hello kuwait + happy bday me.

my mom sent the birthday banner we've hung in our home for 20 years.
here it is, in our bedroom.

Miracle of miracles...last night I made it to Kuwait! And the biggest miracle of all: I was upgraded to First Class just minutes before boarding the 13 hour flight. Free First Class! Where they keep all the good booze! The crew shakes your hand hello and greets you by name. The silverware is real, the seats are uber private, loaded with pillows + lie completely flat.  

It was luxurious as all get out. But now, I'm here. And it's my birthday! Gabe headed into work for a bit this morning, but not before taking me for coffee + pastries. Afterwards he dropped me off at home, with tea + croissants in hand I waved goodbye and headed for the door...

...only to realize I needed a code to enter the building. Frantically, I texted Gabe, but I wasn't sure he grabbed his phone this morning. Locked out in a foreign country....aaannnddd the adventure begins, I thought. Resigned that I could be stuck outside for up to four hours, I hunkered down on the cool marble steps. Next to me, the sweetest stray kitten was napping. 

I figured it was a good time to make friends with the local feline population, even if it cost me my breakfast. Breaking off tiny pieces of an almond croissant, I tossed them to the scrawny kitten...at first the kitty flinched, frightened by me. Then cautiously, he lifted his malnourished body off the stoop and crawled toward the flaky crumbs.

Excited about our budding friendship, I set down my cup of milk + tea and scooted closer to kitty. Without hesitation, he hopped up, headed straight for my cup and began licking the lid! Carefully, I popped the lid off and poured in a hefty amount of tea. Apparently that's what kitty wanted all along...it took him mere seconds to polish off the makeshift bowl of tea.

what's mine is yours, eh kitty?

I watched him lap up tea splashes and croissant crumbs until I was able to get into our apartment. All told, making friends with kitty was the best birthday gift, and I've spent the morning searching for a sweet Arabic name befitting of this scrawny kitten. Gabe agreed to pick up cat food on his way home...and I've held by his request:

Bethany, please don't bring stray cats into the house, no matter how cute. We'll feed them outside, but don't bring them in. Please, Bethany....

For a moment, I thought about doing it anyway. It is my birthday, afterall... ;)


  1. Happy happy happy birthday to you my dear!!!! I'm so happy you made it to Kuwait safe and sound and cheerful.

    I love this story about you and your new feline friend - especially Gabe's text message of course!! Utterly adorable.

    Wishing you the best of birthdays my dear!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to hear what the rest of the day has in store.


  2. Happy Birthday dear Bethany! Glad you finally made it to Kuwait, and just in time for your birthday. Have a wonderful day!

  3. Happy Birthday!! Glad it all worked out in the end and that you flew in style. Say helo to Kitty from us all xx

  4. Hello Bethany - I've just discovered your lovely, lovely blog and I'm smitten! I'm glad you've finally landed safely, and I can't wait to read more of your adventures. xxx

  5. Oh I know what you mean! Jordan is full of stray cats, each one cuter than the next! It's so hard not to want to adopt them all!

  6. Happy birthday, Bethany! I'm so glad you got to have a sweet adventure on your birthday. I can't wait to hear more about your life there.

  7. Happy Birthday dear daughter of mine! Why not call him Fletcher....seems he"s missing his dad too!

  8. Happy birthday to you. What a cute new friend. It's a funny coincidence that when I was on my way out the door for a walk yesterday my husband called to me requesting that I not bring home any stray cats. He knows I have my eyes on one that hangs out down the street!

    Good for you for getting first clace placement on your long flight.


  9. Happy Birthday Bethany! I love sweet stray cats :) I met one in thailand in april and they are hard to keep from keeping them! I'm glad your birthday started off great! May you be blessed with a wonderful year and many more birthdays to celebrate!

  10. Aww, how sweet is that kitty??

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'm glad you made it to your destination safely, and in style! First class would be fun! :)

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! What a cute kitty to spend some time enjoying today! Glad you made it all safe & sound. Those pillows look super comfy too! Have a GREAT DAY in your new home. Im sure your husband is just over the moon that you are there :)


  12. Happy birthday, Bethany!

    I'm glad that you made a little furry friend. Though, your hubby is probably right about no kitties in the house. Even though that's no fun.

    I may have to create you a little birthday surprise in a bit...
    Hehehe =D

  13. Happy Birthday! So glad you made it and have already made a little furry friend.

  14. And so the adventures begin!

    Happiest of Birthday Wishes to You!

  15. i'm a sucker for kittens!
    happy birthday!!!!

  16. Happy happy birthday! and I love your new cat (haha)! :)

  17. Glad you finally made it, Bethany! Happy birthday!

  18. Happy Birthday! I'm so glad to hear you made it safely and what a cute little companion to have while waiting. Can't wait to hear more from your adventures there. xx

  19. Listen to Gabe lol we now have three cats because Ryan is no match against me. The last one I snuck inside was only two weeks old and I had to sign a contract saying I would get rid of it after it was six weeks old- lets just say that Skippy never left and later became my wedding present. But maybe one cat wouldn't hurt anything...

  20. happy birthday, bethany! i recently came across a news article on the high rate of animal abuse in kuwait. tell gabe and maybe he'll let you keep kitty? ;)


  21. Hey ! We have a cute stray Cat too who I might have to add has gotten very fussy about his food thanks to the nieghbour who feeds him fresh salmon hmmm he is also just as cute ... but i am not allowed to bring him either boooooooooooooo x

  22. Name him/her Habibi! It's an arabic term of endearment, like baby or sweetheart.

  23. P.S. Psst...In an earlier comment I said I might have to create a birthday surprise for you. Well, I did an entire post in fact! =)

    Happy birthday! I hope it makes you smile.

  24. happy happy birthday! I've also received the same messages about puppies though from my boyfriend! Hehe, what can I say? I'm a sucker for cuteness! I hope you have a great birthday weekend in Kuwait!

    xo Kayla

  25. Happy birthday! You are so sweet to share your birthday with the stray kitty. I bet you made him very happy! I just came across your blog and I absolutely love your stories and reading about your adventures. I can't wait to hear more!!

  26. Happy Birthday to you! Sounds like a splendid first morning in your new home :) Enjoy your new friend + your birthday :) xoxo, eliza

  27. It's unbelievable how much your life can change in a year! Happy Birthday my sweet friend -- I'm looking forward to hearing more about your adventures!

  28. Happiest (belated) birthday wishes, sweet girl. You are a person with a bold heart--I hope you recognize and appreciate that in yourself. Lord knows your readers do :)

  29. I don't know how well I'd be able to resist. I have a terrible soft spot for cats, and honestly don't think I could ever live without one. (Just living at school for a few months at a time without my Kitty is painful!)
    I really hope these difficult times get easier for you and Gabe soon!
    <3 Kiersten

  30. Call the kitten Habibi. It is arabic for sweetheart.

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