home, home, home.

(Snapped by me, somewhere over Wisconsin.)

I am home, I am home, I am home. And it feels much like breathing air for the first time. After living in the US my entire life, and traveling only in very free societies...Kuwait was a cultural contrast! Beautiful in many ways and full of things to learn, but ultimately I could feel rules and eyes everywhere.

Several days before I left Kuwait, I took a longer walk than usual, walking outside our neighborhood...it felt so nice and freeing. On the walk home, a man pulled his car over on the busy street, trying to convince me to get in his car and he'd drive me home. I flatly said no, without looking at his eyes and crossed the busy street. He flipped a U-turn and followed me...all the way back to the neighborhood where my apartment building waited just up the street. Trying to be a smart cookie and not give away where I lived, I headed to the Thai restaurant a few steps further. As I attempted to cross the street...he stopped the nose of his car right in my path and continued leering, asking me if I needed a ride. Thinking quick, I darted behind his car, dashed across the street behind a barrier of parked cars and into Sabaidee...where I ate spring rolls and waited until the coast was clear.

That was the end of my exploring in Kuwait--I don't know how sinister that man's intentions were...perhaps he just wanted a western woman's attention, perhaps it was something darker. But it was off-putting. I wasn't terribly frightened, as it was daylight in a busy neighborhood and I had my phone. Gabe and Enijah, our maid, quickly agreed there would be no more solo exploring, save the one block walk to Sabaidee to fetch spring rolls for lunch...the route where English-speaking guards were posted every 100 feet. After this rule was enacted, the days were very long and I became fidgety.

Already I miss little things about Kuwait, like my friend Enijah, hearing the call to prayer, and largely, I miss my husband so much. It was a wonderful experience. But, I'm slightly relieved to be back home, where I slept well for the first time in 12 days, and can wear + photograph whatever I'd like.

I'm taking this weekend to unpack, wash laundry, attend a wedding and restock my cupboards. In other words, get back to normal life around here!

How about you? Any big weekend plans?


  1. Oh my goodness! That's so scary! And it seems even scarier because it happened in a another country. I'm so glad you are safe!

    Welcome home!

  2. I'm glad you are safe! How scary! This weekend I am headed to Boise, ID to attend a Scentsy event. It'll be a weekend full of girl time and hopefully some relaxing. Enjoy your weekend, glad you made it home safe!

  3. Welcome back bethany! that story sounds a little scary but glad you got back to the apt safely. Get some much needed sleep and have a wonderful weekend! My plans include studying and enjoying the days off =)

  4. well that's certainly an experience you could have done without over there. As wonderful as it was to be with gabe, I'm sure it's nice to be home as well. Enjoy your restful weekend :)

  5. The attention you got from that man is, unfortunately, not a rarity in the Middle East. I had to deal with stuff like that during my two weeks in Morocco, and even worse attention than that in Jordan this past December. It's unfortunate. I've taken on such an air of bitch-i-ness when I walk the streets of the MIddle East, even if I'm with someone.

  6. That does sounds like a scary experience but you were definitely clever about it. I loved seeing all the snippets from your time on instagram. I think no matter where you go home is always the best!

  7. Goodness Bethany ... I would have been so scared ! You are one brave soul. I am so happy that you are safe and sound x

  8. Whoa... that was a really scary experience!! Glad you're home safe!

  9. That does scary but glad you made it back to the apartment and So glad you're back here in the states and safe, hope you have had a lovely weekend xo


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