dirty little house secret.

I firmly believe that every woman has one corner of her house where she shoves her mess. Sometimes it's a tiny cabinet, if she's lucky it's a large closet.

And if you're me...it's an entire empty bedroom.

(avert thine eyes from the decor crimes committed in this space. or join me in mocking them.)

Case and point: This extra bedroom. Which is not-so-lovingly referred to as "Where Sad Furniture Goes to Die". You see, a metrosexual decorated our furnished apartment...in 1993. And he mistakenly thought he was decorating a nightclub for ladies...but upon discovering he was actually decorating a 3-bedroom apartment for normal people, decided to make it work anyway.

Not really. But this is my best theory. (Dark wood? Oodles of metallic lamps? Padded headboard? Creepy lady wall hangings? *Shiver.*)

I know. The first question probably is, "If you don't like it, why did you choose to rent?"

When we chose this place, we had four days to find an apartment and move in. You can pay a professional to show you a bevy of nice apartments, but it costs a tidy sum. So we skipped that and looked on our own. Honestly, we were counting dollars to make sure we could pay a security deposit + first month's rent....we were in financial crunch mode after two months of unemployment, dealing with this situation, paying off a wedding + keeping up with our mortgage back home. (Newflash: weddings + an international move will wipe out your piggy bank.)

It had been a tense few months, financially.

But thankfully, the manager was kind enough to give us an extra week to pay up. So, we went for this place. It wasn't our style, but was worlds nicer than our first place. Absolutely it's more space (and furniture) than two people need, but the location is super convenient, it has a gym + pool and the view was fantastic.

But once I decided to make this place a home...I knew that the first step was pairing the furniture down by 50%. It was so overfurnished. Step two was ripping down the unforgivable curtains in every room and hiding the scary bed linens.

And that's where this room comes in. It really became stash central last week when I tackled Gabe and my bedroom (photos in the next few days!)...and threw all the leftovers in here.

I'm not proud. But, there it is. ;)

Have you ever lived in a furnished apartment? Did it drive you nuts? Any secrets to dealing with furniture pieces you're stuck with, but not in love with?



  1. Oh heavens to Betsy, I'm laughing so hard, Bethany! I think this is my favorite post so far. Yes, this is it.

    I've never rented any place furnished, but I am currently living at my parents house, & let's just say, I can relate w/ many of the sentiments expressed. You hit the nail on the head, so to speak, I can totally relate.

    (& I'm still chuckling.)

  2. All I have to say is...you didn't buy it!!! You should have seen the furnished house we rented when we moved to California...the naked photos in the bedroom came down first...OY! LOL

  3. Wow, that is some ugly furniture, for sure! And I love the cat house that Lucky rejected already. Those cats!

    My first apartment when I moved away from home was furnished. And it was the first and last I rented furnished, even through all my state/country moves through the past 12 years. But that first place was rented for students. And it was not only the furniture (colonial style, dark wood everywhere) that was ugly, but the entire place was awful. The apartment floor was tiled in ugly dark-reddish gigantic tiles. The apartment was weirdly designed, so it was shaped like a lightning, with one tiny window on the narrowest wall possible. The mattress was so disgusting, the first thing I did was to buy a new one and shove the old one under the bed —a twin bed, by the way, because I went apartment hunting with my mom and she decided that getting an apartment with a full bed would make me invite boys over (as if a twin bed would stop me).

    Wish I had taken pictures. That was some sad looking apartment. But rent was cheap, and it was across the street from the University I was attending, plus all my friends lived there too.

  4. Furnished flats, the bane of expat life. I swear by textiles (table clothes, runners, bed covers), the can cover up some of the UGLIEST of furniture.

    I buy the cheap in places like India and take them with me to new places to brighten things up and cover up the ugly.

  5. My mum's a diplomat, so my parents move around a lot, and the government gives them furnished apartments. It's almost always tacky, and there's always way too much of it. Their place in Aman, right now, is just depressing how sad the furniture etc is!

  6. Can't wait to see what you've done to make your room "YOU".

    Big huge high five for making such a foreign place your home. :)

  7. yikes thats garish!! furnished apartments arent great! glad im finally out of mine :)

  8. Please submit this room as a reader redesign to YHL. Do it for me...

  9. I have been to your e.c. house. This looks nothing like it! Embrace the fugly I guess, because I know the design part of your soul is dying.

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