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Here's the funny thing about moving up your wedding by six months: lots of people ask if you're pregnant. Or you can tell they're thinking it. Within days, I got wise and started addressing that topic, without being asked, while answering questions:

"Yes, we got married six months early! 
Yes, planned it in eight weeks!
No, we're not pregnant!"

But, it didn't help my case that within days of getting hitched, I started pinning + chatting about baby things. Whoops.

I swear, that's because I'm gonna be an auntie* and am excitedly planning my best friend' s brunch baby shower! Swear it. Baby A is going to be a little dude (yay!)...and the mama is a very unique individual who seems more into stripes and statements than little baby animals. After searching the web for just the right invite...and not finding it...I wound up making these. 

Now...I'm moving on to shower games, which I feel are a necessary evil. And I need help. Obviously they get people mingling and giggling. But, without naming any games specifically, I will say that shower games can get a little tacky/awkward for guests.

What's the worst shower game you've ever played?

The best game you've played?

**Quasi-auntie. I became a real aunt to the tenth power on New Years Eve. During our wedding reception, the little boys told me they'd decided to call me "Auntie B". Later, one of them gave us a card in which he'd doodled a patch of flowers and handwritten "I just wish you a good marriage."

He's seven. I died of cuteness.


  1. I know plenty of people who find this game hysterical, but I am not a fan of the game that involves chocolate bars and diapers. I forget what people call it, but basically you have to guess which chocolate bar made that messy diaper. Anything that makes me think of dirty diapers the next time I'm treating myself to some chocolate...yeah, not cool.

    While kind of overdone, I DO like games like BINGO that make the present opening a little more interesting. You can either provide filled-out boards or give guests boards to fill in themselves. When the mommy-to-be opens a gift, you fill in the space on your board with that gift. Anything that gives you something to do in addition to the "awwing" over adorable tiny baby clothes is a plus!

  2. The only shower game I ever appreciated was taking the couple's names (say, Bethany and Gabe) and asking guests to list as many names as possible using only the letters in the couple's names. For instance, Nate, Gene, Ben etc).
    Never played the Bingo game before, but I'd like that as well.
    And if anyone ever asked me to sniff a "dirty diaper" before having a kid, Colin probably wouldn't be here. That is just not okay.

  3. I have liked the one where you place saftey pins in uncooked rice and people have to try and pick them out while blind-folded. It's actually pretty hard. There are lots of variations you can do with teams and making it a race etc.

    You could always do a baby themed charades or taboo or something similar.

  4. I told both of the girls who planned my showers I refused to go if there were games lol I can't stand playing games, so instead it was just social hour and we just mingled and chatted. My first show that went over well but everyone pretty much knew each other. During my second shower it might have been nice to have an ice breaking event because the ladies weren't as familiar with each other.

  5. I don't know if my friends made this up specifically for me or if they saw this game somewhere else. But they made a list of traits (mostly physical) and had guests answer whether I would want my baby to have Mom or Dad's features. For example people clicked Dad for eyelashes (because I always gush about my husband's lashes) and people choose Mom for eye color because I want at least one baby with light eyes. It's superficial obviously, but it was fun.

    That was the only game we played. I am not much for games but for sentimentality. A journal for letters to the baby or mom to be would be nice. Or guests could write a favorite memory they have with their mother or about being a mother themselves.

  6. Wow. Those invites are adorable.

    I threw a baby shower for a hip friend a few years ago who didn't want games. I'm not a fan of them myself. I made a customized mad libs game for the guests to write about their predictions about what the baby was going to be like. They ended up being very inappropriate and extremely hilarious, much like the mother herself. Highly recommend.

  7. We recently played a game where we were given photocopied pictures of the bride and grooms faces, and had to cut out and combine their features to make a picture of what we thought the baby would look like (sort of like the segment that Conan O'Brien used to do on his show). It was really fun and hilarious, because of course they look really crazy. You have to have a mom-to-be with a good sense of humor for that one.

    Another fun one is to divide into teams and have each team put a diaper on one person by wrapping rolls of toilet paper around them (sort of like the wedding dresses from toilet paper for bridal showers). The mom-to-be gets to judge the best diaper. This one is also good for a group with a good sense of humor.

    I have also gone to showers where they have mini babies frozen into ice cubes, and each person gets one to see whose "water breaks" first and gets the baby out.

  8. the best games i played- one is give everyone playduh & time them & make them create a baby. then give them awards like most life like or most creative. two-put baby items into paper bags & make people guess what it is by just feeling it through the bag. i picked these for my sis-in-laws shower & everyone loved them! so much better then the typical baby shower games which was nice cause my family has had A LOT of baby showers lately!!

  9. I'm not going to be much help with the baby shower game question because I've never been to one! I think anything that gets everyone laughing is always a safe bet :)

    I just have to say - those invites are incredibly adorable. You're extremely talented! What font did you use?

    Congrats on being an Auntie!

  10. I hate, hate the chocolate/diaper game! While not really a game, I like the activity of writing out wishes & thoughts for the baby to be collected & kept in a scrapbook. Have fun!

  11. Love the invites! So elegant!

    I hate the baby food game. And I feel the same way about the chocolate bar game.

