baby shower.

I am having the most charming time in Santa Cruz. Five of us (plus a baby in utero), two dogs, a cat and lots of luggage have smushed ourselves into my best friend's tiny 1 bedroom cottage. The neighbors offered us their guest room, none of us want to leave...I'm sleeping on the kitchen floor and it's just all too funny.

All that to say, I've nestled myself into the cutest coffee shop in Santa Cruz, so I could share photos from this weekend's baby shower for my best friend. Here we go!

Becky, my bestie, is a very outdoorsy girl. Less into the "cutesty" ruffles + pastels, and more digging the natural vibe. She's also got a hardcore crush on giraffes, so I picked up your basic plastic toy giraffes and painted them cream to keep things sophisticated. The tables were easy-peasy and ultra budget friendly...a box of things I shipped out in advance.

I stocked up on earth-friendly bamboo flatware, something you can find at most party stores, which the mama loved. The grey tablecloths were just your basic party store find, too....yellow runners were trimmed down tablecloths from the Mara Mi line, and ribbon from the Dollar Store. Yes...The Dollar Store. :)

I wanted the flowers to have a less-coiffed vibe...a bit wild and natural! Thanks to my wedding planner-turned-friend, Jacin, I had the inside scoop on the San Francisco Flower Mart, and was able to get my paws on anything I wanted. Girls at the shower asked which blooms I used, so here's the rundown:

Spray roses
Seeded eucalyptus

At the last minute, I threw together a little wrist corsage for the mama, too. Cause who doesn't want to wear flowers in a really chic way? Normally I'd have covered the taped portion with ribbon, but it was 1am and the ribbon was buried in a box. A girl's got to know her limits. ;)

One of my favorite parts of the shower was a station set up for photo-taking and letter writing. I asked the guests to take a photo of themselves using my Instax Instant Camera and then address a little letter starting with "Dear Mama" or "Dear Baby".

It was so touching to read words from friends and family members. A few of them spent the entire shower doodling little hearts + messages, and some even teamed up to share their sentiments.

Food is the one part of parties that I...just don't get into. I'm way too scared to do it. Thankfully, a friend of Becky's offered to take over that portion of party planning. Whew. But we kept it very, very brunchy. Fruit salad, doughnut holes on skewers, ribboned bacon and a yogurt bar.

Okay, plus a few coffee cakes and quiches. Maybe not ultra simple, but fairly easy.

Don't worry...I made sure there were stripey straws...with cheery little flags. Cliche? Yes. But I'm pretty sure it's not a party without stripey straws.

But here's my favorite part of the "food portion":

Adooooorable baby bow bowtie cookies from Sweets By Rose (click to check her out!). Rose shipped these striped, polka dotted creations all the way from the East Coast, just for this shower. Not only were they the sweetest little things you've ever seen, they also tasted like sugar cookie heaven!

You should probably contact her for all your treat needs, or follow her on Facebook to see all the goods. She seriously hooked me up, and they were the perfect little individually wrapped "send off" gift for all our guests!

All told, we kept it short, sweet and a bit grown-up. I'd say it was a success! :)


  1. sweetest party ever. seriously lady, you have found your calling!!

  2. It looks like it all turned out positively lovely!

    I love the letter writing/photo idea! =D

    Great job, Bethany!

  3. Great job! I love instant-camera idea!

  4. This is just adorable! Everything looks so well put together and just beautiful. I'm especially loving the cookies. So cute!


  5. Umm hope youre not tired of the yellow and gray bc thats the theme this coming weekend too, down to the mara mi tablecloths! It seriously looks gorgeous though, those flowers are kinda perfect. And Rose's cookies? Tiny bowties? Dyyyyying of cuteness.

  6. SERIOUSLY girl! Can I hire you to plan my parties & wedding! I absolutely adore your style. You have such an eye for things :)

  7. Congratulations on a chic and sophisticated yet amazingling cute baby shower!! success!! love every little detail! great job =)

  8. I think that you have me obsessed with succulents now ! I can't stop thinking about them ! A cute cute shower. Maybe you can help me plan my wedding ;) xx

  9. Love it! Turned out perfect! Good work, you are so creative! Definitely agree with Jacin, this is so your calling! =)

  10. How adorable!! You did an AMAZING job, and I love all the flowers!

  11. I'm with Jacin, Becca, and like half your commenters, this so seems like your calling!

  12. that is the cutest baby shower EVER!
    and agreeing with everyone else, why aren't you a party planner?!

  13. I am seriously about to send links to my sister and bridesmaids so they have ideas for bridal showers. :) Beautiful! I agree with Jacin, this is your calling!

  14. stopped by to read your awesome blog and most importantly here to support "Sweets by Rose"

    She is the best and I am so happy she was given the opportunity to help and was able to show her talent!

    <3 her number 1 fan ;)

  15. well done, Bethany! Looks so chic and sweet! love everything, especially the flowers and stripey straws (of course)

  16. The thing that I love about this most is how completely peaceful Becky looks in the first picture. I know that I can only see her waist, but it just strikes me how relaxed she looks and how calm she is. I think it has to do with you -- how having you around puts people at ease because you can calmly make it all work (even if you think you are a complete basket case). :)

  17. I don't even know you but you are so cute!

  18. Bacon? ON A STICK??? Be still, my heart.

  19. I love ALL of this! You've done such an amazing job!

    x Jasmine

  20. That's the cutest shower ever! So simple and elegant. I adore the wrist corsage. And, yes, I thought that was bacon on a stick....does it get any better? It takes some talent to pull off bacon on a stick and "elegant" all on the same table :)


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