instax camera giveaway winner!

Congrats to Aubry at Practically Perfect...she's the lucky winner of the Instax Camera! (Aubry, shoot me an email at wwrinserepeat@gmail.com with your address!)

I'm running behind on sharing wedding details--the writing started on a jet-lagged flight to somewhere, but I couldn't focus and wound up asleep. Usually I'd say "I'm so sorry", but am on a mission to stop apologizing for things that don't deserve it. I'm behind. Life happens. And I'm really having an amazing few weeks bouncing from coast to coast, before facing the reality of packing up my home and moving to a location still unknown to me. It's much more important to be present with people you really enjoy when given the chance, than to write a timely blog.

And so, instead of "sorry" I will say...thanks so much for reading, even when it's belated. ;)

 Happy weekend!


  1. Congratulations, Aubrey!

    And you're right, don't apologise. Sheesh, I haven't posted my wedding photos either and I've been married for over a year now!

    x Jasmine

  2. Aw, congratulations Aubry! Enjoy that cute camera.

    Thanks again Bethany for the giveaway!

    And please don't even think about apologizing! Your readers are choosing to follow you and we want you to be happy! Take life and do with it what you will, the blog is always supposed to be second and an enjoyable way for you to get thoughts out. I think we all take breaks!

    We'll all look forward to seeing those photos when they come around. :) Oh and hope you're having fun in Philly - I'm loving your instagram photos.

  3. congratulations aubrey!! have bunches of fun with that awesome camera!

    As for being present, that's so important nowadays in this internet crazed world and I give two thumbs up to you! enjoy your time with your friends and soak it all in :)

    *cheers* and happy friday!

  4. i love this news. love it, love it, love it.

  5. i love this news. love it, love it, love it.

  6. I need to copy your goal and work on not saying "I'm sorry" so much!


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