getting travel savvy: splash-proof labeled bottles.

If you're anything like me, packing consists of shoving full size cosmetic bottles in the zipper portion of your luggage...often the morning of your trip. But when I recently realized how much that bevy of bottles weighs, how frequently I fly and how close my baggage often teeters to that 50 lb max...

...I knew it was time to get a bit more travel-savvy.

These little personalized bottles are easy-peasy, inexpensive, splash-safe and you can crank out a whole batch of them in ten minutes or less. And I spend much less time sniffing bottles to figure out which is which, only to slather my legs with spendy conditioner and wash my hair with $2 lotion.

And yes, that's happened more often than I'd like to admit. ;)

Small travel bottles    Double-sided tape
Washi tape   Scissors
Contact paper     A pretty pen
Plain white paper                                   


How to:

Step 1: Cut out a thin strip of paper, and label it. Use your cutest pen, obviously.

Step 2: Place a little double sided tape on the back of paper strip and attach to a small bottle.

Step 3: Cut washi tape strips long enough to fit around all the way around the bottle. Attach, framing your paper label.

Step 4: Place bottle on contact paper to measure out the amount needed, making sure the contact paper will extend just beyond washi tape. Remove backing and carefully apply around bottle. Smooth out any bubbles and press the edges firmly to create a good splash-safe seal.

Ta-da! Much cuter, and endlessly more functional.


  1. you have the cutest handwriting!

  2. so so so cute :) who doesn't want cute travel essentials! love your hand writing!

    thanks for sharing
    xx :: ashlyn

  3. again, I'd like to jump into your everyday. These are adorable!

  4. I love these and your washi tape!! PS- Can you disclose the awesome red polish you sport regularly? :)

  5. Ooh! What a perfect project for my upcoming trip to NYC!!! Just need to get some washi tape...

    Merci, Mme C!

  6. Love this! I really need to find me some wasabi tape - Micheals here in Canada doesn't seem to carry it :(. I want to make these pretty bottles for our honeymoon trip :D

  7. That/s a good idea! I am forever spending too much time in the shower trying to decifer the difference between my shampoo and conditioner bottles!


  8. they are cute ! I might do a little bit of this for my travels this weekend :) Thanks sugar ! BTW did you check out my wedding venues I am visiting this weekend so super excited ! xxx

  9. SUCH a good idea! I'm going to do this for our next trip. I used a Sharpie on our mini bottle to write what was in each, and the water washed the Sharpie away. They are now half full of unidentified liquids, haha.

    x Jasmine

  10. love this idea! As i'll be traveling soon, this would be a great idea! Where did you find your washi tape? And how did you make your collage with the steps? it's great!

  11. girl, you are just so smart :) and i bet they looked adorable on the bathroom counter!

  12. I have travel bottles but they are plain, not cute at all.


  13. Teeters...Teeters??? Your baggage never teeters near the 50 pound mark...it crashes-like-a-bear-looking-to-eat-the-last-blackberry-in-the-forest over it. It huddles the 50 pound marker like a frog with a jet-pack...well, you all get my point!


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