brand new look!

So, if you popped by yesterday...you might have noticed that things look a little different around here! I finally got some new threads...uh, digitally speaking. And they fit just right.

Over the past few months, I've been super lucky to work with Tabitha Emma, an incredibly talented blog designer who I approached at the beginning of the year with a desperate cry for design help.  Since beginning my blog in 2008, I'd been rocking the Minima blogger template + whatever I could create. But now I was in the market for a "look", and was at the edge of my creative abilities. HTML-what? So, I decided four years was long enough to consider myself "invested" in this hobby...and therefore making an investment in it wasn't silly at all. So, we got started.

At first it was a little scary...almost like wedding dress shopping. You know what you don't want, but putting into words what you do want is tricky. You could spend hours on the web, looking for just the right thing that says "you". Or, you could just send a few photos from your regular life and let her go wild...which is pretty much what I did. I pulled photos from the past few months of my life...things I made and little corners of my home that felt like me.

Here are a few I sent:

(our confetti-stuffed engagement-turned-wedding invites)

(my planner, which i spend more time decorating than actively using.)

(my old desk + craft area. gosh, i miss it!)

Obviously she got the hint: mama likes mint, pink and gold. Oh, and that I lose it over a romantic, scripted font. But, the little touches she added really won me over: The frame from above my old desk in Wisconsin was recreated in my sidebar. A subtle pink stripe from the washi tape in my planner sits at the top of the page. And, drawing on my passport-carrying lifestyle, Tabitha added the sweetest passport "stamp" to my header.

And the little heart from my old logo which once rested above the "i" in "Rinse", is now nestled underneath the "t" in "Repeat" in the new logo. :)

Mint, pink, glittery...and sentimental. Busted! That's me all the way.

Welcome to the brand new look, friends...and have a happy weekend! :)


  1. Bethany your new design is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!! I love love love it and now I want to do my own blog make-over EXTRA badly. Thanks for reminding me how great a fresh change can be!!!

    You got some serious style girl!


  2. Love the new look! It is so "you"!

  3. beautiful! I was looking forward to how your new design would look like! it completely reflects you :)

  4. Wow, she did an amazing job translating your personality into a website! It's gorgeous :)

  5. I love this! It's wonderful and suits you just beautifully. Now I must go stalk her perhaps for a design of my own... :)

  6. Not to criticize, because your new look is gorgeous (!!!!!), but I believe "peek" is spelled wrong in "take a peak".

  7. @Katelyn: You're right! Thank you! :) I've emailed to get it fixed. Funny how multiple eyes can miss something like that! :)

  8. Very cute and very you. It's your blog but version 2.0. :)

  9. Love it! Looks beautiful! :)

  10. LOVES IT!!!! It's absolutely perfect. Well done, designer!

  11. I noticed the loveliness of your new blog design yesterday. It is sweet, pretty, and very nicely done. I enjoyed all of the little sweet touches she added.

    The header is especially splendid!

    I'm so glad you found someone to create the look that took so much time to put into place special details of you.

  12. homegirl, it looks AMAZING! Bravo!!!

  13. This is *beautiful*!! I LOVE the new look!! xxx

  14. She did SUCH an incredible job! I just love how she was able to create a page *so* you based on your personal photos. I've been thinking about redesigning my site so I'll have to keep her in mind.
    Looks amazing lovely!

  15. Bethany! I love love love it :) It's so you and it really makes your whole page pop! I adore Tabitha Emma. She has a great blog (and I loved her Etsy before she closed it).

  16. Absolutely love the polka dots :)

  17. it looks GREAT! When I clicked on today I thought something looked different. Beautiful! I am making a big move to London and also refreshing Urbanflipflops...its time. Love it!


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