my weekend.

This weekend I painted bedsheets, hunted giraffes all over town and ironed paper tablecloths just to see what would happen.

Anything in the name of a good party, right? 

I'm feelin' good about my bestie's baby shower. I'm the type who stresses at the beginning of planning a party, but that's due to that whole "blank page" fear. Once there's an inspiration board, I'm mostly chill. (Is that still a thing? Can I say ' chill'? Meh.)

Now that we're under the two week mark,  it's crunch time since everything has to be mailed out to California. So, I hit it hard this weekend. She's always loved giraffes, and we wanted to incorporate them in a more classy, sophisticated way than usual. While I was slathering these dudes in paint, I wasn't totally sure of my decision. But, once the first guy was dry and had donned a mini-bowtie...I was in love.

They'll be sitting on the guest tables (here's a little mock up I made) next to arrangements of dusty green succulents and blooms in shades yellow and white. I have no clue what my seasonal + affortable floral options will be when I get to CA, so that will be a fun surprise. :)

Are you a calm, collected party planner? Or do you run around like a crazed woman until the last second?


  1. That is going to look fantastic! I am such a bad party planner, I leave it all to the last minute. I did a little better with my sisters 21st but I need to work on my attention to detail, this is definitely inspiring me.

  2. I hope it all turns out well but I am sure it will and she will love it ! I am planning Mother's day I am thinking a special breakfast and lunch is on the cards ... oh it is so much fun but I agree there is something very daunting about a blank canvas but I just put my faith in God :) xxx

  3. I hope you post more photos of the shower decor! You have such great taste and decoration style, I'm sure it will be fabulous!

  4. These giraffes are just adorable! great job bethany! When I'm planning I'm pretty calm and do my best to keep things organized :)

  5. These are adaorable! Your mock-up shows such a classy, sophisticated edge for a baby shower! So wish I could go with!

  6. it looks perfect, love the creativity! and i have just the place for you to get those ranunculus

  7. the bowtie is the perfect touch! i'm a wedding planner so when it's someone else's party, i'm a calm cucumber. when it's my party, i'm a stressed mess!

  8. I can't wait to see more - you have such incredible style.

  9. You know me, I'm both. I will plan things to DEATH but then run around like an insane person at the last minute (putting a s'mores bar together on a midget bar for example). This shower is going to be adorable, you sure know how to class up a jungle ;)

  10. I'm the crazy, but I internalize the crazy pretty well. Most people think I have it all together but if you ask my husband, he'll tell you. There's this one picture of me right before the start of a bridal shower where I look super intense and moderately insane. That's pretty much me in a nutshell while planning.

    I love the idea of doing this with the succulents. What a fabulous decor idea.

  11. I like to think I'm calm, but then at the last minute I go nuts with all the things I've suddenly remembered!

    I can't wait to see photos of this party! Those little guys are just too cute!

    x Jasmine


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