choosing joy in sadness.

My heart feels silly writing about snowflakes or lipstick today...yesterday, a dear friend's mom passed away after years of battling cancer. There's peace that she no longer suffers, joy that she's gone home to Jesus...but it's tough not to cry or feel heavy-hearted.

I knew her best through her daughters, who live with so much joy, grace and laughter. Clearly she taught her girls:

...to laugh extra hard at the funny moments.
...to find the beauty in most any situation.
...to bless others in all that you do.
...and mostly, to trust God with everything. Big or little.

So for today, tomorrow, as long as I can remember...I will honor all those things in memory of their incredible mama who has really, truly gone home for Christmas.


  1. Truly a beautiful lady that God placed among us that He could shine through! A real blessing to have known her and a joy to know her family!

  2. I think Abi (Fossum) Lee put it best... "Our sorrow is for those who never had the chance to know her!" My heart is heavy, but it rejoices that she is now safe in our Father's arms!

  3. This is beautiful. What an inspiration. I'll say a prayer for your friends!

  4. I'll pray for your friends. This is beautiful!

  5. Sending love and prayers of comfort through you and her family. May her memory live on through her family and friends now and forever.

  6. I'm crying just thinking of them. My heart truly goes out to your friends who have lost their mother...one of the worst losses a person will ever suffer. I'm so happy she is no longer in pain but so sad for your friends. Death is a very hard and dark place to deal with alone. They will be in my thoughts and prayers. A verse that has kept me going throughout my losses this year is from the book of Matthew, "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." I've learned that their spirits live on through us...they make us better and more likely to enjoy the simplest things. Let them know my heart goes out to them...and hang in there yourself Bethany!

  7. This is so well said. Thinking about you and your friends, I can't imagine the heartache they're going through right now.

  8. oh goodness. losing anyone at anytime must be hard, but your mother before christmas is probably one of the worst things that could happen. my heart goes out to your friend and her family and i hope she knows that there are people praying for them. im praying that they have strength to get through this and that they feel God scoop them up into His arms and comfort them


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