the time i almost died*.

On Saturday, I was homesick. By Sunday, I was real sick. And on Monday...I was dead-to-the-world sick. 

Naturally by Tuesday, I was tired of being sick and determined to feel better. Thinking a little walk along the beach would help, I changed into something presentable, crossed the bustling six-lane highway and found myself on the beach. Ah yes, a little sea air will clear this up....

(Managed to snap a few pictures before I nearly died.)

Wrong. I wound up doubled over in the sand, chanting "Don't pass out. Don't pass out. You're in a foreign country. You. CANNOT. Pass. Out."

Blaze-hot sand scorched my feet, seeping into my shoes, clinging to my pants as I stumbled back across the enormous beach and toward the street. Everything was blurry and spinning. I woozily stepped up to the side of the road--now ten pounds heavier in sand--my legs shaking and sweat dripping from every pore. Cars blurred, now just smudges of color passing across my field of vision, their honks dragging out like strange cartoon tubas. 

I bolstered my courage, thinking, "This will be funny! So, so funny in three hours! If I live..."

Crossing a six-lane highway has never been so daunting...115 degrees + direct brutal Middle Eastern sun exposure does a pale, sick girl from Wisconsin no good. Somehow I staggered across traffic, managing to arrive safely on our side of the street. From above, this scene likely played out like a hilariously drunk game of Frogger....and I just hope someone stopped to chuckle at it. ;)

Now it's Wednesday, I'm still sick, but laughing about yesterday. My husband found it less entertaining, and has banned me from leaving home until I'm back to 100%. So, I've cluttered my nightstand with Get-Better faves:

one ::: Sparkling water. I'm terrible at drinking water. But pretty bottle + bubbles? How can I resist.
two ::: Burt's Bees Original Lip Balm. Cools hot skin. And it tastes yummy.
three ::: EL Advanced Night Repair Eye Creme...or old school cucumber slices to cool puffy eyes.
four ::: Wintergreen Lifesavers. When nothing else tastes right, there's Lifesavers. Lots of 'em.
five ::: Flowers from my husband + a vase from this girl.
six ::: The newest episode of the Bachelorette, and other TV goodies.

Have you ever wound up sick at a terribly inopportune moment? And, what are your Get Better Must Haves?

*Alright, alright. That title bears a little hyperbole. But in the moment, it didn't feel far from the truth.


  1. Woman! Careful with yourself! That said, have you heard the quote (google it to find out who said it - it's slipped my mind at 530 am) "the cure for anything is salt water - sweat, tears, or the ocean." soooooo.... I don't blame you for trying!

    But geez! Don't go dying in a foreign country!

  2. Oh my goodness! I'm glad you made it back safely!
    Hope you're back to 100% soon, even when you're less than that though, you still take some beautiful pictures!

  3. Yikes! Scary. Hope your feeling better soon. Love that quote Aubry quoted! Stay safe -- and cool 115 heat don't do anybody good!

  4. You playing a drunken game of Frogger = lolz.

    I always do that though, think I'm ready to do stuff before I'm fully recovered. It usually ends in John shaking his head knowingly and hauling Gabe off to thepark so that I can rest. I never fake it. NEVER! I mean, who would do such a thing?

    Btw, you should see my sick-day bedside table: crumbled used tissues, half-empty bottle of Nyquil and a phone with no battery life left to it. Slap some glitter on that shizz and it will look just like yours!

    Hope you feel better B :)

  5. Feel better soon dear. I hate that feeling. I've had a nasty cold/allergies for a couple weeks now, and I just can't seem to shake it. Be safe. Sleep. And drink lots of fluids : )

  6. oh dear. oh dear. i cannot tolerate the 90 degrees here, much less 115. stay out the sand lady. am really hoping you are on the mend. sending cool thoughts and well wishes your way.

  7. Oh my goodness! I agree with Gabe. You stay right where you are! Curtains drawn to keep as cool as possible, and definitely keep downing that water. Have you stocked up on cheesy American magazines? Distracting yourself with the lives of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes might be just the thing...

    Feel better soon, my friend.

  8. Oh wow! I hope you're safe out there. I don't even know what I'd do in the same situation!

  9. oh dear! take care of yourself and feel better x

  10. Oh no! Glad you made it back safely...feel better soon!

  11. That's my girl. You got that from your father. Sometime I'll tell you about the day I nearly passes out at a fire. Similar story, much more serious results.

  12. Please be careful!
    i love bubbly water too :)

  13. Oh man Bethany, I've been there. I almost fell into the subway tracks once from very similar symptoms. Funny in retrospect, though not so much while it was happening. Take care of yourself, girl!

  14. You poor thing! Stay right where you are till you're back to 100%! Don't be a hero!!

    (I like trashy tabloids, bad TV, and comfort food when I'm sick!)

  15. Ay yi yi!!! Thank God you made it back home safely. I hope you are feeling better. And bubbly water...mmmm good stuff!

  16. If you need a good doctor while in Kuwait or do not know where to go.... just send me a private message and we will give you the details. My wife and grandson both recently were sick like you and well taken care of at a hospital in Kuwait.... Hope you are better soon!

  17. Oh no! Not funny at the moment but I'm glad you can laugh abt it in retrospect, and hope you are feeling better by now! That going-to-pass-out-in-the-worst-possible-place feeling is theeeee worst.


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