(I am seriously that white.)

Yesterday, I wore a dress and rode my bike through the park to meet up for a coffee date with my friend Sonja. Isn't that a fabulous combination of words? Bike. Dress. Park. Sonja.

It just sounds springy, and springtime is my favorite. But it's the most frightening season. It's when you shed the sweaters to realize you miiight have put on a few pounds. (I call those pounds "evidence of wedded bliss".) For me, it's also the season when I bare my legs + shoulders and remember that my heritage is infact German, German, German. White with a smattering of freckles.

And it's not going to change...I'm really, really pale. A pale girl in a world obsessed with bronze skin. From time to time, I feel insecure about my endless supply of white skin and I take the edge off with a bit of sunless tanning lotion. Only a bit, though. Because the truth is...I'll always be pale. And curvy. And that's okay. Actually, I wouldn't want to change either quality too much.

It's part of who I am, and the older I get the more confident I am in saying this: I'm learning to like me.

And it's strange, because I feel some are surprised to hear a woman like her pale skin or large hips. Or her full cheeks. Her curly hair and or large nose. As if liking things not seen in magazines or on TV is all sorts of wrong. How sad! Heck, hearing a woman say she likes herself immediately gets my attention, because it's so rare.

Why do we allow that? Why aren't we celebrating what we love about ourselves, or even vocally acknowledging the traits we've warmed up to?

Today, riddle me this: What's one thing you really love about yourself?

Be honest!:)


  1. Well, you are not the only one who is pale after the cold winter time. =)

  2. You are stunning so definitely have nothing to worry about! Its so funny I hardly ever think about what part of my body I like....I am actually stumped sitting here thinking about it, how sad is that? I think I am pretty happy with everything overall but I cant think of one thing I wouldn't change if given the chance.
    I think I have been pretty lucky and have nice skin even though I get the occasional blemish.

  3. It is so true; we don't allow ourselves to love ourselves enough! I'm like you; very pail, and i'm *very* curvy. It's hard to love, sometimes, for me. But what do I always love? Well, I've got incredibly good/clear/soft skin. People comment on it all the time - always have. I also love the spattering of freckles across my nose.

  4. I like my eyes. Apparently they're a little big... Okay big enough that my WHOLE life people have said "wow, you've got big eyes" but I've always liked them. Even more so now that a tiny little girl has the same ones :)

  5. Bethany - you are definitely not the only one who stays pale all year round! I'm Irish, so I freckle like crazy, but I don't think my skin has seen a "tan" day in my entire life.
    As crazy as those freckles get though, I love them!
    <3 Kiersten

  6. I think pale is making a comeback.

    I LOVE my butt and my hips. They are womanly and strong - and if I was born in South America I would fit right in.

    It is a constant battle to not compare oneself to others. I remind myself everyday I am healthy, my body and mind can run 10 miles +, my body is me. I do not want to look back when I am 80 and realize I wasted too much precious time or energy on trying to be like others.

  7. I too have learned to love my curves and curly hair. Might as well make the best of them.....they're not going anywhere!!

  8. Don't you wish we lived in the olden time days where curves + being pale was what was strived for!? : )

    You are stunning!! I think you're beautiful and wouldn't be the same pastel-loving, babies breath-obsessed, macaroon taste-testing, sweet and witty Bethany : ) You kind of remind me of Katy Perry in the sense you're both white, brunette (well her most times) and beautiful!!

    My favorite thing about myself is my ability to look at the bright side of things in most all situations anddddddd my blue blue blue eyes and long eyelashes! Spoken like a true fat girl..."my eyes" LOL! :)

  9. I'm half italian, a quarter mexican and a quarter mishmash. Apparently the mishmash won out because I am incredibly incredibly pale. Here's the thing though, my husband is Mexican and I live in a Mexican neighborhood and everyone here wants to be more pale. So I'm running with the right crowd...finally! People are always telling me what beautiful skin I have. So interesting, right? My whole life I've wanted to be darker like my brother and sister and I hated how pale I was.

    Every culture is going to have a different standard of beauty. I think eventually, we just have to decide for ourselves whether or not we will love who we are.

    Embrace that pale skin! You're just living in the wrong neighborhood :)

  10. I'm part of the pale skin club! My sisters got all the color. I'm also part of the "evidence of wedded bliss" club too! Which has been evident with the arrival of spring and my clothes are snug. It maybe is a good time to reflect on what I like about myself as it helps to lift my spirts - but I'm having a hard time. I do have clear skin which is a bonus and I lik my eyes.

  11. It makes me sad that all too often it's harder to find something to love yourself for than things you hate. And the things you hate speak so much louder.

    This is a great exercise in self affirmation that can be practiced daily, and eventually it will come easier. (check out galadarling.com for radical self love, great blog to find affirmations etc.)

    I love my smile and my waist. :)

  12. I guess living in China has made me proud of my white skin. Did you know that people in Asia (including men) using bleaching products to whiten their skin? In fact it's hard to find facial products without bleach in them. I also like my profile and eyes :)

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  14. your earrings made me smile. i have mine on today too :)

  15. Great picture!
    You're so lovely, Bethany.
    And, I think growing comfortable and content with your unique outward looks makes you and eny woman for that matter all the more beautiful. Your skin is so very beautiful and one of the things I really liked when I first came across your blog is that your shape, looks, and such seem real and identifiable for me.

