a word about photos.

(from top left: welcome sign after leaving airport, making friends with an alley cat,
our favorite restaurant and the ocean view from our living room)

You know me...I'm a shutterbug in my daily life, especially so when traveling. But here in Kuwait, there are lots of restrictions. So many restrictions that taking my DSLR camera when I go out actually makes me a bit nervous!

Photography of most public areas like museums, parks and malls is prohibited and the same is true of military, government buildings and airports. Complicating this even more? Taking photos which happen to include a local without permission...also prohibited. That means most street photos or architectural photos are out of the question, and breaking these rules can mean getting your camera confiscated or worse.

What I'm saying is this: please bear with me! Don't be surprised if there are lots of vignettes that don't include vast city-scenes, buildings or local faces. My fingers are itching to click that shutter each time I step outside and I want to deliver bucketloads interesting photos...fantastic buildings and beautiful, intriguing people. But mostly, I want to be a respectful tourist. So I keep those itchy fingers in my pocket most of the time. When I do spot something snappable, I've been doing so with my iPhone--it's small and inconspicuous enough to shoot quickly--without being obvious.

In other news, tomorrow will be my first real day out on the town...I'm excited to get a better feel for the culture and society! Over the past few weeks I've naturally been asked lots of questions about my trip like, do you have to wear a hijab? is it safe for women to walk alone? are you scared? what will you eat? and so forth!

I'd love to take Friday to entertain inquiring minds! If you have a question about visiting the Middle East...anything, don't be shy...just drop it in the comments here and I'll answer it on Friday! :)


  1. I look forward to reading your post Friday!


    The picture with the cat and your shoes is adorable!!!

  2. Since you can't take many photos, I suppose you'll just have to draw a picture with your words! I want to see, even if I have to imagine it!


  3. It looks lovely! And I'm sure everyone around you appreciates your respectful tourist-ness!

  4. What an adventure! I can't wait to read Friday's post!

  5. OH my gosh, i am so glad i found you! Your blog i amazing!!!!!

     She's Got Heart{s}

  6. Every time you post, I love your blog more and more - it's wonderful! I know exactly what it's like trying to take pictures in really tightly restricted places - it's so hard! I hope you have a lovely day 'on the town!'

  7. I think I must have missed a post. Why were you in Kuwait?

  8. so beautiful!
    i hope you're having a great time.
    if the cat is nice give it a squeeze for me!

  9. I love that you are still able to take photos. And they are still amazing as usual.

    Do they pay much attention to you? Or are you quite inconspicuous? xx

  10. I had no idea different countries had photography restrictions! I'd really struggle with that because my first instinct is to take photos of everything!

    I hope you're having a fabulous time with your husband :)

    x Jasmine

  11. Que bonito es tu blog! :)

  12. Love your shoes little lady. Perfect for Valentine's Day!

  13. Hi Bethany,
    I recently started reading your blog and I love all your adventures! You also have lovely photos, do you mind sharing what kind of camera you use? Thanks!


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