vday and last day in kuwait.

For the past two days, the internet gods have not been shining on me here in Kuwait...the connection trips out every few minutes, and eventually quick tasks like uploading an Instagram photo takes forever. Needless to say, I scrapped any and all plans for a cutesy Happy Valentines post yesterday!

Sometimes you gotta know when to give up, right? But the skies have parted and the gods are shining on me with a stable connection (15 minutes and counting!)...so here's a quick recap:

On Valentines, Gabe took the entire day off of work--a miracle since he's worked seven days a week for the past month. We spent our Valentines morning sleeping in, eating breakfast in bed and snuggling until noon when we both realized we had massive caffeine withdrawl headaches and popped over to Starbucks.

Later our friendly cab driver, Nesar, took us down to Souq Mubarakiya, the closest thing you'll find to an old-school Arabian market in this country. There was lots of meat, spices, exotic fruits and veggies as well as tons of jewelry, scarves and other little treasures. Since we hit it early in the afternoon, it was fairly empty...things seem to come alive later here in Kuwait.

We cleaned up quickly, grabbing little gifts for my family and a few keepsakes for us. Definitely my favorite part of this visit.

We had decided a few weeks ago to stay in and cook dinner ourselves on V-day...mostly because I was dying to wear my red, lace-back dress. We agreed would get me arrested if it saw the light of day in Kuwait. Reason #2: displays of affection (hugging, linking arms, kissing) are pretty frowned upon in public...and what can I say? I wanted to hold my husband's hand and kiss him across the table on V-day. So, dinner in it was.

Gabe made delicious spaghetti and garlic bread, while I unpacked all the silly little things I'd brought 7000+ miles for the occasion. (Candle sticks, pink gingham fabric scrap, paper doilies, sparkly ribbons and confetti.) We hauled the tiny bistro table off the porch and placed it right in front of the enormous ocean-view window in the living room.

I was proud of our silly little teamwork, of celebrating the day together. It wasn't a fancy dinner at a fabulous restaurant, but it was romantic and heartfelt and that's all we needed.

Tonight, at midnight, I'm back on a plane to the states...but I made sure to hide a dozen little love notes in Gabe's bedroom lest he feel a little lonely when he returns from the airport. With all our past goodbyes, he's the one boarding 24 hours worth of flights...so this is a bit of a role reversal! I've told him that the best prescription for returning to a lonely home...is some trashy episodes of The Bachelor and a large bowl of mac and cheese.

Methinks he will likely not be taking my advice...

I'm off to cuddle with my husband for two hours before it's back on a plane. Although I'm sad to leave, I'll be relieved to be back in a country where I can snap photos to my heart's content, and perhaps wear something that exposes my elbows. Hurray! ;)

Hope you each had a lovely Valentines Day!


  1. What a cute dinner. I'm so happy you two could be together on Valentine's day!!

  2. What a lovely dinner set up. I love how you thought to bring the tablecloths, candles etc. with you from the US. Where is that gorgeous dress from? Have a safe trip!

  3. What a special Valentine's Day! I've enjoyed reading your adventures in Kuwait so I'm a little sad to see it come to an end. Safe travels~

  4. so adorable!!! hope you two had an amazing Valentine's day!

  5. What a lovely post of what appears to have been a lovely day for the both of you. Hope you have a safe flight back!

  6. Wow, I have trouble fitting in all my clothes and essentials when I travel, not even considering cool knicknack extras! In saying that, it definately looked worth it, your day seemed stunning. Have a good trip home. xx

  7. I think it's sweet that you had a little dinner for two inside. it was so pretty and I'm sure you had a special time. The dress is beautiful and I adore the bangles/bracelets you bought. x

  8. Beautiful. I want to start making more of this and bringing more of this sort of love into our lives on a more day to day basis. I'd rather celebrate love than stress etc .... ! lol xx

  9. lovely love valentine's post bethany!! i'm loving your beautiful bracelets, i'm thinking you found at the market? That's one of the things I'm really looking forward to in Thailand this year, pretty jewelry! And that you did the whole she-bang of bringing candle sticks and all that jazz to celebrate your first valentine's day as husband & wife! *cheers* and have a safe flight back to the US! =)

  10. it has been such a great adventure for you and i'm so glad. i've loved hearing all about it :) hope you're home safe by now!


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