    I like that shade of blue of my eyes for they remind me of my Momma and my siblings,
    I like the shape of my lips,
    I like the color of my hair especially when the sunlight graces it,
    I like that I’m not extremely tall and not extremely short (which is currently a well suited height compared to a certain fellow),
    I like that, like you, I’m finally content with being so very pale. (Irish and German blood here.)
    Plus, one of the benefits of being a pale gal is never having to change my shade of make-up!
    Hahaha I have friends that have to change shades each season since their skin tone changes.
    There are benefits to paleness!

  16. As a fellow pale-skinned sister, I am learning to love it too. Pale is the new tan (perhaps thanks to those Twilight vampires).

    And I LOVE my freckles. Wouldn't trade em for the the world. : )

  17. I've been working out regularly and I've recently started to appreciate my arms. Honestly I'm a bit arm obsessed with my newly developed muscles. I say to my family more often then I'm willing to admit, "Feel this. Do you feel that?"

  18. Going off of Oh Hello, Love's comment! Matt's viatnemese friend always tells me how much he loves our skin! He's darker ya know and I'm like what?! I want to be your color and he's like no! no! no! don't go tanning your white skin is soo so beautiful. :) "we always want what we can't have!!"

  19. i think you look like snow white!
    so beautiful!

  20. I think us pale girls are going to look great when we're older!

  21. I'm pale as pale can be too. I'm learning to appreciate it but I wouldn't say I'm loving it yet. But I do love my blue eyes :-)

  22. I think what makes every woman gorgeous and what I most like about myself -though I could find a few nitpicky things here and there -is my (yours, mine ours) smile. When a smile is on your face, you're gorgeous, and I try to smile as much as possible. :) HAPPY WEDNESDAY!

  23. I'm pale, pale, pale too. And I recently just embraced it. I grew up in Florida and I would try and tan (which is just really freckles). But it's who I am, and I've come to love it. {However, boyfriend is also very pale. Our children are doomed like us}.

    Be proud of you - all the parts. Even the white, curvy ones. They're who we are!

  24. You are gorgeous doll! and remember not everyone is a fan of that fake "snookie from Jersey Shore tan" I think that look is old and trashy to be quite honest. Just think how gorgeous your skin will be years from now compared to those girls with the leathery, orange skin :)


  25. PS: Pale girls of the world, unite!!!

  26. Well first, I'd like to say that I think you're pretty beautiful just as you are and I'd probably kill (ok not really, but you know what I mean) for curvier hips cause I'm built like a prepubescent boy.

    I like my eyes best, I think. They're a lovely blend of my dad's and my mom's color and it's a pretty interesting mix :)

  27. amen for being proud of our bodies!

    i love my curves. they're the parts that my fiance likes best and the parts that make me look like a woman instead of a little girl. also, i love my eyes. even on days i don't feel too pretty other places, my eyes can always save the day :)

  28. I have magic orange lightining in my eyes - love it! I do love the colour of my hair even if I wished there was a little bit more body to it.

    But most of all...I like that I am me. I do my own thing, regardless of what everyone else is doing. I wear what I like when I like. I'm not dependent on other people, I like the music I like, the tv I like, the people I like.

    No apologies.

    Of course, the list of things I don't like about myself is four times the length of this post (give or take ;) but then again...I am female. That explains that! hehe

  29. I'm super pale too!

  30. I'm learning to like me as well :) Physically, I have come to embrace my height, my hair, my face. But I also love that I'm patient and never get easily bored; I find pleasure in even the smallest moments of life.

  31. A very pale curvy girl here too! (thanks to my German heritage too).

    This is an odd thing but I have a mole/skin tag that is on my cleavage and I love it because it is a part of me that makes me the "snowflake" that I am. I once had a doctor offer to remove it and I think he was taken aback slightly by my immediate abrupt response of ahhhhh NO! :D

  32. It took me a long time to feel this way - but, like you, I love my pale skin (the kind of pale you could call translucent and wouldn't be far off.) I deliberately try not to get a tan, mostly due to the prevalence of skin cancer in my family, but also because I've decided my fair skin is my own kind of beautiful.

    Long life the fair-faced freckled girls.

  33. you know what? I really like my face. I feel like it's a goofy, friendly & smiley face and I'm proud of that.

    p.s. we'll do a "whose whiter contest?" in SF next week. Guaranteed, I'll win ;)

  34. I wish you could take me shopping and show me how to do make up. Your skin and hair tones are perfect together. I'm also completely pale and put on a pound of sunblock each day in the summer.

    What I love about me is a little harder... I think we're all critical of ourselves. I like my eye color and my nose. Hah. It feels funny to even say that!

  35. I think you are gorgeous! Your pale skin and dark hair is a magical combination!

    I like my eyes and my smile. And I guess that's a good thing because they're very hard to change!

    x Jasmine

  36. It's a bit embarrassing but I like my small breasts. My mom and friends keep giving me push up bras but I never wear them.

    PS I have olive skin and I don't like it. I'd like to be fair like you are..

  37. I love that picture of you! Absolutely gorgeous!

    I always tell people my two favorite parts of my body are my birthing hips and my collar bones! They seem exceptionally feminine to me, I think :] I believe personality traits are also something we sometimes have to learn to love, and I am very fond of my quiet, introverted nature :]


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