some going-away goods.

Just a few days before leaving the US, I met up with my crafty friends Jessica and Amanda at Mara Mi. The place is my washi tape Mecca, so I used it as a last ditch pillaging session, buying three rolls...and talking myself out of three others.

These two talented, crafty girls gifted me such thoughtful + practical going away gifts. You know how I love a creative gift!

Jess put together a little package of Instax film, an Instax album (similar here) and a Starbucks gift card for the trip. Such a genius idea for any Instax-owner in your life! Since the film can add up quickly if you use it regularly, being gifted two boxes of exposures was a complete delight. The pink album is the cutest way to tuck those teeny photos in a place they won't get lost.

Since I gave away most of my jewelry and hair accessories during my home raid, I was absolutely elated when Amanda gifted me these clay flower earrings and bobby pins from her sweet shop, My Little Dear! They're small, easy to pack and obviously, adorable. So adorable I'm wearing the teal earrings as I type.

And as if that wasn't enough, she whipped up a little canvas bag with an iron-on heart map of Kuwait. The sweetest! I put it to use right away on my trip...tucked into my purse and used to stash wedding rings, earrings and my watch as I went throught security. (Which I got to do three times, three days in a row. Ha. Thanks, United.) It was so much better to know my valuables weren't rolling around in my purse like usual.

Really, I can't  craft-compete with these girls. They're just on another crafty level...nay, another crafty planet.

But I'm happy to bow down to their creative goddessness, and collect any and all gifts they should happen to throw my way. ;)


  1. I am always so jealous of crafty people, teach me your ways! I've only just started my craft-phase with mod podge.

  2. Aw...such thoughtful, sweet, and creative gifts!

    I'm glad they were able to so sweetly gift you with those items.


  3. Oh my gosh, this is adorable! I wish I were this creative and talented. What sweet friends you have!


  4. What lovely friends! And what amazing gift ideas!

  5. I love the earrings so much that I had to buy some of my own :)

  6. oh sweet friend, I am glad they are able to put smile on your face while you are away. We miss you dearly .. and you are one talented girl yourself .. let's start planning our inspiration shoot!!!!

  7. what beautiful and wonderfully thoughtful gifts! you are one lucky lady :) someday I will buy myself an instax camera to capture those moments :) and I'll have to take a look at my little dear cuz those bobby pins are just lovely! something my niece would adore! take care bethany!

  8. oh my goodness!! i almost peeed my pants when i saw this post!! you are so adorable for photographing + sharing everything...i cannot wait to see some of that instax film put to good use. (: and for the record, you are 1,000x more crafty than me. believe it! love you so. xo.


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