giving it away...for free.

Lots of friends have asked specifically what I’m doing with this item or that now that I’m moving to the Middle East--would I be willing to sell it? It got my wheels spinning. You guys have seen photos of my apartment. I have tons of stuff. Things I love and have spent time curating--things that others kindly gifted to me--but things that can't exactly come with me to Kuwait. And yet, because I'm ridiculously attached these possessions, I can't stand shoving this stuff into storage. Thinking of it getting dusty just makes me sad.

I can part with my things, I realized, if I know they're going somewhere they'll be enjoyed.
So, I'm inviting you over to raid my home. For free.
My friends, family and blog readers...anyone who happens to be in the Eau Claire, Wisconsin area on Saturday, May 19th from 6:00pm-8:00pm...needs to be at my home, taking my things. Please stop by, peruse my stuff and take what you’d like...a no-price-tag-situation here!
Here's what I've got:

Home décor items
Tons of clothes
Furniture (sofa, chairs, rugs, lamps, tables, etc.)
Various items like art easels, a microwave, a piano keyboard
If you're interested in coming, drop me an email at hello@rinserepeatblog.com! Early next week, I'll send out details (a photo preview, my address + directions and a photo of my home to make sure you get to the right place!).  Please, please do come, I would LOVE to see you leave with an armload! I promise to have treats and grown-up drinks for you to enjoy while you raid. :)
Really, your presence will be the hugest favor...I'm purging most everything I own, save some clothes, furniture pieces and sentimental items...I am not looking forward to seven donation trips to Goodwill. :)

Just to address any questions: 

Really for free? Yes, seriously! I don't want your filthy money. ;) I'll have a guilt jar for people who can't handle taking stuff. But I'm not expecting a dollar!

Can I come early? I'm so sorry, but I don't think I'll be available! You're certainly welcome to drop by a bit early on Saturday evening, but from now until Saturday evening I plan to be in the throws of moving or spending time with my family. :)

Can you mail things to me? We'll see! Because I'm living in a sea of boxes + mailing things to Kuwait, at this moment I don't have time to box up other items for shipping. However, if I find myself with extra time and boxes in the week following, I'll post about any worthwhile leftovers. :)


  1. I will send you boxes!!! Please, think of the people wasting away in Upsate NY! ;)

  2. You are so generous! I think it's such a smart thing to give your stuff away. Your generosity will radiate throughout the universe & come back to you. I just know it.

  3. Awesome, I wish I lived closer I love your apt, well what you're showed on your blog anyways. ha.


  4. How exciting!! You have such a kind a generous heart bethany! :) if you still have anything left over after that day and have time to send things to NE I would send you boxes and postage :) :) lmk!

  5. You're about a 5.5 hour drive from me! Close but yet so far! Good luck with the move and if you ever come closer to Chicago I'd love to take some of your beautiful things off of your hands :) I wish you and Gabe all the best during the move!


  6. I agree with the poster who said your generosity will come back to you... what an amazing thing to gift and share all these items you've picked out with love to your friends. I bet it will be an awesome experience sharing these things with your friends!

  7. But I can't come, thats my birthday! :P

  8. Hmmm...it's a 8 1/2 hour car trip and I love road trips, it's a long weekend here in Canada -- but I have plans made with friends already :( Seriouly, it would so fun to see your crafty stuff AND meet you. It's a tempting offer - but I don't think the Hubs would understand...darn! Your such a sweetheart for coming up with this! All the best!

  9. Oh I so so SO wish I was in the vicinity!

  10. You're adorable. If I was in the WI area, I'd be there. Enjoy being wonderful and getting some good karma from your gifts! :-)

  11. I don't need anything... but if I could, I would so come over to give you a big good-luck hug, and to help you pack! I'd pour you grown-up drinks whenever you needed them, too :)

  12. darn if only i lived near you and not in England !!! xx

  13. If you have extra home decor not claimed feel free to send to Missouri :)

    Good luck with packing/moving!

  14. so jealous that i'm not anywhere near wisconsin. i second what Mary said! think of us poor people without your pretty stuff in upstate NY!

  15. I'm feeling the pain of being in upstate NY...if you have any worthwhile leftovers, I'd gladly take them. I'min love with your decor!!!

    Good luck with your move! I wish you and Gabe all the best :)

  16. If I lived closer, I would snag that gold swan in a heart beat. Loves it.


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