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a carousel found on our boston trip

Yesterday and today, I've been playing this infuriating game. It goes like this:

Log into email.
Open up extremely overdue email. (There are at least 30. I am the worst.)
Write two sentences.

Internet disconnects.
Fiddle with wires to no avail.

Internet miraculously appears an hour later.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Gabe has been in Bahrain for the past two days, and I'm sans any handy nerd skills to solve this problem. So, I'm just going to say something...and say it quick before I get cut off again.

Thanks so much. Especially for all the supportive replies + emails to this. Getting it off my chest was such a relief. Like the ability to stop fake smiling after a family portrait session. Your face still hurts, but you just feel...relaxed. Or maybe natural is a better word.

I feel more natural, now that I've been more honest.

Thanks for sticking around for the ride, and reading whatever I write about whoever I am and wherever I go. :)

A Much Happier Girl


  1. New blog!!! Woooo!!!! Love the header font, love the glitter dot, love it!

    Thanks for your novel, I'm glad I made it before the internet said sayonara.

  2. The new header is so you! It's very travel-ish (I made that up) and I love it!

    & Glad to hear your happier! I can't imagine being in a foreign country, alone because my partner in crime is in another foreign place AND having no connection to back home (ugh, internet).

    You handle it better than I would!

  3. Thanks, ladies!

    I wish I could take credit for the skill level...but I pretty much just sent my blog designer (Tabitha Emma) 3-4 pictures that summed up my "look" and vibe.

    And from that...she rocked it out! :)

  4. Glad to hear that things are a little bit better for you my dear. And I absolutely adore the new design! Great job Bethany :)


  5. LOVE the new blog look pretty lady!!! and love you too big time :)

  6. I love your new look!!! And I loved that post (just left you a long comment...I get it!). Enjoy your trip and take lots of gorgeous photos for us sitting back home totally jealous that you are going off on a Roman holiday (or maybe it's just me! LOL)

  7. gahhhhh!!! i just landed on your blog and found the most beautiful surprise EVER!! SO excited for you deary!! what a happy day! you are amazing. love you so.

  8. I was having internet bloops & didn't get a chance to commit on your "honesty" post, though I really wanted to... and I can see you got a huge outpouring of love from it already but I just basically wanted to ditto what everyone else had said. I'd much rather read your honest, real-life take on your adventure than a rose-colored glasses view (which I know all bloggers fall into the trap of doing)! I admire you so greatly not just for choosing to go on this adventure, but for choosing to share it with the WWW and so raw & honest! I think most big adventures like this come with some pain & heartache as you adjust to your new normal - but I can't wait to read how your story progresses, because I have a feeling there is going to be many more tales of you finding a way to make your life there beautiful - just like you did in WI!

  9. Wow, it's like Meg just wrote the hallmark card that I was looking for to tell you what I couldn't put into words. I know this time in your life is challenging, and you feel like you've lost almost everything that made you you, but I promise you'll come out on the other side if this with a handful of things that make a newer you. And we all can't wait to hear about it, pretty or not because we all love and respect you for sharing all the details of your life and this crazy adventure with us!!!


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