rome day 2.

I'm a wanderer. Yes, a wanderer in life if you want to get philosophical. But also a wanderer in travel.

Gabe and I are so different that way. He likes a plan, to know exactly where we are, with an exact destination in mind. Not me. Plans give me hives--I hate being locked in, and I'd prefer to stroll down streets, into churches, popping into shops until I'm tired...and then rest at whichever restaurant smells good at the moment.

Yesterday, I fed my wanderlust via a hop-on-hop-off bus tour around the city...just trying to get the lay of the land for future strolling. Clearly it didn't pay off, as I found myself lost, lost, lost after hopping off in search of Piazza Navona.

But if there's a good place to be lost, it is most certainly Italy. I looped around and around for hours without the slightest clue where I was. I didn't even look at a map...just wove in and out of streets, not choosing to go left or right but simply to follow whatever street was the cutest.

Yeah, you read right. I chose my direction by cuteness.

My husband would have hated it. ;)

My cuteness radar lead me past lots of fountains and cobbled streets, and eventually dropped me infront of a grocery, where I saved some Euros buy purchasing dinner there. Earlier I'd spent 11 Euros on gelato, so a grocery-bought dinner was my penance for that little financial indiscretion....

After checking out, I walked until my grocery bag was so tattered it nearly burst and my arm was numb. Then I pulled out a map and zig-zagged my way home.

Later in the evening as the sun went down, I returned to my bench at Piazza del Popolo and split dinner with a friendly pigeon. Usually I call pigeons Rats of the Sky. But in Italy? Well, just like everything else in Italy, they are charming.

All in all, a lovely second day.


  1. I am the exact same way. Normally, I love to plan things out, but when I travel I love to get lost. I remember wandering for hours in Paris, just because I knew that there was a metro stop on every corner and I could get home eventually.

    What a sweet post Bethany! I can't wait to hear more :)


  2. Sounds like a great trip so far. Have you gotten pooped on by a pigeon yet? I have heard it is a rite of passage in Rome. Haha!

  3. Lovely Bethany. I am so enjoying your posts and instagram photos. I feel like I am in your pocket, peeking my head out now and then. I loved Rome too when I was there many years ago. Savor your Italian wanderlust, it will surely keep you company in your memories for years to come.

  4. I am just loving these posts...I feel like I am there with you! And i love how you travel. I too hate planning...I like to get lost and wander. It's kind of how I find myself too. :) Can't wait to hear about day 3!!!

  5. That sounds like an adventurous way to travel! I wish I was a little less of a planner and more of a do-er like you!

  6. I love wandering. To me, it provides a richer experience of the culture and the city.
    I loved Italy and your posts aren't helping my traveling bug! Have fun, and I can't wait to hear more!

  7. Your trip sounds wonderful! I love living vicariously through you.

    Have fun!

  8. I love this, keep em coming!

  9. One of my "bucket list" things is to do, what I call a "mad love" road trip -- turn on the radio; or flip a coin and let a song or the chance coin flip mark the destination, changing the course when I feel like it and just drive and enjoy. {preferably the end would not result in me glueing eyed to the wall and in a severe depression..}. Like yours, this does not strike my husbands fancy -- hoping I can change his mind! Enjoying "Rome: Through Bethany's Eyes". Maybe it could be a series: Prague, Madrid, Berlin etc {err..if only travelling were free or you were paid to do it, eh?}

  10. I'd be afraid, if I were to wander Rome, all my pictures would be of the bottom of bowls of spaghetti. And empty wine glasses. Wait, I'm not afraid, that sounds pretty damn good.

    So happy you're spreading that unicorn dust all over italia! Not that they need much, geez that country is ca-ute!

  11. I love Rome. You're making me miss it (and that's a lovely thing!).

  12. Can I travel with you? I need to learn a little bit more how to let go and be when I travel. You would make a perfect travel mate. :)

  13. Just so delightful. I felt like I was wandering with you.

  14. Just so delightful. I felt like I was wandering with you.

  15. I am so glad you are having so much fun!!!

  16. Hiya Bethany, so glad you're having a good time in Rome. Not sure if you're getting the chance to read comments, but I lived in Rome for a year recently and would highly recommend a dinner stop at Spaghetteria l'Archetto by the Trevi fountain (via archetto 26). Honestly the best pasta I've ever tasted. They even do one with lobster, garlic and cream (called the Chanel). I go there every time I go back.

    Hope you have a great time!

    x Elena

  17. It only makes sense to choose directions based off cuteness...ESPECIALLY in Rome :)

  18. Bethany you make everything seem so charming. I like your idea of choosing your path via cuteness. Your photos are making me burn with wanderlust and I really can't wait until my holiday :) x

  19. i can't wait to go to italy!! i like to have a general plan but i love doing things on a whim and going off on tangents or new experiences :)

  20. I don’t live in Rome, but I am Italian: reading what you wrote about my country makes me see Italy with different eyes. Thanks for your words!
    I am happy that you enjoyed your trip
    Ciao :-)

  21. Love how you enjoyed your time in Italy. My Hubs & I are different in the way we enjoy discovering new places. I'm like you...content to wander and see what I discover. And there is something really special about exploring all on your own.


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