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Back in December, a little wrench was thrown in our day-to-day when Gabe switched to working nights on base....6pm to 6am. Although he works the same number of hours as before, the time he's home feels about 5 hours shorter...and the time I'm alone seems 10 hours longer.

Thankfully this schedule-change is only to cover understaffing through February. But if you or your significant other has worked the night shift, you know what I'm sayin'. It will mess with you.

I'll fully admit that in December I didn't greet this change with a smile. But this month (and year) I'm trying a little harder to control my emotions, and actively make the best out of situations. So, I'll say this...there are a few perks to the nightshift life: You can wear pajamas anytime. You can also eat Eggo waffles anytime. Because every time is bedtime or breakfast for someone in your household...and people are preeeetty understanding of this.

Not exactly win-win...but I'll take it.

Anyway, what I can control in this weird new schedule is food...putting some extra time and love into the one meal Gabe and I get to share every day. Maybe this type of love is lost in translation, since Gabe keeps telling me to stop spending hours in the kitchen and worrying about the dishes. But if nothing else, this schedule change will be great culinary challenge.

Today I made homemade soup for the first time. It wasn't fantastic since I was flying sans an official recipe and a few needed ingredients. But it was edible. To cover up the less-than-perfect taste, I made crouton hearts. Because when in doubt, just make it cute, right?

This was off the cuff, so I'm sure there are more sophisticated recipes out there. But if you want to whip up something cute on a short timeline with minimal ingredients...here you go!

Go spread the carb-love. ;)

Sidenote: Since I'm not an advanced cook and tend to make things without recipes, I always get nervous when I post recipes. You know, the "What if it worked for me, but not everyone else?" or "What if I typed/wrote down something incorrectly?" type of worries. So, after I made these I searched the web for a more exact heart crouton recipe to ensure that my recipe made sense or wasn't a fluke. Yay! Turns out crouton hearts look cute on salads, too! 


  1. Yep, husband works 3pm-1am. I work 9am-5pm. His days off are in the middle of the week, mine are weekends. It bblloowwsss.

    But, absence makes the heart grow fonder ;-)

    1. It totally blooooows. That's the only way to describe it! I don't work over here, but can imagine how much harder it is when one of you is working the day schedule!

      Absence does make the heart grow fonder. It definitely makes you appreciate the days you get to spend together.

  2. YUM! We are making beef stew today.... and I think these would go just perfectly!

  3. That shift is super sucky! I've worked it and also dated a guy that worked it - both were NO fun!! I applaud you for trying to make the best of each situation. I, too, am attempting to be more "roll with it" for 2013. I'm a Capricorn and we really don't like change so not sure how successful I'm gonna be but I'm definitely gonna try.

    Your crouton hearts are almost as adorable as you :-)

  4. That totally sucks! I can't even imagine having to do that. As long as you cherish the time you do get to spend with each other...that's what matters. :)

    xo eden

    ps. adorable crouton hearts!!

  5. Thank you for this recipe. I can't wait to try it! Sorry to hear about that crazy shift your husband has...at least it's just until February, right? Hang in there!


  6. My husband works 4pm-3am, and I'm gone from 8am-6pm. We live for the weekends! But I totally understand the food predicament. I've turned to the crock pot as my best friend. Even if I'm not home, I know I've made a hot meal for Stephen to enjoy, and that makes my heart happy :)

  7. So sweet all the love you're literally pouring into your relationship. Being Italian we always use food to tell people we love them. Soup (no matter how 'creative' the recipe) is always a great choice!

    Bring on Feb!

    x Elena @ Randomly Happy

  8. I love a crouton. Like big time. And have tantrums when they're all gone. And confession: I've never thought to make em myself. I'm totally gonna try to make big shaped croutons. And dude, that soup looks pretty darn good too. SO even if it tasted like blarghsch, it passes for tasty to me!

  9. This is sooo cute! I JUST blogged about making soups, and the only thing that could make soup even more of a warm hug would be these adorable crouton hearts!

    I had the EXACT same problem with my soup and not having all of the ingredients I needed. But then again, that's part of the fun of cooking: making do with what you have. Kind of like life I suppose, sometimes it turns out great and sometimes not so much.

    Wow, deep thoughts for a Monday!

    Diane @ Vintage Zest (http://vintagezest.blogspot.com)

  10. I get where Gabe is coming from, but I'm with you - when everything else feels like it's totally out of control, I feel better having total dominon over the kitchen. It might make make a difference towards world peace, but it sure helps me cope with being buffeted by everyone else's winds.

    looks delicious, by the way! gives a whole new meaning to "made with love" :)

  11. Boo night shifts! I am a RN and have to do rotating shifts for two years (at least), so for 3 weeks I work 7pm-7am and then flip back for 3 more weeks. It's really hard to do. Anyway, I'm glad there is an end in sight for Gabe and your crouton hearts look delicious!

  12. Missing your posts and hoping everything is going well. Wish I could come take you out to lunch. Sending happiness and confetti and good wishes your way.

  13. I'm usually not a fan of croutons but I made your recipe and it turned out great! Thanks for sharing it. Miss seeing your posts lately. Hope all is well!


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