boxes and decisions.

In my years of living alone and being at a distance from Gabe, I've learned that I write and craft to feel less lonely, to make my world smaller. When Gabe and I are together, I push that part of me aside because life feels perfectly busy + full.

But don't worry. Gabe leaves for Kuwait on Monday, and I'm aiming to be packed, cleared out of my apartment and ready to jet in about two weeks. Once I get to Kuwait, I'm aware there will be plenty of lonely hours, times that I need my world to feel smaller, meaning I'll be back to blogging regularly. We don't know anyone in Kuwait, most of the American men don't bring their wives over, even to visit...and Gabe will work twelve hour days. So I've already developed a loneliness "to do" list:

Learn French. (I have the software...time to put it to use!)
Learn to use my camera better.
Read like crazy.
Craft regularly.
Delve into Photoshop.
Write regularly.

I'm excited for all that...and it should keep me busy and sharing right here. :)

It's truth time: Life has felt a bit overwhelming, and full of so, so many decisions. And boxes. Every night I wake up and lie awake there for at least two hours trying to make decisions. I'm the worst at decision-making! Yet each corner of my home, every shelf is another decision: keep it + store it in the US, mail it overseas, give it away, throw it away. Every time my phone buzzes, it's another decision: Do I have time to see this person or go to that social function? Should I schedule my overdue doctor's appointment before I leave the US? Should I cram in a quick out of town visit to see a friend? Can someone stop by early and peruse my unwanted stuff?

And it's not that I'm complaining. This is an interesting and exciting time...but I naively thought moving overseas would be like moving across town, but a little trickier. It's trickier for sure, and definitely involves more sniffles + tissue. :)

All that to say...apologies for being quieter than normal. If you don't hear from me in another week...I'm trapped under a pile of boxes...please send help. Otherwise, I promise to share more as time allows. ;)


  1. That was a great list, Bethany!

    Such an adventure you're in the process of.

    Looking forward to reading more once you have more time to blog.

    As always, your blog makes me smile. =)

  2. P.S. I spy pretty rainboots over in the corner of the room!
    Rainboots are such fun. =)

  3. but everything still looks so friggin pretty ! lol don't learn French please darn it you will speak better french than me and that just isn't right ! i need to learn and quickly ! Have fun sweetness xx

  4. I have a friend who is moving overseas soon as well. We were recently at a used book store together and she was trying to restrict herself from buying more than a couple small books because she knew that she'd either have to pack them up, sell them or give them away soon. So I suggested that instead of any of those things, she should have me and our other friends 'foster' (she came up with that word later) her books. So she'll write her name in them, and give several of us (temporarily) some of her books that she doesn't need to take with her but doesn't want to give away. That way, they won't just sit in her mom's basement, but rather continue to be loved by friends until she gets back. And it's easier than packing and shipping or deciding what to let go of! In the meantime, we'll read and enjoy the books and keep an eye on them, and happily give them back when she comes home. May be something you can do as well!

  5. yay! good luck packing! i'm so bad at purging!

  6. Good luck! I'm sure that you will make good decisions on what to bring with you and what to leave here.

    Though I'd suggest that the long overdue doctors appointment should probably make it onto your to-do list before you leave. :D

  7. Good luck with the move!! I love your list :_)

  8. This is such a brave thing you're doing! I am a firm believer in adventures (and the pursuit of adventures!) and packing up your whole world to follow your love to a new country at the drop of a hat is SUCH an adventure. I also love the things on your list - challenging and creative and fun - and how honest you are in calling it a loneliness list. I've been following you for awhile now and your honesty is what keeps me hooked.

    Best of luck!

  9. Oh BOY have I been there! It was the same when I moved to Hong Kong. And when I moved to Australia, especially!!! I do not envy you. You know...my parents live in Jordan. I go there every year, while they're there, and it's just on the other side of Iraq....there's no reason we couldn't meet up somewhere.... :)

  10. Oh my, I can just imagine all the emotions you're going through right now. When Alan packed up his life and moved to Canada, he was a mess! But it all came together and worked out in the end. You can do it, Bethany! And I have no doubt you will embrace the adventure completely.

    Love your list. I'll help keep you busy by writing you letters, shall I? I don't think I've ever sent mail to Kuwait before!

  11. I can relate in the sense of trying to decide what to do and who to see in your final days before the move. I still have a couple months left, which even still doesn't feel like enough time--I can't imagine how rushed you must feel at two weeks! And moving to NY and moving to Kuwait, def don't compare to one another. You are seriously so courageous and my heart goes out to you in the late hours of the night when you wake up scared and uncertain. Who wouldn't be?? But how awesome that you will have so much time to be still and focus on things you want to do. Things as simple as reading a book. I joke around all the time about wanting to do jail time, just so I can tackle all the reading I wish I had the "time" to do. Not to say Kuwait is like going to jail.. haha oh gosh, that's not what I mean at all. But you know, you'll just have time to yourself and that is a huge blessing. I can't wait to read along your adventures. And no matter what, you know you have your glam gang to support you at any time! :)

  12. Hello Bethany!

    I'm following you on your blog and twitter too! I love every post you write :) I'd like to ask you if you could be interesting by learning French with me because I'm French :) I come from Paris and I'm living in Vancouver since 1 year now, it could be amazing to correspond!

    Have a good day,


  13. Your list is amazing...although I'm sure I'll be slightly jealous once you learn French! I'll definitely say a few prayers for you guys as you make this crazy (*in a good way!) transition :) Best of luck, can't wait to see/hear more!

  14. Seriously. I am still offering up my very cool girlfriends who live in Kuwait! You want contact details? I can introduce you via Facebook.

  15. Seriously. I am still offering up my very cool girlfriends who live in Kuwait! You want contact details? I can introduce you via Facebook.

  16. that's such a good list! and if you need any help with the french, or would like a skype buddy to try it out with, let me know :) i lived in france last summer and took classes all through school, so i'm pretty alright at it.

    have fun packing up!


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