making friends.

(my new friend is a jewelry-maker. sweet, right?)

Let me tell you something: Making friends in a foreign country is serious business.

It's not for lack of people, but mostly for lack of transport. Especially when you live 20 minutes outside the city, have 1 car in your household and your husband possesses said car for 60+ hours a week. There's no way Gabe would let me get on a Kuwaiti bus (here's why). He's even iffy about my taking a cab solo (here's why and here's why). On top of all that, I am as low-key as it comes with friendship...I'm pretty content entertaining myself most days and haven't been too stressed about getting social.

But earlier this summer, a friendly midwestern newlywed (like myself) named Rachel emailed to say she was moving to Kuwait with her husband and had stumbled across my blog. We excitedly planned to meet up for a shopping trip or coffee once she got settled in. Last month she arrived and dropped an email to say "let's meet up soon!". I explained where I lived + sent her a map as it's tricky to find residential addresses here. She quickly emailed back the same map with a big arrow pointing to the building next to mine...

...turns out she lives next door. WHAT! We wigged out. Crazy perfect, considering we're in city of several million and hadn't even chatted about where I lived or where they were apartment-hunting.

It also turns out that Rachel is a crafty gal with an eye for repurposing jewelry pieces into really sweet, wearable new things! She's even starting an online shop, Fayeth, and gifted me three of her pieces when we met up (two pictured above). They're absolutely adorable...the headband is so pretty I often leave it sitting on my dresser just so I can watch it sparkle. :)

She's working on building her online shop, Fayeth, so be sure to check that as it grows. But for now you can get your paws on her handcrafted treasures at these two brick + mortar shops:

Stix and Roses
3854 W. Irving Park Road
Chicago, IL 60618
122 W Main Street
State Center, IA 50247

No pun intended, but this jewelry designer is a gem. Having a her next door is fantastic ...someone who's up for little neighborhood adventures or cool with just lounging around the house...and it feels a bit safer knowing a friendly face is literally just steps away. Last night we booked in-home manis + pedis and spent the evening gabbing with two hilarious nail techs from the Philippines. So much fun. It's one of those good, casual, real-life friendships free of any need to put on airs...as evidenced by the fact that she often stops by and I proclaim,

"Hey! Uh, I haven't showered. Or done anything productive. But come on in! Look how cute Lucky is today!"
Ah. Now isn't that the sign of true friendship? ;)


  1. it was meant to be!!! I love how life gives us little bits of happiness like this :) so happy for both of you!

  2. aww this post made me so happy for you! that sounds perfect- like college all over again! my husband and i live in a development of mostly young couples and we always say it's like living in the dorms again with the random drop ins! but i loved college so i think it's great!!! :)

  3. Such a happy post! Making friends as an adult is an interesting challenge to begin with - I can't imagine doing it in a foreign country. And there are just some of those things you need to do with a girlfriend that a boyfriend or husband just won't get excited about. Enjoy your time together!

  4. This is awesome! How cool that you are right next door to each other. I'm going to have to check out her online shop. I'm a sucker for sparkly headbands.

  5. Having a friend close by going through the same type of experiences is amazing.

  6. Those bus and taxi stories are horrifying...you stay well away dear!

    How amazing you two live next to each other! It was just meant to be <3

  7. Oh my goodness, I'm SO happy for you! I know you've faced some challenges getting settled in and finding a sense of comfort and this is just the perfect situation. A nice break, coming home to get 'Lucky' (literally), and now meeting a friend with common interests... exactly what you deserve.

  8. Wow, I'd say the heavens are smiling upon you both! What a good luck of fortune--serendipity, is more appropriate.

    So nice that you can both have each other's friendship & company.

  9. Seems so wonderful. The picture and items look flawless.

    Angela @ the Lovely cup

  10. I love it. so glad that this girl just kind of appeared out of nowhere and is exactly what you need :)

  11. I'm so excited that you've been able to meet a friend there. Friends change everything. I wish I had a girlfriend right next door!

  12. Oh my! i'm so happy for you!!!! and i can't believe she's right next door, its fate <3! I just got to Okinawa, Japan, as i had told you on your facebook a while ago and i'm so excited/nervous about making friends! this gives me hope!


  13. That's amazing! And SUCH A FREAKIN' SMALL WORLD!!!! I'm wigging out on your guys' behalf. Totally unreal! And you two are so lucky you found each other.

  14. I'm so happy to read that you have found a great friend. It sounds like you are having so much fun! Not to mention that she is probably having the same experience you have had.

  15. Agree! Making friends in other countries can be NOT easy, but I am so glad to hear, in home mani/pedi. Now that sounds like a good friendship building!

  16. So happy you made a friend! That's the great thing about Kuwait; it's such a small town in some respects, never too hard to find people to hang out with.

    (I don't think my last email ever made it to you, so I'll say this here: I used Philippine taxi service for about a year before I got a car. Their number is 2575 5605/6. Their rates are cheaper than most cabs, and they don't gouge you for being Western. They're also super safe. I used them all the time, and never had a bad incident.)

  17. sounds like this friendship was meant to be!


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