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Usually I have the post-Christmas blues on December 26th. But not this year. Sure, I feel a bit sad that Christmas tunes will fade away and in two weeks it will no longer be socially acceptable to have a fake tree in my living room. But...

We leave for Rome today!

The only thing standing between me and a flight to Italy are: the last minute laundry, attempting to fix my janky broken suitcase that has put on 50,000 miles this year...and dropping off Lucky at the boarder.

This last item is precisely why Gabe and I cannot have children yet. How can two adults, one of whom is former military, be so worried about a teeny kitten? I don't know. God help us when we have real babies someday. I imagine it's this X 10,000.

We're kind of a mess about leaving Lucky behind, and have been calming ourselves down about it for weeks. Truth: We considered paying someone to stay at our apartment, just so she wouldn't have to go to Kitty Jail. The last two days have been spent spoiling her rotten, and this morning I wrote a little kitty dossier with all Lucky's information. (Told from her perspective. Yikes.) Yes, it's overkill. But, in a small way it makes me feel better about leaving our nervous kitten behind while we frolic off to another country.

Perhaps I'll feel all better once I'm cruising at 30,000 feet, sipping on the cheapest champagne on our flight. ;)

Merry un-Christmas, friends! Hope yours was fabulous. Talk to you from Rome! :)

UPDATE: Lucky is at the boarder. She was a pill. Whatevs. But while leaving the shelter, we found this sweet stray dog sitting behind our car:

She was limping, and we think her back leg was broken...but she was so happy to be petted and snuggled. The vet told us they couldn't take her in unless someone was willing to pay for her treatment + adopt her. So, we banded together with a kind hearted young Kuwaiti man in the parking lot who wanted to adopt her, but couldn't foot the entire vet bill. Gabe rushed into the pet shop and bought food, and I watched her for a bit while the boys figured out the financial logistics.

It was so good for my heart. The young guy took our number, so he could send us photos of the pup as she heals. Sometimes life just puts you in the right place at the right time. :)

And now, I'm really, really off to Rome! :)


  1. You will be wonderful parents! I'm sure Lucky will be fine and ready to be spoiled when you return. Have a fantastic time in Rome. Safe travels.

  2. oh girl - I'd been gone for TWO DAYS when I Skyped my parents with the express intention of seeing/talking to Charlie. I hear you! But you'll be great parents. You've got such a huge capacity for love! Have a wonderful time :)

  3. oh, i feel your pain! we leave our dogs several times a year (and spend a fortune) but they love their daycare and I have to always remind myself....they are having fun and have no concept of time!

  4. Happy travels! You're so lucky to be going on this romantic voyage. Looking forward to seeing your always gorgeous photos. I know what you mean about your kitten ... It's always so hard to leave our beloved furry friends behind.

  5. That dossier is the cutest thing ever!! ♥ Enjoy your vacation & safe travels!! :)

  6. If I were a cat I would want to be YOUR cat! :)

  7. Ohhhh...can't have the Christmas blues when going to Rome! Enjoy your trip!!! And Happy New Year!

  8. Have a safe trip to Rome!! Enjoy yourselves! I'm sure your lil kitten will be fine! Merry Christmas! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  9. We usually have a petsitter stay in our house because one of our dogs doesn't board well- but I leave a several page history, schedule, habit descriptions, EVERYTHING! We've been lucky, though, and had great, consistent petsitters everywhere we've lived. So no, you're not crazy at all!!

    Have a great time in Rome- and hopefully Lucky has some stories to tell you when you get back!!

  10. You and Gabe are such wonderful people! Have fun in Rome! I can not wait to see pictures!

  11. Have a wonderful trip and happy early anniversary!

  12. Aw, this is so sweet! Glad that the poor pup found a home. Hope y'all have a safe flight and safe travels! xo, Maria

  13. That actually is a good looking puppy. Hope she heals quickly and is a great companion for the young man who will adopt it. Enjoy Rome you two!!

  14. I agree with a few of the other comments-- you will be beautiful parents! So creative and loving-- the best combination. ;)
    Enjoy Rome!

  15. I think that dog should be called Lucky also! What a fortunate outcome for that story!! Have fun in Rome!

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