oh hey, i'm in philly.

(photos via my instagram: rinserepeatblog. little corners in shannon's home,
forsythia bush around the corner, little gabe's rainboots, and the guest room)

So, I was in San Francisco and Santa Cruz earlier this week. Now I'm in Philadelphia...it's so close, I thought I'd just drop in. Because "close" means 13 hours of travel that starts at 5am, right? ;)

But...you know me. I can't keep my suitcase empty for more than a few weeks, and this time I just kept those suitcase wheels rolling. A few months ago, my friend Shannon told me she wanted to throw a blogger's bash in Philly, so I tacked that onto my itinerary. You might remember that I officially met Shannon back in October...then a month later she and a few other close blog friends flew to the midwest to throw me a surprise bachelorette party. (Click here for legit spazz-tastic footage of that surprise.)

Here's why I love this friendship: Shan and I spent day one of our time in yoga pants, chasing around her son Gabe, (not to be confused with my husband, Gabe) perusing Whole Foods Market, photographing cupcakes and hitting up greasy food joints.  That is the stuff forever-friendships are made of.

But I will say this: Blogging while traveling isn't an art I've mastered. Although my airport carry-on laptop bag + camera backpack might lead you to believe I've got it all figured out...don't be fooled. I sooo don't. When I get where I'm going, I want to see people. To do things. Or to drain a day or two napping. Editing photos and stringing together coherent sentences doesn't always fall at the top of my list.

And yet, I'd like it to.

Does anyone blog while traveling regularly? How do you stay committed to capturing + posting quality content, through jet lag, spotty internet connections and on-the-road commitments?


  1. I don't blog but sheesh am I bad at just Facebook updates while riding a 12 hour ride on annual road trips. As long as we can capture some moments in a photograph (or just your heart), that's a-okay .... I say.:)

  2. those galoshes are the cutest

  3. have fun bethany and shannon! hope to join you guys in a bloggy meet up someday!

    I haven't blogged while traveling yet, I'll be embarking on a long trip next week, so I might be doing that! I don't have a cool iphone yet either which would probably be much easier to post pics, but I'm hoping my boyfriend finds one of those tablets which would help with blogging :)

  4. I'm not a pro at blogging while on the road, but I have found that one helpful way to continue to post regularly is to go ahead and draft some posts, then all you have to do is pop in and hit "post." (Of course, this wouldn't necessarily include pictures of the trip, but maybe just save all those?)

    Another idea that I've yet to actually come through on, but want to, is to have "guest bloggers" while I'm out an about. I think it would be nice to have some different input and keep folks entertained while I'm gone.

    I'm really enjoying your blog--especially your lovely photos. Keep up the good work!

  5. What an adorable photo of (I assume lil' Gabe's) galoshes! I just love your pictures.
    I'm sure you and Shannon will have so much fun while you are in town. Enjoy!
    If you weren't moving I would encourage you to do a blog meet up in Wisconsin which is much, much closer to me!

  6. I didn't blog once while I was in NYC {was way, way too busy doing all sorts of fabulous things and meeting up with lovely blogging friends}! But I did manage to post a few photos last night, and I've promised myself I'll get several posts sorted out this weekend, so I can share all of my New York adventures...

    You'd love it there, Bethany, seriously. It is AH-mazing!

  7. YAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYAYYAYAYA I can't wait to see you on Sunday!!!


  8. Super cute guest room! And I love those little rain boots!

    I don't blog while I travel, but that said, I don't blog regularly enough for people to miss me if I went away for a week or two!

    x Jasmine

  9. I'll admit I've had blogging problems lately - but back in the day I had the blogging while traveling mastered...and it really just meant writing and scheduling posts in advance so there was material up while I was gone. It meant I could enjoy where I was and then blog about it when I got a chance - and doubles as a safety precaution because you aren't telling people you are out of town.


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