On Saturday I invited my mama over for brunch. This is epic because I never, ever cook--it was the second time I used my stove since moving in June. (Blush.) But, it was also epic because I finally got a chance to catch up with my amazing mom, who I missed so much in the past busy month.

Until we sat down across from each other, I didn't realize how much time had passed since we'd actually caught up! Mostly we talked about the wedding, the crazed planning and the beautiful day.

While my mom and I are incredibly different religiously, politically and all that "on paper" jazz, we have very similar spirits. We're all about the creation of little moments and living in the now. I love that while she is still very much "mom", a woman I honor and want to make proud...she is now a person that I consider my friend...someone to celebrate with, to consult and to get a little buzzed and giggly with on a snowy Saturday.

Oh, and she has the rockinist pure white hair, milky skin and gorgeous blue eyes. Pity I didn't get those baby blues, but I'm crossing my fingers I'll discover in 30 years that I genetically inherited those pure white locks.

I pulled my bistro set from the porch, cloaked it with a rather-rumpled blush sheet and draped a handful of leftover wedding ribbons across the top. Mom provided the baby's breath and I dug out the vintage wedding dishes I had purchased for the June wedding...she spent the morning convincing me to keep all of them...

...just incase I wanted to have a 40-guest dinner party someday. Okay, mama. Okay. :)

We both wore pearls and red lipstick...like the classy broads we are. It's truly a shame I didn't buy another bottle of champagne, with a bit more bubbly we could have easily kept the party going til dinner.

Moments like this are bittersweet for me. My days left in Wisconsin are dwindling, we're just waiting for Gabe to get a permanent position overseas...then I'll be packing up my little apartment, all the memories, and jetting off to live something I've dreamed of for years.

Standing with my toes just this side of a dream-becoming-reality is exhilarating. But, dreams-becoming-reality usually means the closing of a chapter you have loved. Somedays I don't want to close my little hometown chapter, to swear I'll never leave. But I'd be disappointed if I never pursued my own dreams.

So for now I'm soaking up all the Smalltown, USA moments I can get my hands on. Brunch with mama included. :)


  1. This is absolutely the cutest little brunch setup ever! So sweet to hear about your special time with your mom :)

  2. You're making me miss my mom! I would love to do something like this with her!

  3. This is lovely!! You know I love me a good brunch ;)

  4. I adore your apartment! I know that's not the point of this post, but I had to point it out. Your relationship with your mom sounds exactly like my relationship with my grandma (who raised me). It's really awesome to see that transition from parent figure to friend/parent figure. I feel like there's nothing I can't tell her and that rocks so hard! :) I'm glad you had a lovely brunch.

  5. Nothin better than time with your mama. I should know, I still get giddy when she comes over to visit, which luckily is like twice a week. Of course, she's not coming to see me so much anymore but her little pal :)

    And tiny pastries never hurt either.

  6. I can absolutely relate to having to close up the chapter of hometown living to pursue your dream! I had just gone through that same situation in october before leaving Honolulu. It's definitely bitter sweet but knowing that you're pursuing your dream and that your sharing it with your love, that's just priceless! So happy for you!! Your apartment is just lovely too! One day I hope to live in a place with old school character like that =)

  7. I want you to know that you made me tear up. This post was beautiful and made me really wish I had my mom to share these moments with too. I decided to send a link over to my future mother-in-law though and hope we can direct our relationship towards this path. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. i know exactly what you mean. my whole getting married adventure means we're moving to texas a month after it happens. 25 hours away from my family. it's going to be hard. but it'll be so worth it.

    this little brunch looks so sweet. glad you had time with your momma :) enjoy the time you have left there!

  9. I always feel like commenting on every single post about how beautiful your photographs are, but that might get a bit repetitive, haha. :) I really do think your photogaphy is amazing!
    The brunch with your mom sounded so sweet! I'll miss times like that too when I move away from my family. And I love how you decorated the table! :)

  10. It makes me sad, the thought of you leaving the U S of A. It's selfish, I know, but it's true.


  11. Looks like a great time! I love spending time with my Mom too, we are so much a like, yet so different.

  12. I LOVE YOUR RUG!!! I have been eying black and white rugs.

  13. You are the cutest. I love that you planned this and I fully support keeping all of that collected vintage serving ware. I mean hello? Chinese take-out on fine china just makes it taste THAT much better :)

  14. I love your home it is just so pretty to look at ... ! x

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