one word wednesday: morning.

If there's one thing I could use more of, it's inspiration...so I jumped in when my blogging girlfriends emailed about starting a new photo challenge: One Word Wednesday. It's not about elaborately staged, perfect photos. (Whew.) But rather a simple challenge to keep one word in mind throughout the week, then pick up the camera when inspiration strikes.

I hope you jump in, too. Join us every Wednesday by sharing a snapshot that celebrates a real scene from your life. You can share via your blog or Instagram...or both! Each word will be announced one week in advance, so you'll have plenty of time. Just leave a link or add hashtag #onewordwednesday to your photos. Next week's word: PINK! 

Morning. When we first moved to Kuwait--to our tiny ghetto apartment--I hated mornings. Gabe was off to work by 5am, and while I'm not one to easily feel lonely, he wouldn't be home until nearly 7pm. So it was just me, the tiny apartment and a long, long 14 hours. I'll fully admit that once I cried and begged Gabe to stay home with me. Alright...more than once.

In time, we moved. We got a kitten, a better view and a more stable internet connection to help fill those hours.

Now, mornings usually commence like the photo above. Kitty snuggles up on the desk, where she demands I place her favorite pink blanket near the window. I make a latte, read the news and we both watch the sunrise over the Persian Gulf. Those early days of loneliness feel so far gone. No more tears, and I now relish the few hours of quiet before the world beneath my window is overtaken by an overwhelming amount of street noise.

bloghop from left to right...these girls are great: 1. Bethany 2. Leslie 3. Jessica 4. Jenna 5. Amanda  6. Briana
If you'd like to participate, next week's word is: pink. So, run wild with that...and post your photo on your blog or Instagram (#onewordwednesday) next week! 


  1. This is great, Bethany! I hope to join in next week! =)

  2. I love this! All those pictures are so different and capture great little moments. Ill definitely be participating next week!

  3. I love this idea, so much less pressure than other photo challenges! Your blog always is inspiring to me :)

  4. This is so fun! Excited to participate!

  5. Hi Bethany! I know this may not mean much to you, but I look forward to reading your blog every time you post. You are a GREAT writer and always have something uplifting to say. I really enjoy your blog. :) I just thought you shoukd know that.

    Kelly in Houston, Texas

  6. How is it that you ended up with the cutest kitten in Kuwait?

  7. hi bethany!! so excited to get to know you more by working together on this collaboration. everything you touch is beautiful. i love seeing the world through your eyes. here's to new friendships!

  8. I'm not a great photographer, but I look forward to seeing everyone else's pictures! :)

  9. I love this! It would be super fun for my blog. Question: if I don't have a twitter or instagram, can we tag them on Tumblr? Will they still be seen?


  10. Love this idea. I'm in for the pink challenge. (Time to get those creative wheels turning...)

  11. I love this idea, so much less pressure than other photo challenges! Your blog always is inspiring to me :)

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