I haven't bought anything new for my home in quite a while. (Well, save a desperately needed apron and and little portable mirror.) This is a pretty big feat, given that I'd opt to buy home goods over clothes any day...and that the vintage shop down the street is having a 60% off moving sale.

You see, I'm set to move out of the country sometime in April or May, which means everything within these four walls has got to go. Since January, I've held off on buying new pillows, wall hangings, even needed curtains for my pad because let's face it: it's all gonna get liquidated or given away in a short while.

...we won't yet broach the emotional undertaking that's gonna be...

...don't worry, there will be a post(s)...

...and I'm probably gonna cry...


Meanwhile, I've been trying to trick myself into thinking I've gotten new things. Like, ooo! Hey, girl! Look! Suitcases are now ontop of my bookshelf! That's new and different! And, "Self, are those new throw pillows?"
Nope. Just swapped the bedroom and living room throw pillows.

It worked for two months. But it's now spring, and I'm really itching to shake things up around here. Thankfully, I'll be on the road for the last two weeks of March...so if I can make it through this week and next without caving...I'll be golden.

Are you as bad as me? How long could you go without buying something new for your home? How about your wardrobe?


  1. Will you be able to have fun decorating a new home out of the country? Can you buy new things for your home wherever you're headed?

  2. I love those suitcases! You have such pretty things in your place. I am beginning the process of turning my boyfriend's very bachelor house into a home but I am at a loss of where to start. I definitely use you as inspiration!

  3. I've gone a few months without buying things for myself because I really was financially unable to. I could only just make ends meet, it was so hard! Once I was able to buy something for myself I was so excited and went a little crazy. Since then, I've calmed down and I can go a few weeks to a month or so without buying something but boy it is hard!!!! :)

  4. I don't yet have my own home to buy things for, but I strongly suspect that just as soon as I do, I'll be as bad as you are.
    As it is, I'm terrible about buying books. I have stacks and stacks of them waiting to be read, but I keep buying new ones.
    But just think - in a few months you'll be having fun redecorating a new home!!
    <3 Kiersten

  5. I love shopping for our house! After moving in last year it was a huge free-for-all and while we now have to budget due to that, it was SO worth it! Although,like you said, now that Spring is peeking out I'm ready for some new touches. I guess as long as I find some good deals at Target or Home Goods it will be ok :-)

    Good luck holding out! Will you be able to do some home shopping once you move?

  6. i just moved into an apartment for the first time and i. can't. stop. decorating. hahaa

  7. oh stuff for the house over clothes any day. Trouble is, I don't have a house or even a flat yet. That doesn't stop me, my little bedroom at little family place I am staying is overflowing (like actually, its beginning to become a huge issue in this household) with stuff for my hypothetical flat/house. I just can't stop myself.

  8. Eeks, I'm so excited for you! Although, I fully understand your mixed emotions...I, too, get really attached to my home and personal belongings. I think it's because we both take the time to surround ourselves with what we love :)

  9. I can't go very long without buying new things for my home. I was buying (small) things even right up until I moved to Australia - they're now in storage in Canada hahaha. Right now my next purchase will be thrift shop bought silk scarves to line the drawers of my bedside tables.

  10. You are moving? I want details lady, but am happy to wait until you are ready to share.
    I dont even want to admit to my shopping behaviour, I think I buy at least one new thing for my wardrobe every week, so naughty. You have done very well.

  11. You're in for a whole new set of adventures and will doubtless do just fine - bringing those little touches that make your home special with you. Do you know where you'll be? Or for how long?

  12. Hey Bethany, thanks again for emailing me. You made my day!!! I cannot wait for you to embark on this new adventure! I wish you all of the love and happiness in the world

  13. Ugh.. me too! I'm lucky that I love to thrift so that I can save a bit! I've been trying to force myself to find the love for the things I already have recently. Repainting frames, sewing random holes in otherwise perfectly good pieces. Ack!

  14. I love your suitcases and book shelf! Oh so very lovely.
    I've been pretty good lately. I'll tease myself and go into vintage shops and look at the future, but save from my last big purchase (an amazing drawer set for my crafting supplies) I resist the urge. It help that I don't have space in my home!
    Instead however, I do tend to buy vintage tea cups. $7 here and there doesn't hurt ;)

  15. Love your blog, Bethany! Really dig your photo style :)

    *Kelly from the Alt class

  16. It's quite hard for me not to buy new little things for my home in China. It seems like everything is soooo cheap and soooo handy but I think when I am in the USA it is a little easier since I'm living with family and don't really have the space to store things for myself.

  17. Bethany, I'm really enjoying getting all caught up on your blog - it's quite beautiful! Where are you headed next?
    -Anne (from last night's class).

  18. I'm the complete opposite. My house is quite sparse, and not because I want it to be but because I can't quite figure out the look I want to go for. We've been talking about making our place more 'ours' but we can't quite figure out how to do that yet!

    x Jasmine

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