While walking to dinner earlier this week, I spotted a single pink flower nestled in a dusty bush. Just one. It was the first naturally occurring flower I have seen in Kuwait, and the most vibrant color I'd noticed in days. I was amazed.

Color has that effect on me here. The entire country is bathed in yellows, taupes and beiges, even the few trees have taken a dusty hue, breaking only for the blue-grey water that turns hot orange during sun-up. It's so much different than home, where no color is spared on the exterior of homes + buildings, on acres of grass, trees and landscaping. Different than home, where the sun turns puffy clouds into pink and blue cotton candy everyday during sunrise and sunset.

Here, against the sandy backdrop, my eye notices color keenly...appreciating each drop like it never did in the US. My eye welcomes the rainbow of laundry, hung out on my neighbor's porch. I love the Turkish rugs thrown over the side of buildings, and the nets full of green or yellow soccer balls + bobbing inflatable toy camels hanging outside the tiny store below our apartment. I adore the brightly-packaged funny candies inside the store, and the way the shop owner greets us with the most familiar hello...like we are old friends.

Even among the people, my eyes are drawn to color. Among the black burkas of the women and long, white robes of the men, my eyes manage to find traditionally-dressed Indian women in vibrant purple and orange, or the beautifully printed hijabs that pass me by.

My ears are keenly aware of honks, of chatting voices...of every beautiful call to prayer. And every night I smell an incredible curry that wafts from the building next to ours.

There is color and beauty to be found wherever you go, I suppose.

Even in the sandy dessert. It might be a different style of beauty than you're used to.

But you just have to look.


P.S. Thanks so much for all your excited comments about our kittens! We feel hopeful about their future, after finding two wonderful  Kuwaiti shelters + organizations--K's Path and PAWS. Because the kittens have begun nursing again and mama cat isn't adoptable...she's quite aggressive...we plan for the kittens to stay where they're at with mama for a bit longer. They're in a very safe, shaded, low-traffic area. But when ready, we'll take the kittens to the shelter for adoption...maybe sans one for us....and leave mama in the wild where we found her.

Obviously she'll always be well-fed by us.:)


  1. Bethany: I love these photos! What a contrast to life here in the U.S. I love how you describe the men & women there Kuwait. I imagine the colorful dresses Indian women often were do stick out among so much neutral.

    I love your first picture of the rug & the clothes hanging on the balcony--tells a story. Helps me to remember that the world is a much bigger place than I can fathom.

    Thanks for the reminder to look for the little details & colors that make life beautiful. I appreciate your insight into life! (And I think your decision about the kitties is a good one)

  2. Beautifully written. What an adventure it must be to live so far away from home. I'm excited to read more of your adventures!

  3. Lovely photos :-) It's so fun reading about your adventures! You're much braver than I.

    Good luck with the kittens!! Be sure to keep us posted regarding whatever happens with them.

  4. I lived in Jerusalem for 3 months in 2010 and traveled a little bit around the middle east. I am loving these posts about your new location. They bring me back there.

  5. Hey lovely lady! I've been reading avidly since right before you left for Kuwait. I'm intrigued and excited to hear about your adventure. Enjoy each moment!

    p.s. adopt one of those kitties! ;)

  6. i think about you so often!!! and love your spirit :)

  7. beautiful post as always! :) color makes the world go round and to find beauty in all that sandy-ness is a wonderful delight to hear!! Glad to hear you guys found a place to take the cute kittens when they're a little older! *cheers*

  8. beautiful photos and words! I admire you so much for turning the craziest adventure of your life into something life-changing to share with the rest of us! good luck with Operation Kitty :)

  9. I love the way you are so positive and open to new experiences while living in Kuwait. I really think you are going to do well here. :)

  10. The photography is beautiful and I just have to say I am loving your blog. Huzzah for new discoveries! Really, Rinse.Repeat. is just so lovely.

  11. You do have to look as there is always beauty all around even when you don't think it is there it is ! These pictures are so beautiful. I hope that you will be able to take more without getting into too much bother in Kuwait xx

  12. You have a gift bethany! Cute kittens, and loving you sharing your journey in kuwait. Cant wait to hear more xx

  13. you are such a beautiful writer. i knew moving to Kuwait would do wonderful things for your soul :)

  14. Just found your blog and love it.

    We have been here 2 years and while Kuwait is far from perfect it now feels like home. I think we can all take the positives from Kuwait if we keep a half full mentality. There are down days but there are many more ups. Good luck here.

  15. perspective. it's beautiful once you embrace it. i'm still working on finding it and i'm still living here.

    saw this and thought of you, darling: http://www.etsy.com/listing/61161976/home-is-where-you-take-it


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