When I met up with my friend Amanda this weekend, she gifted me these Valentine's bowls as a wedding gift. Adorable, right? I haven't been able to bring myself to dirty them with ice cream yet, which is really a miracle in my household. Instead I've put them to work holding various craft supplies and jewelry...I rather like them that way. Why dirty a good thing, right?

I'm pretty jazzed about Valentine's Day. Even in my single days, I love, love, loved it. Call me a sap (cause it's true), but I buy into the entire holiday: pinks, reds, doilies, flowers...the whole durn thing. Even though I'll be in Kuwait, I'm planning to wear something sweet and have a romantic dinner.

Gabe and I are the gift-giving type. Nothing extravagant, but we love having a surprise up our sleeves. So, here's what's on my Valentine's crush list:

1. What Would Audrey Do? by Modcloth.
2. Sloane Enamel Bracelet by Stella and Dot.
3. Exclamation Point Pumps by Seychelles.
4. Supercalifragilipstick! by Kate Spade.
 5. Gold Dot Case by Kate Spade.
6. Lychee Macarons by 'Lette.

Honey, if you're reading...any of these items will do. ;)

How about you? Love Valentines Day, or hate it? If you've got a significant other, do you wine and dine...or are you a no-frills, no-gifts household?


  1. We usually do a card & bag of gummy bears for each other. Although I might have to heavily hint for macarons instead this year...

  2. Cute post! Go online shop a set of heart cups from Crate & Barrel [they are too pretty to sip from too!] I'm not a huge fan of Valentine's Day, mostly because of being really let down in past years, with other boys. This year, it's on soccer night, so I'll wear something pink to his game and hope for something cute in return!

  3. I wine and dine and boy do I love to be pampered showered with flowers and gifts, beautiful food and wine ! Oh and please those bowls are super cute ! x

  4. We are no frills for all holidays; no Valentine's day gifts and no gifts on our anniversary. For Christmas we usually buy a gift for us to share like a couch (this year) or go on vacation. So romantic, aren't we?

    I kind of want an iPhone JUST so I can have that case ;)


  5. Where did your friend get these bowls??? I am in LOVE!

  6. I love Valentine's Day! I live with my boyfriend, but I loved it even in my single years. I'd have sleepover parties with all my girlfriends, complete with pizza, mac & cheese, frilly cocktails, conversation hearts, & Sex and the City. I'm not sure what we're going to do this year--maybe just a dinner out (or in?) and drinks somewhere?

  7. Having worked in the restaurant industry, I know to NEVER go out on V-day. too many people.

    I do know that I'm going to need some ideas for this valentine's day because Chad might be gone that day! A simple couple of gifts should do the trick I think.

  8. While NZ is a beautiful country one thing I don't really appreciate about living here is the lack of holiday excitement. Even Christmas is low key as its always the height of summer so the 'white christmas' commercialism doesn't really work well here, which is a shame. I mean, boo, commercialism bad, but it is fun.

    At Halloween we had one 18yr old trying to score free food but other than that, no trick or treaters, no decorations ANYWHERE and no fun :(

    Same with Valentine's day. Restaurants may be slightly busier, hallmark might make some new cards but other than that nothing.

    My mum spent time in Canada growing up so she's big on holidays and I've inherited that. She used to go crazy at Christmas/Halloween when we were little and people here would be gobsmacked, having never seen anything like it before.

    Love your enthusiasm and love your little bowls! xx

  9. I love every holiday! Valentines Day is a great one for decorating. Lots of pink and white and hearts everywhere!

    The boys and I always have a Valentines tea party. I'd better start planning!

  10. I absolutely adore valentine's day!! Just like you, in my single days, I always felt valentine's day is to celebrate love, love with family friends, whomever!! your little v-day list makes me wanna do the same as well!! those pumps are adorbs =) and that seems like the perfect wedding gift from your friend!

  11. The picture of those bowls alone sold me on them. I literally clicked on that link immediately and ordered away. They were too cute to pass up! Plus free shipping when I ordered :) thanks for sharing. Can't wait to hear how Valentine's Day is for you two!

  12. gosh i love love looove seychelles! you have the best taste, i swear. we keep vday fairly small since we are both february babies, but still dress up and do dinner! enjoy your trip <3

  13. Love those bowls! What a lovely gift! I'm like you, I would probably use them to stash crafty things, or possibly my hair clips.

    x Jasmine

  14. Beautiful bowls.

    How long will you be in Kuwait for?

  15. I have always loved Valentine's (even when single). I think sweet and romantic is even MORE important if you're going to be in Kuwait!

  16. We buy into the day. He always gets me some kind of helium balloon and flowers. Although this year I asked for a heart shaped tea cup. I may need to remind him about this :)

    I love all your picks. I might have to steal a few for my own wish list.

  17. Oh those bowls are just divine (had to chime in!)
    It's Dancin' gams.


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