merry + bright.

The past few weeks in Kuwait have been merry + bright. Right before Thanksgiving I bumped into a Twitter friend at the mall. Actually, I bumped into her husband while buying office supplies...and long story short I finally met Martha. We'd been tweeting each other for the past six months, but the stars had never aligned for us to meet up.

Total kismet. (Her words, not mine, because I forgot that word existed.)

Since then we decorated for a traditional American Thanksgiving, then a baby shower...and then began planning for a Christmas party for her group of girlfriends, who have kindly adopted me...offering me rides and tips as to where a girl can find the best Indian samosa.

After lots of planning and glittering...joined by my friend Rachel...last night was finally our girlfriend Christmas + Secret Santa exchange (should I tell you now that my Secret Santa gifted me 18K gold glitter nail polish?!). Here are a few pictures from the night:

Incase you're looking for a little last minute party inspiration for Christmas or New Years, might I recommend just gathering silver, gold, crystal and glass items?

Once we gathered everything...and arranged it on the table, we found we didn't really need to spend more than a few dollars for clear glass ornaments, which we filled with sugar + a pinch of glitter.

Then we simply piled on the candles.

Obviously I love a sequined tablecloth (hello, my wedding) but the likelihood of finding one in Kuwait was slim. Especially on our budget. But by the grace of the glitter gods, we tripped into $5 glittered runners at a teeny-tiny stationary store...you know, the kind where nothing is arranged logically and if you return in a month, they'll have none of the inventory they had previously?

Thank you, glitter gods. Thank you.

Chargers were on our list of things to purchase...but unlike the US where you could find chargers at your friendly local Dollar Store...that's not a reality here. So, Martha got inventive and commissioned a carpenter to make 12 of them for less than $15. Obviously, she's a resourceful gal.

Oh, and that gold flatware? Fake. Fake. Fake. And light as a feather.

Towards the end of our decorating, we gathered a few items we that hadn't made the cut, and clustered them on a dark wood tray. Martha's husband is Iranian, so as a wink to his heritage, she gold-spray painted a few Iranian pomegranates.

It was such a fun night...and lately I've felt especially grateful to have made friends here...especially those that share and support my love for gold + glitter. Making friends is something I'm always a bit wary of...my own insecurities get the best of me and often I pull away from social situations.
But lately I've been trying to soak it up, because it feels like it was so long ago that I had "people". And it's been good.

So...that's that. A very glittery Christmas with some very wonderful girls.
Merry Christmas, friends. Hoping your holiday is filled with family or friends...or if you're far removed from both...perhaps food. Definitely food. :)


  1. how beautiful! you are so creative and resourceful :) I'm thrilled that you've found people! merry Christmas, lovely.

  2. love all the glitter - it's gorgeous!

  3. Merry Christmas, Bethany. What a beautiful set up you have there. I'm glad you're making the best of your time away!

  4. Your table is breathtaking! Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and New Years!!

  5. Holy cow this is all gorgeous! So crazy that y'all finally got to meet. Hope you're having a great holidays season so far. Merry Christmas! xo, Maria

  6. This post definitely brought a smile!!! That party table looks gorgeous!!!! and i'm so happy that the glitter gods have been on your side during this holiday season! <3

    Merry Christmas all the way from Japan!


  7. Wow, I would have never guessed the forks were fake! They look so good! Lucky you to find a glittery table runner!

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! =)


  8. Bethany, this party is so lovely to see - both because of the decorations and because you're finding friends that really get you in Kuwait! I remember when you left, one of your worries was about that your life wouldn't be as pretty - and I couldn't help but smile to myself seeing this glittering gold spread. You've done good girl and you take the sparkle with you :)

  9. Merriest Christmas to you and yours - although I know this greeting arrives late. This Christmas party seems just absolutely wonderful and I'm so glad you have such friends as blessings <3

  10. Gorgeous table setting and lovely pictures. I'm so impressed! You have such a creative talent for writing, photography, crafts and decorating.

  11. You make me incredibly happy. I love reading about your lovely celebrations and friend making. You are so brave. I find your sense of style and friendship inspirational. :)

  12. This is so beautiful Bethany! I just love that you made it your mission to bring pretty to your table this year, and it turned out just wonderfully. I share your obsession with gold and glitter, so I'm obviously a fan :) xoxo

  13. Merry Christmas sweet Bethany! This post is beautiful for both its eye candy and your happy sentiments about starting to find your tribe. I'm happy for you!

  14. Absolutely lovely!! Enjoy your time in Rome...


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