a thoughtful gift booklet.

(happy mother's day...i think i'm gonna miss you...)

For Mother's Day this year (I know, I'm a few months behind), I wanted to get my mom a passport. She's never had one and has therefore never left North America. I was dreaming of her and I meeting up somewhere really fun...a little respite from Kuwait for me, and a change from the day to day for her.

But, just like my Father's Day gift, I wanted to do something better than shoving passport cash in a Walgreen's card.

(get a passport and come away with me!)

So, I made this. Using two glassine envelopes (you can get a 10/pk of these from Michaels, Paper Source or most craft stores for $5), I slid them together and then filled the two pockets with passport cash, a passport application and a calendar so we could choose a date. I also slipped these postcards into the pockets, facing out, so when the booklet was closed you could see vintagey world maps.

I tied the whole booklet closed with an ombre pink ribbon...just to keep all the goods from tumbling out.

It's really the easiest way to create a little gift booklet...you could slip a card in one pocket, photos in the opposite, a special letter, gift cards, tickets to a play...whatever. Here's how to make a little booklet in two steps:

Lickety split...then get to decorating! After you've completed these two steps, you could slide in additional envelopes to the interior, so you can work with more pages + pockets. I used this same method for my sis's birthday gift (a little Girl's Day Out booklet--a collection of gift cards to her fav places) to create five pockets...one for each gift card, with a cute little poem of what she was supposed to buy at each stop.

Although we've changed our travel dates to the beginning of next year, I'm so jazzed to see my mom's first passport stamp. And also biting my nails, trying to decide where to take her! I've told her it's going to be a secret until a few weeks before our trip. :)

If you could take your mom (or dad) anywhere in the world, where would you go?


  1. you are so creative and thoughtful - i love it.

  2. Such a cute idea! Love this...and a trip with your mom sounds like so much fun! My mom and I have always talked about taking a trip overseas together. Neither of us have ever been anywhere farther than Mexico!

  3. I'm doing this today! Seriously.

    Lately I've been looking at bridesmaids gifts but I wanted something personal to go along with the gifts and this would be a great way to go!

    Now lets just hope my Michaels has craft/washi tape. :)

    Thanks Bethany for your cute self sharing these wonderful ideas!

  4. your creativity & thoughtfulness always inspires me to really think about gifts & how to jazz them up. this is such a great idea!

    and i would love to take my mom to italy or france - i know she would love all the history & architecture. not to mention, the food!

    - lauren

  5. What a thoughtful (and creative) gift! So sweet!

    xo Kayla

  6. This is so sweet!

    My mom's birthday is in less than 2 weeks, and I'm going crazy trying to think of a good gift idea!

  7. So thoughtful and sweet - it's perfect!

  8. This is so beautiful and such a sweet thought!

  9. What a beautiful gift!

    I took my mom on her first international trip a couple of years ago - to London and Copenhagen. She LOVED it, and still calls me when she sees a place we visited on the news.

  10. beautiful idea! you can be so creative on a budget and make the simplest things beautiful, its a great talent! x

  11. This is amazing! I love the idea, and that it is part of an experience that you will be able to have together. You always make the most thoughtful gifts!

  12. I loved this idea when you posted it on your istagram. Not only is the gift itself special, but the little touches make such a difference. A thoughtful AND practical gift (a hard combination to find).

  13. You are just oozing sweetness Bethany ! I love this it is adorable with a capital A ! xx

  14. Bethany, I'm continually inspired by your creative gift giving!

    You have such a lovely eye for putting thoughtful gifts together.

    This is splendid! =)

  15. Not knowing your Mother's interests it would be hard to suggest the perfect country. Since she has never been out of North America you might want to fly into one destination like Paris and then skip around to some other major European cities. Just don't try to see too much where it's not enjoyable. If you have to pick one country then Italy is nice and easy. :) I love traveling with my Mother and we have been on so many amazing trips together. I'm excited for you and your Mom.

  16. I love this & your father's day basket- you are so talented at taking a gift card and turning it into a gift experience!

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