filling in the empty spaces.

Gabe is on cloud nine about coming home for Christmas in two weeks, so I'm taking the holiday decor up a notch around here. Think even more glitter than usual, multiple stockings and seven extra strings of lights. Hello, enormous electric bill...I do not even care that you exist. I've informed Gabe that openly weeping with Christmas joy is the only thanks I'll need for the hours I've spent decorating. He'll try to oblige, he says.

Over the next two weeks, there are still a few awkward ledges + empty crannies in need of some holiday sprucing. So, when I spotted several pins + posts with plans to DIY these (ahem, overpriced) Anthropologie Mason Jar Snowglobes, I knew I had to hop on the band wagon and craft my own.

Here's the best part...it's totally a 4-3-2-1 craft format:

Four supplies needed (mason jar, mini tree, faux snow, hot glue gun).
Three minutes to create (or less, once you get crackin').
Two dollars a piece (if you've got extra glass jars around).
One heck of a cute craft (that you cannot screw up).

If you'd like a tutorial, it pretty much goes like this:

Hot glue bottom of adorably tiny tree to inside of mason jar lid.
Sprinkle a pinch of faux snow into jar. 
Twist jar closed.
Marvel over the $40 you just saved yourself. :)

But, it should be noted that I'm not the first one to do this. Check out this tutorial if you want more photos and an indepth set of instructions!


P.S. Big ol' thanks to everyone who popped over to my new Rinse. Repeat. Facebook page! I am loving the chance to share extra photos + chat with you in a new, more frequent way!


  1. so cute! almost like a little terrarium (sp?)!!!

  2. i made them too! super cute and easy. Anthro had lots of good Christmas decor to "knock off" this year.

  3. Those are cute! I might have to attempt those!

  4. la la la love it :) and goodness, that must be extra exciting to know that he'll not only get to come home to you, but also to a christmas spirit home :)

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  6. I was just looking at those on Anthropologie's website! Yours are WAY cuter! =)

  7. Absolutely adorbs!!! great DIY craft for peeps on a budget. I'm excited for all your decorating to commence! *cheers*

  8. I literally saw anthro's mason jar snow globes yesterday and decided I'd rather make them then buy those. Uncanny!! I love yours! I may just have to attempt to make these after all! :)

  9. Lovelovelove these. I'm going to try making some this weekend. Do you think glitter (as snow) would work if I added water? Or if it would work at all?

  10. J'adore glitter. And snowglobes. And Christmas joy!

    And YOU!

    So happy for you and Gabe... Hurrah for spending Christmas with the one you love. This Christmas and every single Christmas after!

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