    A few I like and have used with success at showers I've hosted:
    - Gift bingo
    - The Price is Right - purchase a few of the basic items for baby - onesies, pacifiers, bottle, baby shampoo, diapers, etc. Ask attendees to guess what the items cost (without going over). The person closest to the total, without going over wins. It's pretty fun because all moms think they'll be right on the ball and they never are. And people who don't have kids (like me) will be shocked at how much baby stuff costs. Plus, mom can take home the useful items at the end.
    - Chores chart - Pick some baby "chores" (changing diapers, giving baths, taking to the pediatrician, rocking to sleep, etc.) and ask guests to guess who will be the main person to do the chore. The "winner" is the person who aligns with the mom's chart. (This is also a fun one to play at couples' showers, to see the discrepency between mom and dad.)

    I also like the game that I've seen floating around recently where you ask guests to bring a onesie that best describes themselves. Then, the mom has to guess who brought each onesie. The plus - mom goes home with lots of simple clothing for baby. This would probably only work in certain groups, but I think it would be fun for friends.

  12. ^^ OO... I like Koru Kate's idea, too. There's a free printable from Lauren makes with some prompts.

  13. Those invites are adorable!

    Worst game: the chocolate bar in the diaper. Ew. just. EW.

    At my shower everyone was given ribbon. You had to cut it to the length of what you thought my mid section was. It was fun to see how big or small some people thought my belly was!


  14. totally agree about the diaper and chocolate bar "game" YUCK

  15. woman! i am emailing you. queen of the baby shower right here!

  16. My favorite game was listening to segments of a bunch of different songs with the word "baby" in them and having to write the song title and artist on a piece of paper. The person with the most correct answers wins!

  17. The trend in my circle is to decorate onesies with paint, fabric markers, fabric, buttons etc. I love it because it gives everybody something to do, especially if you don't know that many people there. Not really a game but definitely a time killer and the mom gets to go home with customized onesies that are her style! Definitely prewash the onesies and have plenty of supplies if you're going to do this one!

  18. i had an idea to have a little mailbox with little letters, and everyone can write the baby a "birthday card" for the next X years. maybe a piece of advice or just a fun "fortune". we never used it for the one i was working on, but i thought it could be fun.

  19. Buy little plastic babies from the party store, freeze them in ice cubes and allow the guests to "induce labor" and "break the water" any way they choose to win a door prize :)

  20. So cute!!! You're very talented with crafty things like this!!! be careful though posting addresses on the internet, there are a lot of creeps out there!!

  21. Thanks so much for all the ieas, girls! :)

    @Anonymous: Thanks so much for your concern, but no need to fear! The addresses on the envelope are fake. :) I'm a stickler for keeping any personal addresses covered up!

  22. Can I just say that when you do have little babes they will be the sweetest babes ever? :) Congrats on being an Auntie too!

  23. My favorite shower activity is decorating onesies! You can get a bunch of plain white ones and then fabric markers, puffy paint, or iron-on transfers and everybody can make their own onesie for the little dude. So. Cute.

    And ditto to everybody who said they hate the chocolate diaper game; so gross.

  24. I just gave my bestie a (fantastic) baby shower.
    We refused to do the dirty diaper game.
    The game that was the biggest hit involved buying a bunch of the small items off of her registry. I then put them in brown paper bags, numbered the bags, and at the shower passed them around. People had to guess what was in each bag without looking inside.
    It was an easy game and it benefited the mama-to-be.

  25. I didn't like the baby food tasting or dirty diaper games. A really fun game was a sweet sheet of paper with tons of celebrity's baby's names, and you had to either write or match the name of the celebrity mama/papa. Surprisingly ice-breaking.

    The game I really, really wanted to play at my shower takes a little prep work but I think would be the most fun. Either everyone in the mama-to-be's family, or every guest, or some combo of the two lend the host a baby picture. Then the guests go through a sheet with all the names and try to match the person to their baby picture.

    Another touch I really appreciated at my shower were baby pictures or myself, my husband, and our parents. The guests also signed a blank white matting with love notes for Milo, and I framed it with his ultrasound picture. It hangs in his nursery and is so sweet to look at.

    Baby showers are fun, but a lot of work. They can be overwhelming for the host and for the mama. Don't forget to reserve two cushy chairs for you and your friend and nominate some strong people to do clean-up duty. I know it will be so lovely! Have fun!

  26. It isn't really a game, but one of the things I love to do when I host a baby shower (or bridal shower) is to have each guest give a piece of advise of the mommy-to-be. While she is unwrapping that guests gift they share with her some piece of advise or usefull tip. I write it them all down for her and then give her the list. Sometimes I even turn all the advise/saying into some type of artwork that she can hang in the nursery. Something she can look at and remember while she's doing one of the many late night feedings.

    I've found that keeping things simple is usually the best route. At the end of it all people aren't coming to play games or eat food - they're coming to celebrate the new little life that's about to enter the world.

    Good luck, I'm sure it's going to be just perfect!

  27. those are the cutest invitations! where did you find them?

    oh and i just discovered your blog, it's a new fave for sure.

  28. just saw this post (as a link from your most recent one) and realized we actually live just a few miles from each other! how strange! are you from EC? love the invitations! so cute!

  29. Adorable invitation in the photo. Is that your design or from another design company? Would love to know. Thank you!


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