got a pink snuggie that I wear an embarrassing amount so there's no judgement from my end. I mean, blanket + sleeves + cutesy name + cheesiest commercials ever = genius

  9. I'm working this weekend and almost envying you in your cozy nest. Good luck with school and holiday prep.

  10. I definitely have a red snuggie and can attest to its comforts. Last minute DIY gifts, last minute xmas baking and then hopefully a relaxing weekend with my family. Happy Holidays!!

  11. Umm, I am obviously THRILLED to see the leopard print snuggie make its debut blog appearance! So glad you like it. Shannon, are you listening? ;)

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