rome: where i stayed + what i ate.

I adore a nice hotel. But, because my trip to Rome was impromptu...I assumed all the cute, moderately priced hotels would be snatched up. My penchant for boutique hotels was laid aside, along with any fancy illusions about what my $140/night budget could buy in the Eternal City.

I was wrong. After a few hours of online digging...I found the Holy Hotel Grail: Casa Montani.

As the taxi pulled up to the building just outside the Piazza del Popolo and I rode up the charming, teeny gated elevator to the 4th floor property, I kept suppressing my hopes...thinking there must be something wrong with this adorable 5 guestroom hotel. Afterall, the price was just too cheap.

Wrong again. My room was the perfect size...and everything was simply beyond expectation. From the most gorgeous carved headboard, the sweet street view, the coziest bed I've experienced in years,  and luxurious rainforest shower head. It was right up there with the 5 star hotels I've stayed at in the US + Europe.

Each morning began with a rolling, silver breakfast tray delivered to my door...stocked with fresh fruit, croissants + nutella and fresh, steaming coffee. Yeah. I miss that part.

I also miss waking up and leaning out my window to take in this sweet street view.

So, the hotel was my first love in Rome. But throughout the week, I found three other loves.

Their names are Bruschetta, Wine and Gelato.

Bruschetta: Both Gabe and I agree that produce just isn't the same in Kuwait...we made the mistake of buying a Kuwaiti tomato and, well, it was rough and ruined tomatoes for the past few months. But, Italy really redeemed the tomato for me, and I ate bruschetta an average of twice a day. There is nothing, nothing in the world quite like the bruschetta I ate while sitting in street cafes. Add a little olive oil, a splash of balsamic vinegar and just watch the world go by.

Dang it, now I'm jonesing for bruschetta. On to my next love.

Wine: All alcohol is illegal in Kuwait (buuzzzkillll), but I regained my Booze Legs over the course of a few days in Italy. Drinking wine by 11am will do that to you, right? On my second-to-last day in Rome, I strolled down to Fountain di Trevi to enjoy an early lunch. Sitting on the cobbled street, watching the crowds pass, I ordered bruschetta and a glass of white wine...but the waiter brought me a 1/4 litre. Obviously this girl isn't going to waste wine, and it really didn't look like THAT much. So, I slowly drank the glass. Then poured more....polishing off the wine, growing warmer...and a little dizzier as the time passed.

And then, when I tried to stand up to leave, it all hit me: the combination of too much wine, hot + humid weather and uncomfortable shoes on cobbled streets.

I was pretty tipsy. Accidentally. Me + walking home wasn't going to work.

So, what's a girl to do...when she's accidentally drunk at noon, wandering alone in Italy with a 1 mile walk home...in uncomfortable shoes? She sobers up in a piazza with some gelato.

Gelato: Pistachio, specifically, in a cup. Lemoncello will do in a pinch. Although, a gentleman coerced me into trying Nutella gelato on my last night in Rome. Wise man. Wise, wise man. If you've never had it, get on that pronto. Don't let anyone tell you "It's like ice cream." It is not. It's just not. It's better.

To say I loved Rome would be the understatement of the century...and I've got more to share over the next few days. But, I adored every minute of it. Oh, except for that minute where I didn't check my translator app while reading a menu...which resulted in accidental anchovy pizza order.

Gross. But, I'd do Rome all over again in a heartbeat.

Well, I'd do it again...but maybe less wine if I'm walking home alone. ;)


  1. Your trip sounds lovely. Totally my kind of vacation. Reading your post has definitely bumped Rome up towards the top of my travel wish list.

  2. Rome is so fantastic! You hit my prefect trifecta of gelato, wine and tomatoes (with cheese).

    I'm glad you had a great time. I lived there for a year and had a blast.

    x Elena @ Randomly Happy

  3. That headboard!! I can just imagine how your spirits were lifted when waking up in beautiful Rome.

    I have never had gelato, but now I think I have to go to Rome and try some myself.

    White wine before noon while you're here visiting? I think that should happen. :)

  4. Now you have made me want to go back to Rome! Me and Phil went there in 2009 and loved it. Can't wait to go back

  5. Now you have made me want to go back to Rome! Me and Phil went there in 2009 and loved it. Can't wait to go back

  6. You're such a little bragger :) I'm glad you had fun! And isn't nutella gelato so dang good? In France last summer, that was always my first choice

  7. 1/4 liter of wine is a glass? Somebody get me to Rome, pronto.

  8. This trip keeps looking better and better with every post you make. That hotel just looks beyond perfection. I can't wait to read/see more. ;D

  9. Oh it all looks so delightful and beautiful ! You are one lucky lady xx

    Chrissi xo


  10. Oh my, that hotel (and your whole trip) sounds so wonderful! I have never been to Rome but sure want to go now!


  11. This looks SO amazing!!

    Have you always been so confident in traveling alone? It's something I wonder if I could ever do...

  12. Oh, that hotel! It is going on my must stay in lost pronto.

  13. so beautiful! and now I am hungry. I need to go back to italy...just to eat and relax :).

  14. I am most definitely bookmarking this post for if/when I travel to Rome. Your hotel room looks to be absolutely amazing! And I could seriously get used to breakfast rolled in every day :)

    And that definitely sounds like something I would do with the wine too...You just can't waste good wine!


  15. What an amazing hotel. It looks so homey and comfortable. You deserved this little break and I can see you took full advantage!

  16. Ohhhhh that hotel room is to die for! I would never want to leave...you would have to take me out kicking and screaming for sure! OMG... anchovy pizza. Barf...LOL.

  17. aaaaaand now I want bruschetta, wine, and gelato. and a hotel bed. ahh!

  18. That hotel and location is amazing! Wine and bruschette! Heaven!!!!! I am a bruschette addict. Rome sounded so great :) Glad you had a nice time xx

  19. I love your loves! And what a sweet hotel room!! I love little boutique hotels, too. It's odd, but you know how I judge the quality of a hotel, regardless of the price? Whether or not the toilet paper is folded into a point. I know that sounds odd, but I read it in some chick lit book once, and it stuck with me. I started noticing it, and have decided that it's true: regardless of price, the best hotels point up their toilet paper roles. Doesn't matter if it's a 5 star, if the tp isn't pointed, then it doesn't rate. :-)

  20. I am totally living vicariously through you. Thank you so much for sharing the lovely details.

  21. your post had my mouth watering!

  22. Your photos are so gorgeous. You have such a talent of being able to photograph your words... if that makes any sense. Many people can take pictures of 'things' whereas you take pictures that genuinely tell the story.

    Italy is simply amazing and it appears as though you enjoyed it to the fullest. I'm so thrilled you had this little, well deserved, get away. Hopefully that and Lucky have allowed you to feel refreshed and put in a little more time here in Kuwait :)

  23. The perfect Roman Holiday meets Eat without the Pray and Love. Your post and pics are delicious! I also had a similar wine experience in Tuscany. Thankfully I had comfortable shoes and my hotel was within a few feet of my table. My head was spinning and I couldn't stop giggling.

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