macaron groupie.

(ladurée kuwait: rose water, pistachio and vanilla. i shamelessly chose by prettiest color.)

While traipsing down the Champs-Élysées in Paris last summer, we stumbled across the world-famous Ladurée. The line was tragically long...out the door and down the street. Having never tried a macaron, yet completely romanced by their existence, I was game to wait it out. But, Gabe was secretly minutes away from proposing on our hotel terrace (nervously aware that hundreds of roses + candles were waiting for us) and he dragged my sorry tush out of line with promises of stopping another day.

The next morning the hotel staff brought us a note of congrats + a glass cake stand full of macarons. Ladurée or not, they were delicious and adorable enough to kickstart a growing addiction.

When I returned to regular life in Wisconsin, high on Paris nostalgia + love, I discovered that there wasn't a macaron to be found in my town...not even within a one hour radius. (First world problems! I know.) So, it's only natural that the sight of a Ladurée here in Kuwait lit me up like a candle. Who'd have thought! Quick access to romantic treats in the Middle East...flown in from Paris...and displayed in a mint-painted storefront glittering with chandeliers?

This discovery only furthers my cliché addiction.  Shall we take a walk down Memory Macaron Lane?

(Congratulatory macarons from our Parisian hotel staff.**)

(From Dean & Deluca, on our engagement anniversary this year.
D&D gives hefty samples...but no chandeliers...**)

Given the hefty price tag of  Ladurée Kuwait's $5 macaron (!!!), I'm going to need to supplement our income to feed this addiction. So, uh, if anyone is looking for a non-professional full time macaron photographer, I'm your girl. Have taste for macarons, dabble in Photoshop. Will travel.

But, full disclosure: Might eat your products before shooting. ;)

**Clearly I have a problem with putting my ring on things. I'm aware, and restrained myself in the first photo of this post...it was difficult. ;)


  1. Love it! I've never had a macaron so I'll have to live vicariously through you. Plus I can't get enough of your ring so feel free to keep placing it on cute things! Hope you're having a great time and are feeling better Bethany.

  2. They are so pretty. Perhaps time for some attempts to make them yourself? I have heard they are challenging to make, but would imagine it might be worth learning if you love them so much!

  3. Love these photos! And you should put your ring on things--it's beautiful!

  4. If I had that ring, I'd be taking photos of it too. :) Just had my first macaron a few months ago and am equally obsessed now.

  5. I say "if you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it"... :)

    Had my first macarons in NYC in March. They are a little bit of heaven.

  6. If I had that ring it would make its way in almost every photo! lucky girl, nice ring and yummy macarons!!

  7. This post made me laugh out loud. I wish you luck in finding that specific job.

    I'm the one who's boyfriend's mom came to your garage sale back in Eau Claire. She comes to visit in a week, so I will be getting the jewelry she picked out for me. Can't wait! I will send you pictures.

    I think your macaroon store is the same we have here ... the boxes are awesome too, right?

  8. You are too cute....and that beautiful shiny ring of yours is well, GORGEOUS! I kind of have the same problem. I am in Seattle for work right now, walked by a French Pastry shop, ate 2 macarons as if no calories! Oh well, thats life. What is a macaron-less life, no fun!

  9. You are adorable. And if I need a macaron photographer, you're my girl.

  10. I TOTALLY get this! I found the best macarons in Long Beach, CA and the location & hours are SO inconvenient that I have been on the hunt for something easier. Let me tell you, some places don't know how to make them! I finally found that Trader Joe's frozen ones will do in a pinch, and for $5 for a dozen, I'll take it! Any Trader Joe's in Kuwait? Or is that wishful thinking on my part? Good luck with your addiction! xo

  11. Ohhh I love them so much and I understand your obsession with them. In fact we had a new guy start at my work and he brought macarons made by his sister to a welcome morning tea and I told him that he is 'in.' :) x

  12. It's 6:01 am in NC and I'm now wondering where I can find a store open that sells macarons for breakfast. Sheesh.

  13. Pierre Herme are my favourite ... and your ring i am totally in love with :)

  14. Ohhhhh...so pretty! Such a wonderful memory too. *sigh* And macaroons are a total addiction!


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