bye-bye travels, hello home.

Here's the little face I've been hanging with for the past week...absolutely adorable even when he's just eating crackers and entertaining my camera lens. So, I was a little bummed to say bye-bye, pack my bags and head for the airport yesterday.

You know you're in for an interesting trip when the check-in agent asks, "So, how badly do you need to get home today?" It proceeded to get more interesting when he told me that they couldn't check my bag to my final destination due to a "glitch in the system", and that they'd oversold the flight, making me #3 on standby. He  then sent me on a wild goose chase between gates to reroute my baggage and attempt to get a seat.

Now, I'm a friendly gal. I'd also consider myself a fairly advanced traveler who doesn't get upset over delays or long security lines. But, it all came to a head after an hour of being told "no" and finding myself bumped further down the standby list....and I started crying to Ladonna at Gate B15.

Somehow that worked. Because within minutes my baggage was miraculously plucked out of the loading truck on the runway, a tag was handwritten to send it to my hometown. And then in another minute, a ticket was in my hand and Ladonna told me to run my little rear to Gate B5 because there were five minutes left to board.

All that to say....while I miss that little face, I am happy, happy to be home.

Oh, and when it doubt: be kind but forceful, and cry to a gate agent. ;)


  1. thanks for the flying tips bethany :) that definitely sounds like an adventure...glad you were able to get on a flight and Ladonna was able to help you!

  2. haha the power of a sad woman!

  3. While I'd like to tell you that he's been crying for you, he's been loving on me non-stop since all his sub-moms left. Thank God. I was getting a complex. We miss you tons though.

    Oh and a good way to solve those silly airport problems is to simply move here. Don't be surprised if real estate listings start showing up in your inbox ;)


  4. Haha poor Bethany ... that's horrible. But I will keep that in mind lol ... hopefully my flight will be fine this thursday to the south of france fingers crossed xx

  5. You really had an adventure!


  6. Ohhh the magic of tears :)

    Traveling alone is stressful enough, I can't imagine being sent all over the place just to get on a flight!

  7. when i was en route home from ireland, a similar thing happened to me in the middle of london heathrow. after running back and forth between terminals, i took 2 minutes to myself [without a care in the world if i missed the flight], rinsed my face with ice cold water, and remembered george clooney in 'up in the air'. somehow, his face did wonders for calming me down ;)
    and just eight hours later than i thought, i finally made it home, bags included.

  8. I'm remembering this the next time it happens to me (because it is bound to happen!)


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