days by the beach.

Gabe works from 7am to 7pm, and while counting the hours til he comes home, I fill my day with small moments.

Days alone in Kuwait are very different than home: I set out on little walks in search of seashells, read on park benches and find tiny kittens that live next to the beach. When I don't feel like leaving home, I gaze at ocean waves from our windy balcony and listen for the hauntingly beautiful adhan ...or lay on my belly in our bed, my feet pressed against the cool headboard and my head at the foot of the bed, looking straight out the window.

I could watch waves for hours.

Sometimes, our maid will come to my room--we chat while I curl my hair and she hangs up laundry. We talk about her daughter, when "husband" and I want to have babies, her home country of Sri Lanka and whether or not she likes macarons (she doesn't). There's stumbling and repeating, my accent is heavy midwestern and hers heavy middle eastern, but we're both heavy on the smiles to make up for our conversational bumps.

The other day she said to me:

"I tell my friends that I like you, Madame, because you are happy, laughing and loud...just like me!"

We learn to say each other's names through lots of laughs and mispronunciations. She says mine like "Bet-nee", and it's so endearing I cannot correct it. I'm certain I say "Ee-nigh-uh" wrong, too, but she smiles anyway. She was right. We are both happy, laughing and loud...and I am elated to have a friend for however long I am here.

This experience has revived my childlike heart. Not that it was ever gone, but experiencing an entirely new culture is humbling, like learning to walk and talk all over again....ever dependant on the kindness and understanding of those surrounding you. It resparks the ability to rejoice in little things like seashells, new friends, found kittens and crossing the biggest street here all by myself.

Yep, I crossed the busiest, craziest street. And I wasn't even ashamed when I beamed, telling Gabe all about it. It really is like growing up all over again.


  1. The pictures are gorgeous! It sounds amazing. I remember when we were in Thailand we made friends with one of the drivers and between broken English and the 2 words we knew in Thai made for a fun but exciting friendship!

  2. communication is so fun!
    i love the trickiness of it and the happiness both parties feel when our points get across
    glad you're enjoying kuwait

  3. How long ARE you there for? I thought when you left you were going for a two-week visit... Have you decided to stay longer???

    So glad you've made a friend, and that you're filling your days with lovely, relaxing things. I still can't believe you're in Kuwait!!!

  4. That's the beauty of being away from home. Troubles seem to float away and your mind seems so still and tranquil. I love holidays and I certainly can't wait for my next one :) xx

  5. It seems like a wonderful place to visit!!! I'd love to do it someday soon :)
    I'm following your blog, visit mine and return some love back if you like it :)

  6. I love that you are so open to this new culture! it's refreshing to read and your friendship with the maid is so cute!! Keep on having a relaxing and peaceful time there bethany, you deserve it =)

  7. I loved this post! I study communications at school, because I've always found it so interesting.
    I'm glad you've found a friend, and are enjoying the new culture!
    Beautiful photos, as well!!
    <3 Kiersten

  8. it sounds like you are just having the perfect time. and i love seeing your pictures on instagram :)

  9. Oh - how I love those first few weeks of discovery in a new place! Enjoy every moment.

  10. Oh I dont miss working 12 hour shifts. I'm glad you two are together, and that you're smiling and happy. That's all that matters.


  11. This is so sweet. I swear you write the best blog entries!

  12. What a lovely post! You have such a gorgeous way with words and your blog is a joy to read :)

  13. Can we meet in real life when you return stateside? I just feel like I need to hear all of your stories in person :)

  14. Your life at the moment sounds wonderful! I love the idea of finding seashells and kittens on the beach.


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