snowflakes that stay.

(you can only imagine what this did to my hair. ish.
to see more snowy photos,
 head here)

Holy whoa friends, I like you. The scads of baby shower suggestions blew my mind! Mama-to-be called me last night, we had a good little gab session to pick out out a few fun games. It's clear you could all write the best "Dos and Don'ts of Baby Showers" book known to man. Er, woman.

Other things that are blowing my mind: snow. We just got a lot of it. Yesterday afternoon the prettiest flakes began floating down, and I pushed back from a little writing I was doing to walk around the neighborhood. It had that gorgeous, it's-almost-Christmas first snow look. But, it wasn't long before those floating flakes turned icy and began pelting me in the face. I turned my tush around and headed back home, where I snuggled up for the rest of the evening to watch the snow fall.

I like to think Wisconsin winters are just saying an extra thorough goodbye, since this winter was my very last in Wisconsin. In the next few weeks I'll be packing up, getting ready to move to Kuwait or wherever Gabe's posted at the end of April. (I wish I knew. I also wish the answer was Italy.) This morning, the world is so beautiful and I don't mind the inconvenience of the snow. I feel a bit sentimental about it. 

Even if I'm not sure how I'll get my car out of the garage...

And hey. Happy Leap Day. Do something awesome today.


  1. instead of doing something awesome, i'll be taking midterms
    but this leap day is my last obstacle until spring break so i accept the challenge

  2. "This morning, the world is so beautiful and I don't mind the inconvenience of the snow."

    My thoughts exactly!! It's blizzardy here in Toronto this morning too and I decided to walk to work in it! It was lovely for the first 5 minutes and then i put my head down and powered through the next 20. But despite my running makeup and soaking wet hair, I didn't really mind. Wish the snow would stick to the ground though....

    Hoping Gabe gets posted in Italy as well, how amazing would that be!? Fingers crossed for you :)

  3. You take the prettiest darn pictures of the simple joys in life...we're getting a big storm in NH today and I feel the same way about the pretty flakes:)

  4. I love that photo. So gorgeous. We're about to get some snow today and tomorrow. I wish it was Italy too - one of my dreams is to live there.

  5. That is one dreamy photo!

    I'm staying home on my Leap Day- taking a day off work to really fight this nasty head cold {with tea and homemade chicken soup and plenty of lounging on the couch}... I leave for NYC in less than 3 weeks {2 weeks, 6 days, but who's counting, right?} and need to be the picture of health by then!

  6. Happy Leap day to you too Bethany! how nice it was for you to have snow during your last few weeks in the states :) I'm sure it's a bitter sweet feeling. have a great day!

  7. that photo of you with snow is your hair is just so pretty :)

    but i know what you mean about accepting the last of winter. this is my last winter in snowy NY too, so while i can't say i'm loving the cold and the snow we're getting today, i'm trying to be okay with it because it's NY trying to say goodbye :)

    and italy maybe?! so exciting. i hope you get somewhere wonderful! but i know that anywhere will be wonderful because you'll be with your husband :)

  8. That sounds so.....lovely.
    Here summer came to a close yesterday but it has been a pretty meh summer, nothing to get too excited about, and it is now currently threatening a howling storm outside.

    Wow, I've moved cities by myself before but never whole countries. Still, you'll have Gabe. I think that would be terrifying yet thrilling to not know which country you're gonna end up in. Daunting and worrisome I'm sure but you've got your man, you're all good! :)

    I wish you luck with this next grand adventure in life!!!

  9. I think digging your car out IS your leap day adventure! (And crying for candy, naturally! Happy Leap Day William!)

  10. Hey ! Snow is beautiful but cold. I am hoping that we are heading into spring here in the UK. I am optimistic ! I need more sun and less of this freaky weather ! Doesn't help when you are trying to get over the flu ! x

  11. By the way move to Italy ! It's easy to visit France then lol !!! xx

  12. I'm obviously very behind on my blog reading, but this was a lovely post and I just had to leave a comment (almost a month later).
    It is very exciting to think about all the wonderful places that you could be living in the near future and I cannot wait to read and see the photos of all your adventures. All the best to you.


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